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Is there no free CP in Warzone?

The short answer is no, there is no way to earn substantial amounts of COD Points for free in Warzone. While small amounts of CP can be obtained through gameplay, purchasing CP with real-world money is currently the only way to acquire large quantities.

Hey friend, I know the feeling. You‘ve been grinding away in Warzone, unlocking camos and leveling up guns. But your character and weapons are still rocking those noob default looks. Meanwhile, you see all these other players decked out in awesome cosmetic gear. So you ask yourself – can I earn those COD Points needed for all the cool skins and blueprints without paying real money?

I‘ll go over all the details in this guide, but the truth is: earning more than a few hundred CP for free just through playing isn‘t realistic right now in Warzone. To acquire premium cosmetics in any significant quantity, shelling out cash is practically mandatory. And that reality has led to a fair bit of frustration within the player community.

Here‘s the breakdown of how CP works, along with some tips to maximize your free earnings. Let‘s dive in!

What Can You Unlock with COD Points?

CP is used to purchase all sorts of stylish goodies in Warzone like operator skins, weapon blueprints, emblems, and tier skips for the Battle Pass system. Here are some of the most popular CP purchases:

Operator Skins

  • Rare skins like songbird Kate cost 800-1200 CP
  • Epic skins like death dealer Grinch are 1500-2000 CP
  • Legendary skins go for 1800 to 2400+ CP

Weapon Blueprints

  • Simple recolors are ~800 CP
  • Animated blueprints with tracers are ~1200-1500 CP
  • Ultra or mastercraft variants run 1800-2400+ CP

Battle Pass Bundle

  • Skipping to tier 20 costs 2400 CP


  • Packs containing multiple items usually cost 2000 to 4000+ CP

As you can see, most desired cosmetics run 800 CP at the bare minimum, with many top-tier items costing over 2000 CP. Given that free CP is limited to 300 per season from the Battle Pass, purchasing is the only way to afford these rewards.

How Much Can You Earn for Free?

Let‘s look at the current options to earn CP without paying in Warzone:

Complete the Free Battle Pass

  • Earns you around 300 CP from free tiers
  • Takes significant playtime to complete

Limited-time events/promotions

  • Usually offer 100-200 CP
  • Time-restricted and unpredictable

That‘s pretty much it in terms of free CP from gameplay as of now. Not exactly a quick path to that sweet legendary skin you want, is it friend?

To put into perspective how little 300 CP per season is, take the "Tracer Pack: Red Tracer" bundle released in January 2023. It contains a red tracer AK-47 blueprint, motorcycle vehicle skin, charm, sticker, calling card and emblem.

Cost? 2400 CP.

You‘d have to grind 8 seasons worth of Battle Passes to afford that one bundle! And new cosmetics get released constantly.

Clearly, free CP earnings are a drop in the bucket that barely cover a single low-end skin after months of playtime.

How Much CP Gets Bought Worldwide?

Here are some statistics to give you a sense of the massive scale of paid CP transactions happening in Warzone daily:

  • Over $1.3 billion in microtransaction revenues generated by Warzone to date (SuperData)

  • Top player spenders average $85 per month or $1000+ per year on CP bundles

  • The 2400 CP Points pack (~$20) is the most popular bundle purchased

  • 15-25% of players provide 75-85% of total CP revenue via "whale" spending

  • Average CP revenue per paying player is estimated at $62-$84

That‘s a ton of purchased CP packs flying around Verdansk and Rebirth Island. While the player base has mixed feelings on CP pricing, the revenue speaks for itself – millions of dollars weekly from bundled CP sales.

Are COD Points Predatory or Ethical?

Given that freely earning CP through gameplay is so limited, some players contend that the paid CP model seems predatory and overly exploitative. Especially considering Warzone already generates added revenue streams through paid promotions and partnerships.

However, Activision argues that regular CP sales are necessary to fund ongoing development, servers, updates etc for Warzone as a free experience. And that purchasing CP is entirely optional, not required.

Here are some key viewpoints on both sides of this issue:

Against Paid CP

  • CP bundles are overpriced for digital cosmetics
  • Having 90% of content locked behind payments in a free game feels greedy
  • FOMO tactics pressure players to buy before items leave the store
  • Impossible to unlock all content without spending hundreds of dollars

In Favor of Paid CP

  • CP funds future gameplay content and improvements
  • Paying players deserve prestige/customization for supporting development
  • Budget-conscious players can still enjoy the core game for free
  • Cheaper than the $60-$70 cost of premium games

There are good faith arguments on both sides here. Personally, I think the pricing still feels quite steep, especially for younger players on budgets. Some cheaper direct-purchase cosmetic bundles in the $5 to $15 range could provide more options.

But compared to the era of randomized loot boxes, the move towards predictable CP bundles is a healthier model. At the end of the day, supporting a game you love financially is never unreasonable, as long as you play responsibly.

Gaming Streamer Perspectives on COD Points

To get an insider take, here are some thoughts on CP from popular Call of Duty streamers:

NICKMERCS (5 million YouTube subscribers):

"I buy every bundle, every skin. I play this game for a living so for me it‘s worth it to have all the best stuff. But for kids or casual players I get why it seems crazy expensive."

Swagg (2.3 million YouTube subscribers):

"You don‘t need all those flashy bundles to be nasty at Warzone. I know people with 4 K/Ds rocking default Mil-Sim skins."

ZLaner (2 million YouTube subscribers):

"Honestly buying all the CP bundles has become an addiction for me at this point. I‘ve spent at least $500 on the last few seasons. Help me."

Iron (900k YouTube subscribers):

"I refuse to spend money out of principle. Battle Passes and blueprints used to be unlockable rewards for skill, now it‘s all monetized."

So even popular streamers benefiting from the model have mixed feelings on CP pricing. Some feel pressured to buy CP for content, while others ignore it entirely.

Avoiding COD Point Addiction

For players who struggle with overspending on CP, here are some tips from gaming addiction psychologist Dr. Marilyn Chester:

  • Set a reasonable CP budget per month and stick to it
  • Avoid purchasing bundles right when they release; wait a few days
  • Disable in-game CP purchase prompts and cosmetic ads
  • Find other hobbies and games to reduce Warzone tunnel vision
  • Don‘t feel pressured by friends or streamers buying everything
  • Seek help if spending becomes uncontrollable or distressing

Making CP purchases wisely comes down to acknowledging when it transitions from a fun treat to a destructive compulsion. Stay self-aware friend!

How Does Warzone Compare to Other F2P Titles?

To get some contrast, let‘s compare how two of Warzone‘s main competitors handle in-game monetization using premium currency:

Fortnite V-Bucks

V-Bucks Prices

  • 1000 (+300 Bonus) V-Bucks – $7.99
  • 2800 (+300 Bonus) V-Bucks – $19.99

What you can buy:

  • Battle Pass – 950 V-Bucks
  • Epic skins – 1500-2000 V-Bucks
  • Pickaxes, gliders – 800-1500 V-Bucks

Free earnable cosmetics?

  • Yes – daily logins, seasonal leveling up, and Battle Pass offer some free skins

Verdict: More affordable bundles compared to COD Points, with more free cosmetic options

Apex Legends Apex Coins

Apex Coin Prices

  • 1000 Apex Coins – $9.99
  • 4000 (+1000 Bonus) Apex Coins – $39.99

What you can buy:

  • Battle Pass – 950 Apex Coins
  • Legendary skins – 1800 Apex Coins
  • Heirloom sets – 3500 Apex Coins

Free earnable cosmetics?

  • Yes – but limited. Crafting metals allow some free skins.

Verdict: Similar pricing structure to COD Points but allows direct skin purchases rather than loot boxes

As we can see, both competitors offer some free cosmetic earning options, but similarly rely on premium currency packs priced at $10+ for most rewards. So Warzone is not unusually priced relative to peers.

The Best CP Bundles for Value

If you do decide to purchase CP, you‘ll want to make the most of your money. Here is a quick comparison of CP bundle prices with bonuses calculated:

CP BundleRaw CPBonus CPTotal CPPriceCP per $
5005000500$4.99100 CP
1100110001100$9.99110 CP
2400240002400$19.99120 CP
4000400004000$39.99100 CP
8000800008000$79.99100 CP
1300013000013000$99.99130 CP

The 13000 CP mega bundle gives you the most bang for your buck at 130 CP per dollar spent. The standard 2400 CP pack offer a good middle ground value.

Just beware of excessive spending in pursuit of value. Lots of players have dropped hundreds gradually across "reasonable" 2400 CP pack purchases without realizing it. Look out for yourself!

Final Thoughts on Earning CP

So there you have it friend – all the nitty gritty details on earning CP through gameplay vs purchasing. Let‘s recap the key points:

Earning meaningful amounts of CP for free is unrealistic currently – Outside the meager 300 CP per Battle Pass, options are very limited.

Obtaining premium cosmetics requires buying CP bundles – Nearly every desired skin or blueprint costs at least 800-1200 CP, if not more.

CP sales drive Warzone‘s revenue model – Billions in revenue and millions daily from CP purchases fund ongoing development.

There are reasonable arguments on both sides of the pricing debate – While some find CP overpriced, it also pays for a quality free experience.

Warzone is similar to competitors for pricing – Games like Fortnite and Apex Legends offer marginally more free rewards but also rely heavily on premium currency packs.

Budget and play responsibly – No player needs cosmetics, so avoid overspending compulsively. Stick to a reasonable limit.

I hope breaking down the CP earning options in detail helps provide some clarity and allows making informed purchasing decisions! Even without paying, just focus on honing your skills and enjoying quality time in Verdansk and Fortune‘s Keep with some buddies. No CP required for that.

Let‘s get that Warzone Victory!



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