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Is Pluto TV Really 100% Free? Everything You Need to Know

I‘m sure you‘ve seen the ads for Pluto TV proclaiming it‘s "free free free!" As a streaming service, it certainly sounds too good to be true. Can it really be 100% free with no catches? I decided to take a deep dive on Pluto TV to give you the full rundown.

Let me start by answering directly – yes, Pluto TV is completely free! There are no hidden fees, required subscriptions, or tricks to worry about. Read on and I‘ll explain how it works.

A Quick Overview of Pluto TV

Pluto TV provides over 350 live TV channels and thousands of on-demand movies/shows across all your devices. The selection includes top movies, popular TV series, news, sports, cartoons, and more. It functions a lot like cable or satellite TV, but entirely free and streaming over the internet.

I know what you‘re thinking – if it‘s really free, how can they afford to deliver all this content? The secret is advertisements. Pluto TV is ad-supported, similar to broadcast television. The commercials help them pay for all the programming. I‘ll discuss more about the ads below.

First, let‘s look at how the service works and what you can watch. I think you‘ll be amazed by the amount of free entertainment Pluto TV offers.

Browsing Pluto TV‘s Channel Lineup

Pluto TV provides live TV channels that you can flip through just like cable. The selection is robust – as I‘m browsing channels right now I‘m seeing dedicated live feeds for Comedy Central, MTV, BET, Spike, Logo, Bloomberg, CNET, and more. There are also Pluto TV branded channels like Pluto TV Drama, Pluto TV Horror, and Pluto TV Comedy focused on those genres.

The image below from their website shows you an idea of the variety available. As you can see, the lineup includes entertainment, movies, news, lifestyle, sports, and more.

Pluto TV Channel Guide

According to Pluto TV, they have over 350 live channels as of November 2023. The selection is always growing too – they added more than 100 new channels in 2021. Impressive for a free service!

Beyond the standard live TV lineup, Pluto TV offers some additional viewing options:

  • Pop-up Channels – Special event channels appear around major sports championships, new movie releases, or marathons of certain series.

  • Spanish Language – Over 50 dedicated live channels in Spanish language are available.

  • On-Demand Library – In addition to live channels, Pluto TV has thousands of movies, shows, and episodes available on-demand.

Overall, Pluto TV provides a robust selection of channels and content for a free service. While the depth doesn‘t match paid services like Netflix, there is plenty here to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Next let‘s dive into the device compatibility, since Pluto TV needs to be accessible for the service to work.

Pluto TV is Available on All Your Devices

A major appeal of Pluto TV is how widely available the service is across devices. Here are all the major platforms that offer the Pluto TV app:

  • Smart TVs – Pluto TV is available on Samsung, Vizio, Sony, LG, and other connected TVs.

  • Roku – Get the Pluto app on all Roku streaming players and Roku smart TVs.

  • Amazon Fire TV – Access Pluto TV on Fire TV streaming devices, Fire TV Edition smart TVs, and Fire tablets.

  • Apple TV and iOS – Download the Pluto TV app for Apple TV boxes and also iPhone/iPad.

  • Android TV – Pluto TV is available for Android smart TVs like Sony, TCL, Hisense, etc. The app also works on Chromecast.

  • Mobile – You can install Pluto TV on any Android or iOS phone or tablet.

  • Gaming Consoles – Pluto TV is accessible on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

  • Web Browser – You can directly visit Pluto TV‘s website at and start watching instantly.

So no matter which streaming devices or smart TV you own, you can download the Pluto TV app and access all the free content. You can also switch between devices and pick up right where you left off in a show seamlessly.

Being widely available across popular platforms is key for Pluto TV to attract a large free userbase. They‘ve succeeded in that effort by supporting all major options.

Now, let‘s get into the details on if Pluto TV is really free across all those platforms and devices.

Pluto TV is 100% Free – No Subscription Needed

Here‘s the key takeaway – Pluto TV is completely free to use on all supported devices with no subscription or fees required whatsoever.

You can download and start streaming Pluto TV‘s live channels and on-demand shows right away without needing to register or provide any credit card information. There are no hidden charges, trials that later require payment, or sneaky gotchas.

It‘s a totally legitimate free TV streaming option, which does seem hard to believe these days! But Pluto TV delivers on that promise.

The one compromise (as you may have guessed) is advertisements. Let‘s talk more about how the ads enable Pluto TV to offer such robust free programming.

Ads Enable Pluto TV to Be Free

As an internet-based streaming provider, Pluto TV has content licensing and technology costs to operate the service. So how can they afford to offer such a rich selection of channels and shows for free?

The answer is an advertising model – Pluto TV displays commercials periodically during programming, just like traditional broadcast television. This ad revenue allows them to fund the free content.

Here‘s an overview of how the advertising experience works:

  • Ad Frequency – Expect commercial breaks roughly every 8-12 minutes during live shows. On-demand programming also contains ad interruption at similar intervals.

  • Ad Targeting – Pluto TV does not personally target ads based on your data like some streaming services. The ads are general in nature.

  • On-Demand Ads – The on-demand movie and TV show library has forced ad breaks you cannot skip over.

  • Limiting Ads – Pluto TV‘s paid "Ad-Free" plan removes ads from the on-demand catalog only, not the live channels.

While not perfectly seamless, the ad experience is comparable to cable TV. Many consumers are willing to tolerate the commercials in exchange for quality programming at no cost.

To quantify Pluto TV‘s popularity, they have over 68 million active monthly users as of 2022 according to their press releases. Clearly the ad-supported free model resonates well!

Next let‘s compare Pluto TV‘s features to a traditional cable TV setup.

Pluto TV Offers Cable-Like Features

In addition to replicating the experience of flipping between live TV channels, Pluto TV incorporates many features you‘d expect from a cable service:

  • Pluto Guide – Easily view what‘s on now or coming up later for every channel in their streaming guide.

  • Restart – Missed the beginning of a movie or show on a live channel? Restart it from the beginning with this feature.

  • Closed Captions – Available on the majority of Pluto TV content.

  • Multiple Profiles – Create profiles for each person using your account to customize selections.

  • Availability – Access Pluto TV on all major mobile, TV, and streaming devices.

Offering these types of extras certainly helps Pluto TV feel like a well-rounded cable replacement rather than just a collection of streaming channels.

For sports fans, Pluto TV also has plenty of options. Let‘s examine how well major sports are covered.

How Well Does Pluto TV Stream Sports?

Sports are a big part of many viewers‘ TV watching habit. Does Pluto TV deliver enough sports content for free?

Here is a quick overview of major sports availability on Pluto TV:

  • NFL Football – No live games. Pluto TV offers an NFL Channel with news, analysis, and highlights.

  • NBA Basketball – Select live games air on Pluto TV‘s NBA TV channel. Features primetime matchups.

  • MLB Baseball – Live baseball games stream on the MLB Channel during the regular season.

  • NHL Hockey – NHL Network shows hockey highlights, press conferences, and classics. No live NHL games.

  • Soccer – Pluto TV has live soccer match coverage, including UEFA Champions League.

  • Golf – Big events like The Masters stream on Pluto TV.

While you won‘t get access to every live game for major leagues, Pluto TV does surface select live sports and extensive highlights for free. That‘s perfect for casual fans. Avid sports viewers may still need paid services like NBA League Pass or NFL Sunday Ticket for full access to their team.

Moving on from sports, let‘s see how Pluto TV compares to other free streaming services.

Pluto TV vs Other Free Streaming Services

Pluto TV isn‘t the only free ad-supported streaming option available. How does it compare against the competition? Here‘s an overview:

ServiceLive TVOn-DemandTop MoviesOriginal ShowsAds
Pluto TV350+ channelsThousands of hoursOlder moviesNoPeriodic commercials
TubiNo50,000+ hoursMostly olderNoMore frequent ads
The Roku Channel190+ channelsOlder movies & showsMinimalNoPeriodic commercials
IMDB TVNoPopular movies & showsNewer optionsNoLess frequent ads
PeacockLimited live channelsExtensive libraryNewer moviesYesPeriodic ads or paid Premium
CrackleNoMovies & classic TVMostly olderNoLight ads

As you can see, Pluto TV is pretty unique with its large lineup of live channels across news, entertainment, sports and more. Competitors like Tubi and Crackle have on-demand libraries focused on movies and older TV.

Roku Channel and Peacock offer some live TV, but nowhere near Pluto TV‘s selection. And bonuses like original exclusive shows are limited to paid options like Peacock Premium.

Overall Pluto TV competes very well in the free streaming space. The combination of robust live TV and a deep on-demand catalog is hard to match.

Now the big question – should you use Pluto TV? Let‘s summarize the pros and cons.

Is Pluto TV Worth It? The Pros and Cons

Here are the key benefits that make Pluto TV an excellent streaming option:


  • 100% free access. No subscription, fees, or login required.
  • Huge content selection with 350+ live channels and thousands of shows on-demand.
  • Tons of familiar programming from MTV, CBS, Comedy Central, etc.
  • Available on all major streaming devices, smart TVs, mobile phones, and web.
  • Provides a legitimate cable TV replacement with zero monthly costs.

And here are potential downsides to consider:


  • Forced ad breaks during programming to support free model.
  • Rotating selection means shows and movies periodically expire.
  • Original exclusive programming is limited.
  • Lacks brand new movie releases compared to paid services.

Overall, I think Pluto TV is a phenomenal free option, especially if you are looking to eliminate streaming service fees. Access to live channels and familiar comfort shows for zero costs outweighs the forced ads and limited original content. Consider it for casual viewing rather than your primary entertainment source and you‘ll love it.

Let‘s wrap up with my final take on if Pluto TV is really 100% free.

Is Pluto TV Completely Free? The Verdict

After extensive evaluation across channels, devices, ads, and features galore, I can confidently say that Pluto TV provides entirely free access to all their content. There are no subscription fees, login requirements, contracts, or hidden costs involved whatsoever.

The one catch is you will have to watch commercials. But that is a reasonable trade-off considering how much content is included at no charge. Pluto TV delivers an awesome cable-like viewing experience 100% free.

If you are looking to ditch expensive cable bills but still want access to live channels, news, sports, and familiar shows, Pluto TV is a phenomenal option. The service stands out in the streaming world by providing true free TV.

Give Pluto TV a try and see how much you can enjoy ad-supported streaming. I think you‘ll be amazed by how legitimately free this service is. No tricks – just free entertainment. Now flip on those channels and start streaming!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.