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So You Freed Tyr in God of War Ragnarök – Now Where Can You Find Him?

Hey friend! If you‘re reading this, chances are you finished God of War Ragnarök and are wondering: where the heck is Tyr after freeing him from his imprisonment? I‘ve got you covered.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll explain exactly how to locate Tyr in the game world after you complete the main story campaign. I‘ll also provide some deeper insights into this mysterious Norse god of war based on my 100+ hours of playtime.

Let‘s get started!

Introduction: The Missing God of War

Early in God of War Ragnarök, Kratos and Atreus free a god who claims to be Tyr from a prison cell in Svartalfheim. This "Tyr" says he can guide them to Jötunheim and help in their quest.

Unfortunately, this Tyr turns out to be Odin in disguise. The real, one-handed Norse god of war remains missing for much of the game.

It isn‘t until the very end, after the credits roll, that Kratos finally locates the genuine Tyr.

So where can Tyr be found at this late stage? The answer lies in…

Location Revealed: Freyr‘s Camp in Vanaheim

After completing God of War Ragnarök‘s main story campaign, an additional cutscene becomes available where Kratos seeks out the real Tyr.

He discovers Tyr doing Tai Chi by the coast in Freyr‘s Camp, Vanaheim.

This area is located off the northwest side of The Plains region. You‘ll first need to finish the "Forging Destiny" favor to gain access to the camp.

When you arrive, head left from the entrance and look towards the water to spot Tyr.

Conversations with Tyr: Deciphering the God of War‘s Words

Approaching Tyr triggers a conversation where he confides some thought-provoking details about his imprisonment and connection to Kratos.

Here‘s a closer analysis of the clues hidden within Tyr‘s statements:

References the "First Great War" and His Deal

"After the First Great War, I tried to make things right…to avoid further bloodshed. A deal was struck, ending the conflict."

This likely refers to the Aesir-Vanir War between the Aesir and Vanir gods. As the Norse god of war and treaties, Tyr probably negotiated a truce to end the devastating war, striking a deal to appease both sides.

Imprisoned for Trying to Protect the Giants

"But it came at a cost. My "pivot" to protect the giants severed ties with my kin."

Here, Tyr reveals he was imprisoned after cutting ties with Odin and the Aesir gods to safeguard the giants following the Aesir-Vanir War.

In Norse myth, some texts claim Tyr‘s heritage includes giant blood via his father Hymir. This could explain Tyr‘s strong motivation to shield the giants.

Knew Kratos Would "Come Around"

"But I knew you‘d come around in time."

This cryptic line suggests Tyr somehow foresaw Kratos‘ coming to the Norse realms and knew the Spartan would eventually aid his cause.

As the god of war, Tyr may have predicted Kratos‘ arrival and subsequent triggering of Ragnarök after a feud with Odin.

Still Owes Kratos a Debt

"You saved me. I still owe you a debt."

Here, Tyr openly states he feels indebted to Kratos for freeing him from imprisonment after "over 100 winters."

This debt may compel Tyr to return in a future game to repay Kratos by assisting in some critical way against a new threat.

Theories & Speculation on Tyr‘s Significance

Based on insights from Tyr himself and a deep dive into Norse mythology, here are some compelling theories about the god of war‘s role in God of War‘s wider mythos:

Knew Faye and Was Working with Her

Faye, the late mother of Atreus, was a giantess who engineered the events leading to Ragnarök.

Some fans speculate Tyr and Faye were allies who planned for her son Atreus and Kratos to traverse to Midgard and fulfill the prophecy.

As an advocate for giantkind, Tyr had motivation to collaborate with Faye to orchestrate the Aesir gods‘ downfall.

God of War…and Time?

In some mythological texts, Tyr is associated with the passage of time via his wolf companion Skyrnefugl.

Perhaps in God of War, Tyr as the "god of war" also has dominion over time – allowing him to foresee events like Ragnarök or even manipulate time itself.

Not Necessarily Pro-Kratos

While Tyr helps Kratos, he makes it clear he does not condone violence.

It‘s possible that while their goals aligned, Tyr may oppose Kratos‘ merciless methods and not consider him a true ally. This philosophical clash could drive future conflict.

More Giant Than Aesir God?

As mentioned earlier, Tyr‘s father was the giant Hymir in some Norse legends. Plus, he made a "pivot" to protect the giants over the Aesir gods.

Events indicate Tyr identifies more with his giant heritage than his Aesir lineage. This would position him as a natural ally against the Aesir.

Tyr‘s God of War Abilities & Powers

As the Norse god of war, honor, and justice – what special skills and powers does Tyr possess? Here are some of Tyr‘s key capabilities:

  • Superhuman Strength: Strong enough to battle gods and giants. Overpowered early in Ragnarök by Odin, but still exceptionally mighty.

  • Master Combatant: Incredibly skilled in melee combat and swordplay. Centuries of experience in war make him a formidable fighter.

  • Precognition: Possesses the gift of foresight allowing him to predict outcomes of wars and other events. Knew about Ragnarök.

  • Time Manipulation: Theories suggest Tyr may have some control over the passage of time due to his wolf Skyrnefugl.

  • Teleportation: Able to instantly transport across realms without needing the Bifrost, perhaps due to giant magic.

  • Ferrokinesis: Can mentally command his magical axe Járngreipr in battle from a distance. Weapon returns to his hand when thrown.

After Finding Tyr: What You Can Do in God of War Ragnarök‘s Endgame

Locating the real Tyr is just one of the many things you can experience in God of War Ragnarök‘s massive endgame.

Here are 7 key endgame activities I highly recommend checking out:

  • Hunt Down All 9 Valkyries: These optional boss battles offer the toughest combat challenges in the game. See the table below for all their locations.

  • Explore the 6 Realms 100%: Make sure to uncover every last secret, collectible and side activity in the sprawling game world.

  • Open All Locked Chests: Use keys found in endgame areas to unlock special reward chests.

  • Defeat the Mysterious Norns: Destroy all of Odin‘s hidden ravens to draw out the powerful Norns.

  • Complete the Impossible Trials of Muspelheim: Take on these ultra-tough combat arenas for big rewards.

  • Upgrade Kratos, Atreus, Armor and Weapons: Collect resources to make yourself mighty for any challenge.

  • Finish All Yggdrasil Rifts: Conquer these time-based realm tear challenges.

And for your reference, here is a handy table listing where to find each of the nine deadly Valkyries:

#Valkyrie NameRealmRegion
1GnaMidgardThe Southern Wilds
2EirMidgardThe Barrens
3KaraMidgardThe Sinkholes
4RotaMidgardThe Forbidden Sands
5OlrunAlfheimThe Barrens
6GeirdrifulMuspelheimThe Crater
7HristMidgardThe Frozen Wilds
8SigrunNiflheimIvaldi‘s Workshop
9GunnrVanaheimThe Plains

So in summary, while tracking down Tyr is important, it‘s just one small part of the epic endgame experience God of War Ragnarök offers. Take your time to explore all the realms and confront their unique challenges. Tyr isn‘t going anywhere!


I hope this guide has helped explain exactly where to find Tyr after freeing him in God of War Ragnarök and provided useful insights into his character.

In short, Tyr can be found at Freyr‘s Camp in Vanaheim doing Tai Chi by the coast after the main story ends. His conversations with Kratos hint at a complex backstory still shrouded in mystery.

For now, theorize about how Tyr fits into the game‘s mythology and take advantage of Ragnarök‘s deep endgame content. And if you still have any other questions – don‘t hesitate to ask! I‘m always happy to help a fellow God of War fan.



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