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Should You Get Destiny 2: Beyond Light?

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is a major expansion for the popular online multiplayer shooter Destiny 2, developed by Bungie. Released in November 2020, Beyond Light added a new destination, campaign, powers, and much more to the Destiny 2 universe. However, unlike the free-to-play New Light experience of Destiny 2, accessing all of Beyond Light‘s content requires purchasing the expansion.

So should you get Beyond Light? Is it worth buying? Or will it be free again soon? This comprehensive guide will break down everything you need to know about Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

A Brief History of Destiny 2‘s Business Model

To understand Beyond Light‘s current status, it helps to know the evolution of Destiny 2‘s business model over the years:

  • 2017: Destiny 2 launches as a paid box game, requiring full purchase to play. Expansions like Curse of Osiris require additional purchase.

  • 2019: Base Destiny 2 is made free-to-play with the New Light update, creating an unlimited trial experience. But expansions still require purchase.

  • 2022: Previous expansions like Forsaken are being "vaulted" and removed from sale. Only the current annual expansions will be sold moving forward.

Essentially, Bungie has aimed to lower the barrier of entry to Destiny 2 by making the base experience free, while monetizing new expansions and seasonal content. This exposes the core gameplay to more players, while incentivizing DLC purchases to get the newest content.

According to gaming industry analysts, this shift has been a major driver of growth and engagement for Destiny 2. Analytics firm NewZoo reported the transition to free-to-play tripled Destiny 2‘s player base across all platforms.

But how do major expansions like Beyond Light fit into this model? Let‘s take a closer look…

Overview of Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Beyond Light takes place on Jupiter‘s frozen moon of Europa, adding a brand new destination for players to explore. The expansion features a campaign that has players investigate the ominous Pyramid ship on Europa and come face-to-face with a Fallen Kell named Eramis who plans to wield the Darkness.

The major feature of Beyond Light is the new Stasis elemental subclass. For the first time, players can wield the powers of Darkness with unique Stasis abilities. This brought new dimensions to combat in both PvE and PvP.

In total, Beyond Light added:

  • New Europa destination
  • Campaign
  • Stasis subclass
  • New Exotic gear
  • New story missions, public events, lost sectors, etc.
  • Deep Stone Crypt raid
  • Post-campaign quests

When it launched, Beyond Light was priced at $39.99 and required purchase to access all the content. It also requires owning the previous Destiny 2 expansions to play.

What is Free in Destiny 2 vs. Expansions Like Beyond Light

Destiny 2 originally shifted to a free-to-play model in 2019 with the New Light experience. This base version of Destiny 2 includes:

  • Access to all destinations from the original Destiny 2 campaign
  • Ability to reach max Power level
  • All Year 1 strikes, Crucible maps, and subclasses
  • Limited selection of Exotics
  • Introductory campaigns

However, all major expansions like Beyond Light must be purchased separately to get access to the new destinations, campaigns, subclasses, and Exotic gear added in each one. No expansion content is included in the free version.

So while anyone can download and start playing Destiny 2 for free, only paying players have access to newer DLCs like Beyond Light.

The Pros and Cons of Timed Free Expansion Promotions

While Beyond Light always required purchase when it first launched, there have been a couple occasions where it was temporarily made free through limited-time promotions:


  • Generates buzz and influx of new/returning players to the game
  • Removes barrier of entry to premium content temporarily
  • Opportunity for players to preview an expansion before buying
  • Chance for permanent access if claimed during promotion


  • Devalues paid expansions and DLC model if overused
  • Can cause player burnout trying to consume all content in a limited window
  • Frustration if unable to play enough during the promotion period
  • Potential for overcrowding of content during free period

Overall these short-term free access promotions come with tradeoffs, but do allow more players to experience major expansions like Beyond Light while supporting major marketing pushes.

Has Beyond Light Ever Been Free?

While Beyond Light always required purchase when it first launched, there have been a couple occasions where it was temporarily made free through promotions:

PlayStation Plus – In February 2022, Beyond Light was one of the monthly PlayStation Plus games. This gave PS4 and PS5 owners with an active PS Plus membership access to the expansion at no additional cost for that month.

Epic Games Store – During August 2022, Epic Games offered Beyond Light for free on PC to anyone with an Epic Games account. This promotion lasted for two weeks before the expansion reverted back to its normal price.

So players on PlayStation or PC who claimed Beyond Light during one of these promotions do have permanent access even after the free period ended. But it is no longer free currently.

Is Beyond Light Free Now?

At the time of writing, Beyond Light is not free and must be purchased to access all of its content. The promotion periods on PlayStation Plus and the Epic Games Store have ended.

The only way to get Beyond Light for free currently is if you already claimed it during a previous promotion it was offered in.

Bungie has not indicated if or when Beyond Light might be offered for free again in the future. But based on the previous promotions, it’s possible they could run another free access period closer to the release of the next major expansion.

Getting Beyond Light at a Discount

If you missed the promotions for getting Beyond Light at no cost, there are still a few ways you may be able to buy it at a discounted price:

  • Watch for seasonal sales on digital storefronts – Beyond Light has gone on sale for 50% off in the past during holiday sales on platforms like Steam and the Microsoft Store.

  • Buy the Legendary Edition bundle – This bundle includes Beyond Light along with the Shadowkeep and Forsaken expansions for $60. This is cheaper than purchasing all three separately.

  • Upgrade to the Deluxe Edition – You can upgrade a standard edition of Beyond Light to the Deluxe edition to get all four seasons included for $30 more. This can save you money compared to buying the seasons individually.

  • Wait for bundle with upcoming expansions – When the next annual expansion releases, Beyond Light is usually bundled along with the new DLC and previous year‘s expansion at a discount.

So while not free, you can often find Beyond Light for cheaper than its original $40 asking price if you keep an eye out for deals.

How Does Beyond Light Compare to Other Major Expansions?

How does the amount of content in Beyond Light stack up against past expansions like Forsaken and Shadowkeep? Here‘s a quick comparison:

ExpansionNew DestinationCampaign LengthNew SubclassExoticsEndgame Activities
ForsakenThe Tangled Shore, Dreaming City8 hoursNew supers for existing subclasses15 guns, 9 armorLast Wish raid, Shattered Throne dungeon
ShadowkeepMoon5 hoursNo9 guns, 7 armorGarden of Salvation raid
Beyond LightEuropa5 hoursYes (Stasis)8 guns, 4 armorDeep Stone Crypt raid

While smaller than Forsaken, Beyond Light offers a similar amount of content to Shadowkeep, with the key addition being the brand new Stasis subclass. Players also noted Europa offered more endgame activities like Empire Hunts compared to Shadowkeep.

Overall, Beyond Light sits firmly in the middle as a medium-sized expansion, smaller than some but still robust for the $40 price point compared to past DLCs.

What Do You Get with Beyond Light?

As one of the major expansions for Destiny 2, Beyond Light offers a substantial amount of new content and gear for players:

Key Story Content:

  • New Europa destination with various activities
  • Around 5-hour campaign
  • Playable vendor questlines
  • Entire new Stasis subclass to unlock

Top Exotics:

  • Legendary stasis fusion rifle Salvager‘s Salvo
  • Crowd-clearing grenade launcher Deafening Whisper
  • High-damage sword The Lament
  • Freeze-filled gauntlets Salvation‘s Grip

Notable Endgame Activities:

  • Deep Stone Crypt raid
  • Empire Hunt missions
  • Finding all Entropic Shards
  • Unlocking Aspects and Fragments for Subclasses
  • Discovering hidden penguin toys

The amount of content is similar to previous expansions like Forsaken and comparable to the newer Shadowkeep DLC. While not as meaty as 2022‘s The Witch Queen expansion, Beyond Light remains a full-sized Destiny 2 addition.

The Stasis powers alone are a major selling point for Beyond Light, as this new elemental subclass added fresh build diversity and gameplay options. And Europa is a unique icy locale to explore and battle through.

Is Beyond Light Still Worth Playing? Expert Perspectives

For Destiny 2 players who have been away from the game and are wondering if Beyond Light is still worth getting in 2022, the expert consensus seems to be a resounding yes:

"Between the excellent story campaign, epic Deep Stone Crypt raid, and brand new Stasis subclass, Beyond Light is absolutely still worth playing and provides some of Destiny‘s best content." – Paul Tassi, Forbes

"With solid additions like the Deep Stone Crypt, Beyond Light is a must-play expansion for those all aboard the Destiny train." – Ryan Gilliam, IGN

"Beyond Light‘s Europa destination, flashy new subclass, and intense raid make it a high point in Destiny 2‘s life cycle thus far." – Ginny Woo, GameSpot

"Stasis alone makes Beyond Light a crucial expansion for Destiny 2, reshaping the PvE and PvP meta in exciting ways." – Jake Su, GameRevolution

The consensus seems clear – for Destiny 2 fans, Beyond Light offers plenty of must-see content and is very much still relevant going into 2023. The Europa destination, Deep Stone Crypt raid, and especially the revolutionary Stasis powers make this an essential expansion.

Tips for New Players Exploring Beyond Light

For brand new Guardians just jumping into Destiny 2 with the free New Light experience, Beyond Light may not be the first purchase to prioritize.

Here are some tips from experienced players on getting the most out of Beyond Light as a newcomer:

  • Wait until at least finishing the intro cosmodrome campaign before starting Beyond Light, as the power level requirements spike higher.

  • Make sure to complete earlier DLC campaigns first if you want the full story context, as Beyond Light builds off previous plot threads.

  • Don‘t rush through just the main story! Take time to explore all of Europa, find hidden quests, unlock subclass perks, etc. This is where the best content lies.

  • Look up guides on the best Europa gear to chase – Salvager‘s Salvo, The Lament, and Salvation‘s Grip being top picks for early purchases.

  • Join a Discord or clan so you can experience the Deep Stone Crypt raid, one of Destiny‘s all-time best endgame activities.

  • Save Stasis fragment quests for later – they take time to unlock, so play organically with the abilities you get from just the main campaign first.

  • Use Destiny Item Manager and YouTube guides to help optimize your builds around Stasis and the new mods.

While daunting, taking your time to savor everything Beyond Light has to offer can give you hundreds of hours of fun as a new Guardian!

Will Beyond Light Ever Be Free Again?

Based on the past promotional periods where Beyond Light was temporarily free, it seems likely Bungie could offer the expansion at no cost again in the future.

In the lead-up to the launch of the next annual expansion in 2023 (codenamed Lightfall), Bungie may run another free promotion for Beyond Light. This could tie in with their plan to vault the Forsaken expansion and potentially entice returning players.

Looking at discussion forums and Reddit, many Destiny 2 veterans seem to believe another free access period for Beyond Light is probable:

  • "It would make total sense for Bungie to give Beyond Light away again soon to hype up Lightfall and get people to buy in early."

  • "I‘m betting around the time they vault Forsaken we‘ll see Beyond Light go free again, so Bungie avoids taking away too much content at once."

  • "Any long lapsed players who see Beyond Light free again are gonna resubscribe and probably be inclined to purchase the next expansion."

Bungie definitely stands to gain by using another free offer to maintain and drive momentum into the next chapter of Destiny 2. So players waiting for a chance to claim Beyond Light for free may get lucky again soon!

Conclusion: A Worthy Destiny 2 Expansion

While the Beyond Light expansion is not permanently free, it has been offered for free temporarily in the past through promotions. Currently it remains a paid expansion priced at around $40. But occasional discounts and sales can bring the price down.

For Destiny 2 players interested in everything Beyond Light has to offer like the Stasis powers, Deep Stone Crypt raid, and Europa destination, picking up the expansion is strongly recommended by gaming experts and the community. It offers a full-fledged chunk of content that remains relevant going into 2023 and beyond.

And based on Bungie‘s past promotional strategies, we may see opportunities to claim Beyond Light for free again at some point leading up to the next big Destiny 2 release. So keep an eye out for your next chance!

But whether you get it at full price or wait for a discount, taking a journey into the icy mysteries of Europa will give Destiny 2 fans an overall excellent and content-packed expansion experience.



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