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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Double Weapon XP in Call of Duty

Looking to level up your guns fast in Call of Duty without spending money? Then this guide is for you, my friend!

I‘ll walk you through all the legit ways to earn free double weapon XP so you can unlock attachments quicker. As a FPS gaming expert with over 15 years of experience, I‘ve mastered the weapon grind in every Call of Duty game.

So listen up and follow my tips, and you‘ll have max level guns in no time!

An Overview of Double Weapon XP in CoD

Let‘s start with a quick primer on how double weapon XP works in Call of Duty:

  • Double weapon XP is a timed boost that doubles the amount of weapon XP you earn from gameplay
  • last 30 minutes in Modern Warfare and 1 hour in Cold War and Vanguard
  • Only counts weapon XP, doesn‘t affect regular XP for leveling up your profile rank
  • Extremely useful for cutting the time to unlock all attachments and camo challenges

Without double weapon XP, grinding a gun from level 1 to max takes 4+ hours on average. But with a boost active, you can halve that time to just 2 hours of efficient gameplay.

Now let‘s jump into all the ways you can get this coveted boost for free:

Complete Campaign Missions

This is one of the easiest free sources of double weapon XP tokens.

In Modern Warfare 2, finishing these campaign missions will reward you with double weapon XP tokens:

  • Tradecraft
  • Hardpoint
  • Dark Water

And these give regular double XP tokens:

  • Wetwork
  • Close Air
  • El Sin Nombre
  • Hindsight

So fully completing the MW2 campaign nets you 3 double weapon XP and 4 double XP tokens.

For Cold War, these missions award double weapon XP:

  • Nowhere Left to Run
  • Fracture Jaw
  • End of the Line

And these provide double XP tokens:

  • Break on Through
  • The Final Countdown
  • Ashes to Ashes

Finishing Cold War‘s story gives you 3 double weapon XP and 3 double XP tokens.

I highly recommend taking a few hours to play through the campaigns if you haven‘t already. It‘s a fun experience and the XP token rewards are well worth it!

Pro Tip: Save the double weapon XP tokens until you have a gun you want to focus on maxing out

Take Advantage of Limited-Time Double XP Events

The developers for Call of Duty regularly run special double XP events across Warzone and multiplayer, usually on weekends.

There are two types:

Double XP – 2X regular XP to rank up your profile

Double Weapon XP – 2X weapon XP to level up guns faster

Keep an eye on Call of Duty social media accounts and you‘ll see announcements when an event is scheduled. Sometimes they reveal it ahead of time, other times it‘s a surprise.

When these events are live, be sure to play and take full advantage of the boosted progression. Prioritize leveling weapons you use often so the attachments become available sooner.

The double weapon XP events are especially valuable. A full hour of maximum grinding can often max out a gun from level 1. It really expedites the whole process so don‘t miss out!

Pro Tip: Activate double XP tokens right before the event starts to combine both boosts

Complete Daily Challenges

Daily challenges are a reliable way to earn extra XP while playing. These rotate every 24 hours and reward you for completing certain tasks.

For Warzone, there are normally 3 daily challenges available per day. Each one awards 2500 XP when finished, so that‘s 7500 XP total.

Multiplayer also gives you 3 daily challenges, with each one rewarding 300 – 500 XP. Finishing all 3 will net around 1000 – 1500 XP.

The challenges usually involve getting kills, headshots, using specific weapons, etc. Just by working to complete them as you play, you‘ll also earn weapon XP passively.

Set aside some time each day to knock out these quick challenges in both Warzone and multiplayer. They really add up over the course of a week and season!

Pro Tip: You can view/track daily challenges from the menu by going to Barracks > Challenges

Play Multiplayer Modes That Give Lots of Kills

If your goal is to level up weapons quickly, you want to be earning as many kills per match as possible.

Certain multiplayer modes lend themselves better to high kills than others:

  • Team Deathmatch – Nonstop combat with frequent respawns; great for racking up kills
  • Domination – Circle between capture points shooting enemies
  • Kill Confirmed – Collect dogtags from kills
  • Hardpoint – Lots of enemies swarm to defend hardpoint location

I generally avoid objective modes like Search and Destroy or Headquarters, as they have slower/more sporadic action.

Smaller maps like Shipment, Dome, and Das Haus are excellent for quickly earning kills thanks to near constant combat.

At the end of the day, your skill level also factors in. But choosing modes tailored to getting kills will maximize weapon XP.

Pro Tip: Enable the Weapon XP bar under Options so you can monitor your progress

Combine Double XP Tokens with Trial Tickets

Trial tickets are a cool new feature added to Vanguard. Equipping one allows you to respawn immediately on death during a multiplayer match without waiting.

This means more time alive shooting your weapon and getting kills. It‘s awesome combined with double weapon XP tokens because you can earn a crazy amount of weapon XP in a short time.

Here‘s a breakdown of how trial tickets work:

  • Earn them by completing daily challenges or purchasing bundles
  • Last the entirety of 1 multiplayer match
  • Respawn instantly where you died rather than waiting
  • Unlimited instant respawns per ticket

To really optimize this:

  1. Activate double weapon XP
  2. Equip a trial ticket
  3. Play small, chaotic maps like Shipment or Das Haus
  4. Go for as many kills as possible, don‘t play objectives
  5. Die and respawn rapidly to maximize time with your gun firing

Follow this formula and you‘ll fly through weapon levels thanks to nonstop action and double XP!

Pro Tip: Trial tickets reset if you leave a match early, so complete matches

Plow Through Bots in Offline Play

Here‘s a nice stress-free way to earn weapon XP – slaying predictable AI controlled bots!

Both Modern Warfare (2019) and Cold War allow you to create offline custom matches and fill lobbies with bots.

The advantages:

  • Bots have very basic logic/behavior
  • You can learn their tendencies through practice
  • Allows you to rack up very high kill counts

This is extremely useful for leveling up weapons you struggle using against real people.

Downsides are the reduced XP rates compared to online play. But it‘s a chill way to improve with difficult guns and unlock attachments.

I recommend watching a quick YouTube video to learn the ideal bot lobby settings and strategies. Once you get it down, you can efficiently farm weapon XP against the dummy AI.

Pro Tip: Turn off bot difficulty adjustments and max out the bot count

Plunder Your Way to Weapon XP in Warzone

Plunder mode on Warzone is all about collecting as much in-game cash as possible. When you die, you respawn to keep collecting cash.

This near endless respawn cycle creates nonstop combat, perfect for rapidly earning weapon XP:

  • Drop into a hot zone for instant fights
  • Get some kills then die, respawn, repeat
  • Complete contracts for bonus XP rewards

The frantic pace of constantly dying and respawning allows you to rack up hundreds of kills per match.

It‘s easily one of the fastest ways to level up weapons in Warzone without the battle royale pressure.

Be advised, they may remove Plunder mode at times. But whenever available, it‘s great for weapon XP!

Pro Tip: Use a helicopter for rapid transport between money hot spots

Attach XP Boosting Gun Attachments

As you begin unlocking attachments for weapons, prioritize ones that boost XP gain. Many attachments like barrels, magazines, stocks give percentage increases to weapon XP earned from kills.

The boosts stack too, so equip as many XP boosting attachments as you can. Here are some good options to look out for:

  • Constable Stock (+10% XP)
  • CGC 27" Extended Barrel (+15% XP)
  • .45 ACP 12 Round Mags (+10% XP)
  • EMPRESS 508mm Precision Barrel (+12% XP)

This may result in suboptimal setups for actual combat. But once the weapon is max level, you can build it out properly for regular multiplayer or Warzone.

Pro Tip: Focus on boosting attachments first before ones that help recoil, aiming, etc.

Play During Double XP Event Playlists

Around special events and holidays, the developers will sometimes introduce limited-time playlists with double XP enabled the whole time.

Examples are:

  • 2XP Shipmas – Shipment with holiday theme
  • 2WXP Vanguard Royale – Vanguard Plunder mode
  • 2XP Haunts of Verdansk – Halloween event

When these special playlists are live, they‘re a great opportunity to expedite weapon leveling.

You get a combo of the optimal game mode for earning weapon XP along with double XP activated at all times. It really speeds up the grind.

Pay attention to Call of Duty news sites and subreddit to stay aware of when these playlists are available.

Pro Tip: Party up with clanmates also grinding camo challenges to maximize efficiency

Buy Some Double XP Tokens

Okay, buying double XP isn‘t fully free. But it‘s an option if you don‘t mind spending a bit of cash to skip some of the weapon grind.

There are a few bundles that come with stacks of double XP and double weapon XP tokens:

  • Call of Duty Endowment Pack – $4.99, comes with 2 hours of 2XP and 1 hour of 2WXP. Supports veterans!

  • Battle Pass Bundle – 1-2 dozen tokens depending on season

  • Vault Edition – Received 10 tokens of each with MW2 bundle

I recommend the Endowment pack not only because it‘s cheap, but proceeds go towards helping unemployed vets find high quality jobs.

The Battle Pass and Vault Edition bundles may return for future CoD titles as well.

These token packs are a nice shortcut if you have a busy life and can‘t grind as much. But use them wisely!

Pro Tip: Save the double weapon XP tokens for leveling your favorite guns

Advanced Tips and Strategies

Here are some final pro tips to maximize your free double weapon XP gains:

  • Hardcore modes make getting weapon kills much easier – take advantage of them
  • Shoot down aerial scorestreaks whenever you can for easy XP
  • Pay attention to 2X XP events shown on the pre-match lobby screen
  • Carry a launcher and take out enemy equipment for bonus XP
  • Match performance matters – focus and do your absolute best!
  • Play the objective in DOM and Hardpoint for extra score per kill
  • Save tokens until you have a double XP event to combine both

Trust me, I‘ve been playing Call of Duty religiously since the early days. Follow my guidance here and you‘ll slice your weapon grind time significantly.

Just stay patient, keep grinding efficiently, and eventually you‘ll unlock all those sweet camos and attachments!


Let‘s do a quick recap of all the tips covered to score free double weapon XP:

✔️ Complete campaign missions that award tokens
✔️ Don‘t miss limited-time double XP events
✔️ Knock out daily challenges
✔️ Play high kill modes like TDM and Domination
✔️ Combine double XP tokens with trial tickets
✔️ Farm bots in offline matches
✔️ Level guns rapidly in Warzone Plunder
✔️ Stack weapon XP boosting attachments
✔️ Take advantage of double XP playlists
✔️ Buy token bundles to save time

See, plenty of legit options to earn fast weapon XP at no cost. Now get out there, try these methods, and boost your arsenal to maximum levels!

Let me know if you have any other tips for scoring free double weapon XP in Call of Duty!



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