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How to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts without Being Blocked?

You're probably here because your account got blocked on Facebook, or you can't even create multiple accounts. Let's solve that!

Why Need Multiple Facebook Accounts?

Multiple Facebook Accounts

But for those who don't know why people may need multiple Facebook accounts.

The first reason is if you run an ad agency, you need to manage Facebook accounts for several or even hundreds of your clients.

Secondly, if you're a marketer, you might want to leverage marketing automation tools or bots requiring separate accounts. For example, software programs like Jarvee and Socinator offer powerful facebook automation features. You can schedule and auto-share posts automatically, change your cover photo, reply to messages, create post variations with spin tax tools, post them to multiple groups, and so on.

Third, creating multiple Facebook accounts for your business can help you reach your audience in various countries worldwide using geo-targeting. It means that potential customers will see the content created for them when they come across your account.

Fourth, as if you were a business next door, every business needs data, so scraping Facebook is becoming increasingly popular. Scraping, an automatic way of collecting data from public sources, can help you with competitor analysis or identifying and getting to know your ideal customers.

Why Do You Get Banned on Facebook?

Get Banned on Facebook

By now, you're probably thinking, I'm convinced, give me all these multiple accounts already! But it's not that easy. The problem is that most social media networks, including Facebook, forbid automated activity, especially while logged in. Why do people get banned on Facebook the ethics of using multiple accounts? Social media are ambiguous:

On the one hand, marketing companies can use them to maintain a global presence, gauge social sentiment, automatically engage with followers, and research content topics or potential influences.

On the other hand, it also plays a role in generating fake engagement and spam. You might get banned regardless of how you use your multiple accounts.

How to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts without Getting Banned?

Multiple account owners get blocked because they log in to more than one account from the same IP address. Your IP is an identification number given to your device. So, to avoid blocks, you should use different IP addresses for separate Facebook accounts. But you can't buy tens of laptops with separate wi-fi routers just for Facebook. That would be ridiculous.

Instead, what you can do is borrow IP addresses from proxies. Proxies are basically middlemen between you and any website on the internet. So, when you use proxies, Facebook will see the IP of your proxy.

And your computer's IP address will stay secret; getting the right proxies is the first step to avoiding bans. Then, more factors come into play in the form of passive and active fingerprinting. Our recently published research suggests that Facebook most likely highly depends on fingerprinting.

Best Facebook Proxies Recommended

Getting back to proxies, though, what are the best Facebook proxies? The main proxy IPs used for social media are residential or mobile. Both allow unrestricted access to the platforms by effectively disguising a scraper or bot.

As a real user, the main desired characteristic for facebook proxies is ip quality. It must think that these IPs come from the devices of real users. Price is another relevant concern. As browsing content-rich pages require significant traffic. Other requirements are the ability to hold the same IP address; the longer, the better, and pick IPs from a specific country.

Considering the mentioned requirements for facebook proxies and our performance tests, we can recommend the following residential proxy providers:

Bright Data:

The largest proxy ip provider today, which offers all-inclusive proxy services anywhere in the world.

Bright Data Homepage

Bright Data is a leading proxy service provider that offers a wide range of proxy servers, data collection APIs, web scraping tools, and pre-collected data sets. Bright Data can be used to manage multiple Facebook accounts without getting banned. By using Bright Data's rotating proxies, you can maintain a high level of anonymity and avoid being flagged by Facebook's anti-spam system. This is particularly useful for businesses and digital marketers who need to manage multiple Facebook Pages and ad accounts.


A game-changer in the proxy industry, offering performance comparable to Bright Data's at a lower cost.

Smartproxy Homepage

With Smartproxy, you're investing in performance akin to Bright Data but at a more affordable rate. If budget-friendly solutions with a vast IP pool and residential proxies are your requirement for Facebook activities, Smartproxy should be on your list. Their competitive pricing models offer flexibility for diverse business needs.


Which offers highly flexible ip rotation and location-targeting options

Soax Homepage

Soax shines with its unparalleled flexibility in IP rotation and specific location targeting. Those seeking precision in their Facebook account management and monitoring would find Soax's authentic IP pool invaluable. The service ensures reliability when operating multiple accounts, minimizing the risk of unexpected bans.


The selling point of the Shifter proxy service is its unlimited bandwidth. 

Shifter Homepage

When bandwidth becomes a concern, Shifter Proxies offers a sanctuary with its promise of unlimited bandwidth. For businesses that are heavy on data transactions on Facebook, especially those involved in data scraping, Shifter provides both residential proxy networks and essential APIs. The unlimited bandwidth ensures smooth and uninterrupted Facebook operations


The premium proxy superstar with overall great performance in all areas and advanced features.

Oxylabs for Residential Proxies

Oxylabs is the proxy industry's star player, delivering stellar performance across the board. Their premium services, equipped with advanced features, guarantee an optimized Facebook experience. Whether it's data scraping, ad management, or multi-account operation, Oxylabs ensures consistency and reliability.



The go-to place for companies that rely on localization.

Geosurf Homepage

Geosurf is the beacon for businesses with a keen focus on localization. Their unique selling proposition lies in the specialized coverage of over 1,000 cities, even with a smaller proxy pool. Companies that rely heavily on localized content and advertising on Facebook would find Geosurf's offerings particularly tailored to their needs.


Each of these proxy providers has its unique features and advantages, catering to different needs and budgets. When choosing a proxy provider for Facebook, consider factors such as IP pool size, residential proxies, pricing plans, and customer support. Always ensure that you follow Facebook's terms of service and use proxies ethically to avoid potential issues.