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Jarvee Review: Is It Still Working for Social Media Automation?

Social media should be a great place to build your business, bring awareness to your blog, and profit from brand deals and affiliate programs, among other things. But to do all that, you need an audience.

One popular way to build an audience is using social media bots – like Jarvee. Recent videos and blog posts from social media managers question if Jarvee still works. Well, does it?

Let's see what Jarvee is, what you'll need to start using it, and what expenses you can expect. We'll also go through Jarvee's features and how to find the best Jarvee settings to make it work.

What is Jarvee?

Jarvee is a social media bot automating processes that you'd otherwise do manually. It supports all popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. We'll go into details about its features in a sec. Still, it can like and comment on posts, follow or unfollow & do other stuff a human would do. The only difference is that it can do these things faster and on a larger scale.

On the flip side, Jarvee and other bots have a bad reputation as they are associated with spam. Do you know those spammy DMs which promise you a quick buck and then share shady links? Yup, those are probably sent by a bot. But you can't blame a tool for how a person uses it, right?

What Can Jarvee Do for You?

Jarvee overview

There are many other ways to employ Jarvee for more genuine purposes. For example, sending informational DMs to leads that have reached a certain sales funnel stage. You choose the goals and the strategies. The most popular use case is probably growing your following on social media, and it all depends on what Jarvee settings you use.

The settings are usually measured by how many daily actions you set your account to do. Daily activities are as simple as following someone, watching a video, or pressing a like button. But some people who set their accounts to do from 200 – 300 daily actions can get over 20 followers/day, and others with the same number of actions will get only 2-3 followers. There are many factors, and we will get to them in this article.

How Does Jarvee Work – What Do You Need?

Some people get so good at building social media accounts that they start doing that for hundreds of accounts, creating a business. But first, let's see what you need to start using Jarvee.

One disadvantage of Jarvee is that it works only on Windows. Sorry, Mac users, you'll definitely need some extra software. But even Windows users should listen in.

As Jarvee's goal is to emulate a real human, it will spread all the actions it needs to do throughout the day & even night. Especially if you're running a few accounts. Therefore, the program has to stay turned on on a working computer or server. That's the first thing you'll need.

Some people use Jarvee on a spare Windows computer, but it's hard to ensure that it won't ever be turned off, and it's not healthy for the computer. So another way to do that is to get a Virtual Private Server or AWS workspace. It simply means you'll get a virtual desktop that you can access from your own computer.

Even when you're not accessing it, the bot you installed on your virtual desktop will stay working. If you choose to use a Virtual Private Server, you'll also need software to access it. Just download any Remote Desktop app, such as Microsoft Remote Desktop. When you do all that, access your Virtual Desktop, and then go ahead and download Jarvee.

The cheapest Jarvee plan costs almost $30/month, and you can use it for 10 social media accounts. To try things out, Jarvee has a 5-days FREE trial. But even after installing Jarvee, you're not yet finished.

Another thing you'll need is proxies. That's right. Why else would we talk about

Jarvee here? Can you use Jarvee without proxies? Sure, if you only have one account, you can try. But if you're serious about not losing your accounts, we recommend getting proxies. Ok, that's quite a lot of things to get.

So let's run the numbers to see what total cost you can expect. It will mainly depend on how many accounts you're managing. We'll give a range for accounts doing approx. 200 daily actions: how much it can cost to run 1 to 70 accounts.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server

You will have 0 costs on that if you're using a separate computer or running up to 6 accounts because Amazon AWS workspace has a free trial you can use for a whole year.

If you have more accounts, Jarvee recommends a VPS service which would cost $68/month for 70 accounts. The remote desktop app will most probably be free. Jarvee will cost you from € 29.95/month for up to 10 accounts to € 69.95/month for 70 accounts.

Proxy Servers

Proxy Servers

We give more information about the best types of proxies for social media in this article, so don't forget to keep reading. But it might vary from $3.20/month to $43/month for 1 account and from $191/month to $500/month for 70 accounts.

So, the total cost for running 1 account might vary from $33.15/month for very low quality to even $72.95/month for high quality. For 70 accounts, it would vary even more: from $328.95/month with low-quality proxies to even $637.95/month with high-quality proxies. Which shows how much the price & the results achieved by Jarvee can depend on choosing a proper proxy type and provider.

For full disclosure, the price range we gave as an example might vary even more if you select a different amount of daily actions, choose different types of daily actions which consume more resources, or set strict filters for targeting the right people with Jarvee.

What Social Media Platforms Can You Use Jarvee For?



The platform Jarvee is famous for. The features are pretty basic: content scheduling, liking, commenting, following & unfollowing. But even these basic features that most bots have are the ones that can get you in trouble.

So, while Instagram is working to ban all the fake accounts and bot users, Jarvee is working on updating the program to trick Instagram into believing those accounts are real humans. One more feature that Jarvee is useful for is simple market research. It can extract Instagram users you want to target & help you research hashtags.


How to Find the Best Jarvee Settings

Jarvee's features for Facebook include: post scheduling & auto-engagement, such as liking, commenting, and writing birthday wishes on friends' walls. Nowadays, an important part of Facebook growth strategy is Facebook groups, so Jarvee lets you automatically join relevant groups or invite people into your group.



The Twitter features simply help to engage with your audience, retweet posts, and so




Not that we would use Jarvee for this Youtube channel, but Jarvee seems pretty smart with its Youtube features. It can subscribe, unsubscribe, like, comment, watch videos, and, most importantly, visit other random websites to collect cookies. This last feature makes it look like a real human being who uses the Internet for various daily purposes.



Jarvee is the perfect social media automation tool for Pinterest! It's a great way to schedule pins and automatically include URLs and viral pins to your boards. Jarvee can also automatically respond to other users by following them or commenting on their posts.



Jarvee features for LinkedIn allow you to post and interact using various methods. You can schedule posts, view others' profile pages, join or find different groups, like posts and make a connection request or endorse someone for their skills.



Jarvee helps grow on Tumblr by following, liking & reblogging popular posts. Wow, so many things & features to choose from – Jarvee is certainly a hell of a program!

What social media platform would you like to use Jarvee for? Can't wait to hear from you in the comments.

How to Find the Best Jarvee Settings

Find the Best Jarvee Settings

Ok, you know what Jarvee is, you know the price, you have all the necessary things, and you have an idea of the platforms where you want to use it. There's only one piece of the puzzle missing. How to find the best settings?

Always remember that although Jarvee is an automation tool, it's not a “set up and leave” type. It still requires a lot of attention to test and finds the settings which would give you the best return on investment. Otherwise, you'll just leave it working in the background without no real results – if so, why don't you simply give all your money to a stranger?

Don't just read any post, blog, or video that describes the best settings to get ideas for the best setup. Look for the settings that: have achieved results for someone. Look if the post was published recently – in the last couple of months or so as social media algorithms change quickly. See if those settings were tested on an Instagram account similar to yours.

For example, one video might focus on growing a cat or a dog account which is very general and doesn't require targeting. If you tried the same settings on your personal account or a very local niche business account, it wouldn't go well. Keep in mind the risks of using Jarvee or any bot whatsoever.

First, test things on an account that you don't mind losing. For example, Instagram accounts that get banned stay banned for 30 days. Not to mention the possibility of getting banned permanently. It can cost a lot of precious time and money. So always start slow and increase daily actions with time so that you wouldn't look suspicious on social media platforms. Try to imitate human behavior and let the accounts sleep because that's what humans do.

If you are using proxies, make sure not to use the same IPs for multiple accounts – unless these are mobile IPs. You'll protect your other accounts from the same fate if one account gets banned.

So, these were a few of our suggestions. Good luck with your social media automation.