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Is Mortal Kombat 11 Free With PlayStation Plus?

Hey friend! If you‘re wondering whether you can access Mortal Kombat 11 through your PlayStation Plus membership, I‘ve got you covered.

The short answer is: Yes, MK11 is included with PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium plans, but not with the basic Essential plan.

By subscribing to one of the higher tiers (Extra or Premium), you get full access to the base MK11 game in the PlayStation Plus game catalog. However, DLC content like added fighters and gear packs would need to be purchased separately.

Below I‘ll explain in more detail how PlayStation Plus works, what‘s included with MK11, whether it was ever a monthly PS Plus game, and more. Let‘s dive in!

Breaking Down The PlayStation Plus Tiers

Sony recently revamped their PlayStation Plus service, which used to just offer monthly free games, online multiplayer access, and other benefits for a single subscription price.

Now it‘s structured into three separate tiers, each building on the last to provide more content and perks:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential – Same as the old base PS Plus. Offers online multiplayer, exclusive discounts, cloud saves, and monthly free games (2 PS4 + 1 PS5 game each month). Does not include access to game catalogs.

  • PlayStation Plus Extra – Adds a catalog of 400+ PS4 and PS5 games available to download and play. Includes major releases like God of War, Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2, and yes…Mortal Kombat 11!

  • PlayStation Plus Premium – Has all benefits of Extra, along with 340 more "classic" games from PS1, PS2, PSP, and PS3. Also includes game trials for new releases, and game streaming for remote play.

Here‘s how the tiers break down cost-wise:

  • Essential – $9.99/month, $24.99/quarter, $59.99/year
  • Extra – $14.99/month, $39.99/quarter, $99.99/year
  • Premium – $17.99/month, $49.99/quarter, $119.99/year

So Extra gives you the most bang for your buck in my opinion, with a huge catalog of great games for just $5 more than Essential per month. And it‘s the tier needed to access MK11, as I‘ll explain next.

What‘s Included With MK11 on PlayStation Plus?

By subscribing to either PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium, you gain unlimited on-demand access to the full Mortal Kombat 11 base game.

This includes all the core content that launched with MK11 in 2019:

  • 25 playable fighters like Scorpion, Raiden, Sonya Blade, etc.
  • Tons of single-player modes including the cinematic Story mode
  • Online Versus matches and Leaderboards
  • The Krypt for unlocking cosmetic items and fatalities
  • Fully customizable variations for each fighter
  • All original stages and environments

So you‘re getting the complete Mortal Kombat 11 experience that fighting game fans jumped into on day one. No content held back!

However, none of the DLC or added content is included. That means popular additions like Shang Tsung, Terminator T-800, The Joker, Rambo, and Mileena would need to be purchased separately. Same goes for any gear packs, skin packs, or stage add-ons released post-launch.

But the core MK11 game still offers hundreds of hours of gameplay on its own. You‘ll have tons to play through before needing to worry about any extras.

Was MK11 Ever A Monthly PlayStation Plus Game?

Nope, Mortal Kombat 11 has never been offered as one of the monthly free PlayStation Plus games.

Those monthly PS Plus games rotate out each month, and allow you to claim and keep them forever. Even if you cancel PlayStation Plus later, you still own those monthly giveaways.

MK11 has remained part of the permanent PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium catalogs since their launch. It has not been given away for free temporarily as a monthly title.

Sony likely didn‘t want to include such a big name title for just one month, when they could use it as lasting value for the new subscription tiers.

But we have seen other great fighting games as monthly PS Plus games, including:

  • Injustice 2 (Nov 2020)
  • Street Fighter V (Dec 2021)
  • Soulcalibur VI (Aug 2022)

So while MK11 hasn‘t been given away for free, PlayStation Plus has featured some other excellent genre titles over time.

Will MK11 Be Removed From PlayStation Plus?

This is always tough to predict with certainty, but there are no signs of Mortal Kombat 11 leaving PlayStation Plus anytime soon.

Third-party games do occasionally leave these subscription catalogs, if licensing deals expire or change. But PlayStation seems focused on making these premium tiers feel like an "all you can eat buffet" of gaming.

Removing a big name franchise like Mortal Kombat would definitely upset subscribers. So as long as the terms are favorable to both companies, I expect NetherRealm Studios will want to keep MK11 on PlayStation Plus for the long haul.

Other third-party hits like Red Dead Redemption 2, NBA 2K22, and Grand Theft Auto V have been stable PS Plus fixtures since the service launched. MK11 fits that same blockbuster profile, so fingers crossed it stays available!

How Much Does MK11‘s DLC & Content Cost?

Let‘s say you‘ve played to your heart‘s content with the base Mortal Kombat 11 included on PlayStation Plus. Now you want some of those tasty DLC additions too. What will it cost you?

Here‘s a quick breakdown:

  • Kombat Pack 1 (6 fighters): $39.99
  • Kombat Pack 2 (5 fighters): $39.99
  • Aftermath expansion (3 fighters + story): $39.99
  • Individual fighters: $5.99 each
  • Skin packs: $5.99 to $19.99
  • Gear sets: $5.99 to $19.99

You can also get the Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate bundle with all content for $59.99 when on sale.

So if you only care about one or two fighters, buying them individually is probably the cheapest route. But the Kombat Packs and Aftermath offer some savings if you want a chunk of new content at once.

Keep an eye out on PSN sales too. MK11 DLC often sees discounts of 25% to 50% off every few months!

Will Mortal Kombat 12 Come To PlayStation Plus?

We don‘t have many firm details yet, but NetherRealm Studios has confirmed they are developing Mortal Kombat 12 for a 2023 release.

Given the franchise‘s long history with PlayStation, it‘s nearly guaranteed MK12 will launch on both PS4 and PS5.

In terms of PlayStation Plus, it likely won‘t be included on day one. But I‘d expect to see it added to the Extra and Premium catalogs within 6 to 12 months after release.

This happened with huge PS5 exclusives like Horizon Forbidden West and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. They helped drive subscription value after their initial sales window ended.

So while you may need to wait a bit, I predict MK12 will join MK11 on PlayStation Plus down the road!

Does MK11 Have Crossplay On PlayStation Plus?

Yep, Mortal Kombat 11 fully supports crossplay between PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC!

So as a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can play against all MK11 owners on other platforms. The only exception is PC players can only crossplay with other PC users.

But PS4 vs Xbox One, PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S, and even PS4 vs PS5 crossplay is enabled.

This is fantastic, because it expands the online player pool tenfold when finding matches. No more isolated communities per console.

As a quick side note, cross progression and cross gen play are also enabled in MK11. That means you can continue progressing your online rank, unlocks, and customizations across PS4 and PS5. Pretty sweet!

Does MK11 Get A Free PS5 Upgrade?

If you own Mortal Kombat 11 on PS4, you get a free enhanced version when playing on PS5 at no extra cost. This includes:

  • Upgraded 4K resolution at silky smooth 60 FPS
  • Faster load times thanks to the PS5 SSD
  • Improved visuals, textures, and game effects

Plus any DLC, progress, and unlocks carry forward seamlessly. There‘s zero effort involved – just insert your PS4 MK11 disc into the PS5 and you‘re enjoying the enhanced edition!

For PlayStation Plus subscribers, you can play the PS4 version on PS5 and it will automatically upgrade free of charge. So those with Extra/Premium can enjoy MK11 in all its next-gen glory.

How Beginner Friendly Is Mortal Kombat 11?

If you‘re worried Mortal Kombat is too hardcore or complex for a new player, rest assured the developers designed MK11 with beginners in mind.

Some key features that make MK11 welcoming for newcomers include:

  • Dial-in Combos: Special moves are easily performed by pressing one button rather than complex inputs. Simply hit a shoulder button and you‘ll pull off cool looking attacks.

  • Custom Variations: You can pick which special moves your fighter has equipped for their own personalized styles. Great for experimenting as you learn.

  • Simple Command Inputs: The basic attack inputs like uppercuts, sweeps, and throws use only single button presses or double taps. Easy to pick up.

  • Robust Tutorials: Extensive lessons teach you mechanics like meter management, fatal blows, Krushing Blows, breakaways, and more.

Give the tutorial a run through, then jump into some single player content to get your feet wet before going online. You‘ll be knee-deep in fatalities and Krushing Blows before you know it!

Does MK11 Have Splitscreen/Local Multiplayer?

Afraid not – Mortal Kombat 11 unfortunately does not offer any traditional local or splitscreen multiplayer modes.

The only way to play versus other people is through the online modes. But the bright side is you get awesome features like crossplay that aren‘t available offline.

I know couch competition is a beloved pastime for many classic MK fans. But online play has become more standard for fighting games these days as internet connections improve.

Hopefully we see local multiplayer make a return alongside online play for Mortal Kombat 12 and beyond!

How Large Is The MK11 Install Size?

On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, Mortal Kombat 11‘s install size clocks in around 64GB.

That hefty number includes the base game plus all DLC and optional 4K texture packs.

On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it‘s quite a bit smaller at around 35-40GB fully updated.

So be sure you‘ve cleared enough room on your console‘s internal storage or extended hard drive before downloading. You‘ll want plenty of free space toFatality your opponents in crisp quality.

With games ballooning in size these days, MK11 sits on the larger end of the spectrum. But that allows for tons of detailed content packed in.

Is MK11 Playable Offline?

Even though Mortal Kombat 11 is an online-focused title, you can still enjoy tons of content offline! This is great news for PlayStation Plus subscribers with spotty internet connections.

Pretty much all of the single player modes can be played without any internet connection required, including:

  • The cinematic Story Mode
  • Classic Towers with tower modifiers
  • Endless set of Towers of Time challenges
  • Customizing your fighters in the Kustomize menu
  • Exploring the Krypt to unlock items
  • Offline Versus against AI or a local friend
  • Completing character tutorials
  • Viewing cutscenes and concept art

The only major limitation is being restricted from online matches andTowers of Time that require daily server checks.

But there are so many hours of offline play available, you‘ll seldom find yourself wanting for content. Pop in MK11 and enjoy an internet-free bloodbath!

How Is Mortal Kombat 11 On PlayStation Plus So Far?

Overall, PlayStation Plus subscribers seem very happy with Mortal Kombat 11‘s inclusion in the Extra and Premium catalogs.

Based on user reviews, players are praising:

  • Visceral, hard-hitting combat that feels great, especially on PS5
  • Tons of modes, customizations, and unlocks to keep you busy
  • Being able to access the full base game for the subscription price
  • Surprisingly robust tutorial modes for new players
  • Crossplay support greatly expanding the online community

The only common complaints seem to be the large install size, and wanting the DLC fighters included too.

But for the low monthly cost, gaining access to the complete MK11 core experience is an incredible value many fighting game fans are taking advantage of.

In Summary

If you enjoy over-the-top violence mixed with deep, tactical fighting game combat, Mortal Kombat 11 is a must-play title.

And subscribing to PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium grants you unlimited access to the full MK11 base game for as long as you remain a member.

While DLC content and extras would need to be purchased separately, you still get hundreds of hours of content out of the box to practice your favorite fatalities and crushing blows across 25 iconic fighters.

Plus with bonuses like monthly free games, free PS5 upgrades, and online crossplay support, a PlayStation Plus membership might be one of the best investments a fighting game fan can make.

I hope this guide gave you all the details needed to decide if MK11 on PlayStation Plus is right for your gaming needs. Let me know if you have any other questions!



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