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Is Path of Titans Free on Xbox? Absolutely – Here‘s What You Get for Free

As an Xbox owner, you may have heard about the dinosaur survival game Path of Titans and wondered – can I actually play this for free? The answer is yes, there is absolutely a free-to-play version available on Xbox! However, there are some limitations compared to the full game.

In this detailed guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about the free version, paid DLC extras, how it compares to similar games, and whether Path of Titans is ultimately worth your time and money as a dino fan. Let‘s get started!

Living the Dinosaur Dream – What is Path of Titans?

Path of Titans delivers an exciting online multiplayer experience where you can live out your fantasies of being a giant prehistoric creature. Who didn‘t dream of ruling Jurassic Park as a kid? Now with Path of Titans, that childhood imagination can come to life!

Developed by Alderon Games, Path of Titans drops you into a massive open world as a dinosaur of your choice. Core gameplay includes hunting AI creatures, growing your dino from juvenile to elder, completing quests, and interacting with other players.

This is not just a walking simulator either – there are robust movement and combat mechanics for each of the 30+ playable dinosaurs. Whether you want to charge headfirst into battle as a Triceratops, stealthily ambush prey as a Velociraptor, or majestically rule the skies as a Pteranodon, the choice is yours!

And with seamless cross-play supported across Xbox, PC, Switch and mobile, you can join the hunt with friends no matter what platform they have. Over 200 players per server means this Jurassic playground is constantly teeming with life.

As a fellow dino enthusiast, I‘ve been looking forward to this game for years. The mix of childhood wish fulfillment with competitive multiplayer survival sounds like a dream come true!

Breaking Down the Free vs Paid Versions on Xbox

But enough general hype – let‘s talk specifics on how the Xbox version‘s pricing and content works.

The game launched on Xbox in July 2022 in a free-to-play format. You can download Path of Titans from the Microsoft Store right now and start playing at no upfront cost!

The catch is that the free version only gives you access to 4 playable dinosaurs:

  • Dryosaurus
  • Homalocephale
  • Troodon
  • Velociraptor

This is honestly still a decent selection of small to mid-sized species to start with. Dryosaurus is great for learning basics, while Troodon and Velociraptor offer more speed and hunting prowess.

And you can fully progress through all growth stages with these 4 dinosaurs even in the free version. Learning each stage from juvie to elder takes time and unlocks new abilities, so you‘ve got lots of gameplay ahead!

However, if you want to try out the 20+ additional species, you will need to purchase DLC packs. These offer new dinosaurs like T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Triceratops and others that weren‘t available at initial launch.

There are also paid skin and color packs that offer more customization options. But the free dinosaurs still come with some basic colors to choose from.

Now, I know some people will be turned off at the idea of paying extra after downloading what appears to be a "free" game. But look at it this way:

  • New content takes dev time and servers cost money to run, so I think the paid DLC is justified.

  • You can unlock dinosaurs permanently to your account, not just rent them.

  • Progress carries across all platforms, so you keep purchases even if switching from Xbox to PC.

For a $30 base price, Path of Titans is competitive with other paid dinosaur games. And the free trial gives you a chance to enjoy the gameplay before buying.

Speaking of other dino games, how does Path of Titans compare? Let‘s dive into that next!

How Path of Titans Stacks Up to Similar Dinosaur Games

Obviously the elephant (or brachiosaurus?) in the room when talking dinosaur games is Ark: Survival Evolved. Ark has been around for years and offers a ton of content between multiple expansions.

But much of that content is locked behind a $60 paywall just to start. Path of Titans delivers a comparable core dino fantasy experience through its free trial before needing to pay.

Now comparing gameplay specifics, Path definitely emphasizes the RPG growth progression more deeply. You gain new abilities and stat boosts as you age, while Ark has flatter progression. Path also encourages more player interaction through community quests.

Ark conversely has more crafting, building, and character attribute management for those wanting deeper long-term progression systems outside of your dinosaur itself.

Graphically, Path of Titans uses more stylized, cartoonish visuals compared to Ark‘s attempts at realism. This helps Path better optimize performance for the large 200 player servers they tout.

Based on the gameplay trailers, Path seems to have more agile, arcady dinosaur movement and combat. The animation quality is top notch! Ark leans more into realistic behaviors, sometimes at the cost of responsiveness.

Overall, Path of Titans delivers a more focused experience around core dino fantasy wish fulfillment, whereas Ark offers greater environment sandbox depth at the cost of performance and accessibility.

Some other noteworthy dinosaur games to consider from a visual and gameplay style perspective:

  • The Isle – More realistic behavior and survival focus, smaller server size
  • Second Extinction – Arcade-y co-op shooter, not true MMO
  • Jurassic World Evolution – Theme park builder, not truly open world

What Age Rating is Path of Titans Appropriate For?

Path of Titans scored a Teen rating from the ESRB, recommending it for players ages 13 and up. There is some moderate violence and blood when hunting creatures, but the visual style keeps it relatively family friendly.

Server chat is also actively moderated, so you won‘t encounter excessive profanity or inappropriate behavior from other players. Parents can feel safe letting their enthusiastic dino loving teens enjoy the game responsibly.

Younger kids obsessed with dinosaurs can also get some enjoyment under parent supervision. You may just need to turn off blood effects which is an option.

Evaluating the Value – Is Path of Titans Worth Playing?

Alright, time for the final verdict – given the free trial offering and reasonable paid DLC pricing, is Path of Titans worth jumping into as a dinosaur game fan?

For me, this is an absolute yes! I‘ve already got it pre-loaded for launch day on my Xbox.

The free version is extremely generous, allowing you to experience the core multiplayer survival loops and community progression. Four solid dinosaur options make for countless hours of gameplay.

Unlocking the full game for around $30 seems fair compared to other titles in the genre. And paying for that content once gives you permanent access to enjoy it across Xbox, PC and Switch thanks to cross-progression.

Regular updates from the devs promise new dinosaurs, environments, and gameplay features too. So your purchase helps support ongoing improvements.

For kids and adults alike looking to fulfill their inner child‘s dinosaur fanatic imagination, Path of Titans is absolutely worth playing on Xbox. Download the free version today and let the prehistoric adventures begin fellow survivors! I‘ll see you out there once I finish growing my mighty T-Rex.



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