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Is New World Free Now in 2023? Yes, Here‘s What You Need to Know

Hey there! If you‘re wondering whether New World is free to play in 2023, the answer is yes, New World is now completely free. The popular MMORPG from Amazon Games shifted to a free-to-play model back in November 2022.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll explain New World‘s pricing history, the reasons for going free-to-play, what content you can access for free, whether it‘s worth trying as a new player, and what the future holds for the game. Let‘s dive in!

A Brief History of New World‘s Pricing Changes

New World had a bit of a rocky start in terms of its monetization model. Here‘s a quick recap:

  • Launch (September 2021): New World debuted as a paid MMORPG priced at $39.99. You had to purchase the game box to play.

  • Rapid Decline (Fall 2021): The player base dropped over 90% in the first few months due to issues with content, bugs, and the economy.

  • Founder‘s Packs (March 2022): New World released optional Founder‘s Packs with beta access, cosmetics, and currency.

  • Free-to-Play Announcement (July 2022): Amazon announced the game would transition to free-to-play in late 2022.

  • Free-to-Play Launch (November 2022): New World finally went free-to-play alongside the new Brimstone Sands expansion.

This history shows the evolution of their pricing model in response to the game‘s shaky launch and need for more players. The good news is you can now enjoy all of New World 100% free!

Why New World Changed to Free-to-Play

According to gaming industry experts like Pearl Lai of Kowloon Nights, there were a few likely factors that drove Amazon Games‘ decision to shift New World to a free-to-play model:

  • To attract more new players and revive the dwindling population
  • To compete with rival free MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV
  • To better monetize the game through in-game purchases
  • To leverage Amazon‘s resources to capture a bigger audience

Game scholar Caio Sampaio also noted that the change created revenue potential beyond box sales from a wider player base. Removing the paywall ultimately breathed new life into New World.

What Content Can You Play For Free?

Now let‘s talk about what exactly you get for free in New World as of 2023:

Free Content Includes:

  • All base game zones, story quests, and side activities
  • Core gameplay like combat, gathering, factions, housing, etc.
  • 5 starter weapon types (Hatchet, Sword & Shield, Life Staff, etc)
  • Expeditions (instanced dungeons) for up to 5 players
  • Huge open world with dynamic PvP between factions
  • Player-driven economy and trading house
  • Community events like seasonal festivals
  • Major Brimstone Sands expansion with new desert zone
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Optional Paid Items:

  • Battle Pass premium track (~$10 per season)
  • Cosmetics like skins, poses, housing decorations
  • Convenience items such as storage, Azoth fast travel
  • High-tier or elite crafted weapons and gear
  • Extra character slots beyond the base 2
  • In-game currency exchange between players
  • XP and harvesting boosts

The key takeaway is that all actual gameplay content is completely free. Paid items only offer minor bonuses or aesthetic flair. You can enjoy hundreds of hours of full gameplay without spending a dime!

Is New World Worth Trying as a New Player?

So should you jump into New World as a new player in 2023? I‘d say absolutely give it a shot, for a few reasons:

  • Satisfying combat: New World features action-oriented real-time combat that many find highly enjoyable and impactful. Unlocking new weapons and skills feels great.

  • Beautiful world: Exploring the open world and unique biomes (like the new desert area) is immersive thanks to stunning scenery and visuals.

  • Active community: Joining a welcoming company (guild) and participating in events makes the game more lively and engaging.

  • Completely free entry: Since you can play 100+ hours without paying, you have minimal commitment. If you end up liking it, you can optionally purchase cosmetics later on.

  • Ongoing development: The team keeps improving with new content, features, balances, and quality of life changes based on player feedback.

While New World still needs more endgame and polish, it‘s absolutely worth diving into as a new player to experience the combat, world, and community – all completely free!

What Are Other Players Saying About It?

In online reviews, long-time New World players and newcomers alike have praised parts of the experience while noting areas for ongoing improvement:


Positive FeedbackConstructive Criticism
"Addictive combat that‘s intense and engaging.""Still needs more endgame activities and challenges."
"A beautiful, immersive game world.""NPC quests and stories could be more interesting."
"Great community and social experience.""Needs continued bug fixing and balancing."
"Fantastic value as a F2P game.""Lacking polish and depth in some systems."


The overall sentiment seems to be that New World is headed in the right direction but still has room to grow. As a new free-to-play player, keeping an open mind will let you appreciate the high points while understanding the shortcomings.

What Does the Future Look Like for New World?

While New World had its share of struggles after launch, the move to free-to-play along with Amazon Games‘ continued investment has given players hope for a bright future.

Here are just some of the exciting updates promised on the horizon:

  • New Zone: The upcoming ‘Brimstone Sands Part 2‘ update will introduce the Jungle of Zaagra region with fresh quests and secrets.

  • New Weapons: The blunderbuss and grimoire weapons are in development, adding new combat options.

  • Expedition Mutators: Mutators will let you modify expeditions for greater challenges and rewards.

  • PvE Arenas: Repeatable PvE arenas are coming for top-tier challenges beyond expeditions.

  • Quality of Life: Ongoing improvements target UI, social systems, crafting, balance, and new player experience.

With this roadmap and the success of the shift to free-to-play, industry analysts foresee a bright future for New World as it realizes its potential. The world, community, and gameplay create a solid foundation.

Final Verdict: Give New World a Shot!

In the end, I highly recommend giving New World a try in 2023 as a new free-to-play player.

The combat is great, the world is gorgeous, and you have nothing to lose by checking it out since the core content is 100% free. Joining at this fresh start as Amazon Games doubles down on development means you‘ll get to experience new content and features as they evolve the game.

Will New World ever achieve the hype it originally had? Only time will tell. But progress so far indicates the new model and vision have given the game a renewed lease on life.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask! Whether you‘re a fan of MMOs, action games, RPGs, PvP, or just open world experiences, New World has something to offer as a free trial. See you in Aeternum!



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