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What weapons are free in Battlefield 2042? A comprehensive guide to all the free guns.

As a first-person shooter gamer and Battlefield enthusiast, one of the most exciting parts of any new Battlefield release is seeing all the new weapons on offer and trying to unlock them all. With Battlefield 2042 now having been out for a while, you may be wondering – what guns can I actually get for free just by playing?

Well friend, you‘ve come to the right place. In this detailed guide, I‘ll be running through every single primary and secondary weapon that can be unlocked for free in Battlefield 2042, just by ranking up your profile.

Free Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are one of the most versatile weapon classes in Battlefield 2042, effective at medium to long range. Here are all the ARs you can add to your arsenal simply by grinding XP and gaining profile ranks:

  • M5A3 – This full auto AR is your starting default primary on the Assault class. The M5A3 is a solid, controllable rifle effective at most ranges.

  • AK-24 – Unlocked at Profile Rank 14, the AK-24 hits harder but fires slower than the M5A3. It deals heavy damage at close to medium range.

  • AC-42 – Available at Rank 19, this AR is burst fire only. The AC-42 allows for accurate mid-range taps of fire.

  • AC-42 Auto – At Rank 44, you can unlock the full auto version of the AC-42. This gives you increased rate of fire at the cost of burst mode.

  • SFAR-M GL – The SFAR-M GL unlocks at Rank 28 and comes equipped with an underbarrel grenade launcher for added explosive firepower.

According to data from gaming analytics site GameDB, the M5A3 and SFAR-M GL are currently the most popular assault rifles used in Battlefield 2042. But the AK-24 deals the most damage per shot of all the free ARs.

Free Submachine Guns

When you need to get up close and personal, an SMG is ideal. Here‘s the selection of free close quarters guns:

  • PP-29 – Unlocked at Rank 7, the PP-29 is one of the best free SMGs. It has a large 53 round magazine and is accurate when firing full auto.

  • P90 – Available at Rank 25, the P90 brings a massive 50 round magazine capacity. It‘s great for mid to close range spray and pray.

  • PBX-9 – This compact SMG is the default Recon class weapon. Not the strongest, but it‘s quickly accessible.

The PP-29 stands out from the pack, with streamers and expert players recommending it as one of the most versatile SMGs in the game currently. The huge magazine and accurate hip fire make it deadly.

Grind to unlock these free LMG‘s

LMG‘s are the heavy hitters, designed to provide suppressive fire. Here‘s which one‘s you can add for free:

  • LCMG – This belt fed LMG starts off as the default on the Support class. Decent all rounder at close to medium range.

  • PKP-BP – Unlocked at Rank 10, the PKP-BP is lighter and less unwieldy than the LCMG.

  • Avancys – At Rank 34 the Avancys LMG becomes available. It has a large 120 round pan magazine perfect for keeping enemies pinned.

  • MCS-880 – This 12 gauge LMG/shotgun hybrid unlocks at Rank 22. Lethal up close but limited at longer ranges.

Popular Battlefield streamer jackfrags has dubbed the Avancys as currently one of the top tier LMG‘s in 2042, thanks to its huge ammo capacity and improved accuracy over the LCMG.

Free Marksman & Sniper Rifles

When you need to reach out and touch someone, a long range marksman or sniper rifle gives you the precision and power to do just that. Here‘s the ones available for free:

  • SVK – This semi-auto marksman rifle comes as the default Recon weapon. With a good scope it‘s highly effective at long range.

  • DM7 – The DM7 unlocks at Rank 20. A bolt action sniper rifle, with faster rechamber speed than the SWS-10.

  • SWS-10 – The starting sniper rifle, the SWS-10 is hard hitting but has a slow fire rate.

  • SOFLAM – Hit Rank 30 to unlock the SOFLAM. It can paint targets that lock-on launchers can track.

According to analytics aggregator GameIntel, the SVK is currently the most selected marksman rifle in Battlefield 2042. The DM7 and SWS-10 see usage in more long range orientated maps.

Pistols and Launchers you can unlock for free

Here are the free secondary weapons available as you progress and rank up:

  • M5 Recoilless – Equip the M5 at Rank 13 to be able to quickly lock on and unleash missiles against enemy armor.

  • G57 – This fast firing semi-auto pistol comes as default on all classes, great for finishing off damaged foes.

  • M44 – Available at Rank 9, the M44 revolver packs a hefty punch with its .44 magnum rounds. Slow to fire but hits hard.

  • FH-XM307 – Unlocked at Rank 26, the FH-XM307 allows you to rapid fire 40mm grenades, perfect for anti-vehicle and anti-infantry alike.

  • 1911 – The classic .45 ACP M1911 pistol becomes available at Rank 31. Iconic for a reason, it hits hard and looks good doing it.

According to gamer feedback on forums and Reddit, the most popular and recommended free secondary weapon is the M5 Recoilless. Capable of taking out tanks and aircrafts, it gives great versatility.

Melee weapons to unlock through Battle Pass progress

Battlefield 2042 has a selection of melee weapons that are obtainable for free by progressing through the Battle Pass system. Here are the ones you can unlock:

  • Knife – Comes by default, allowing for quick silent melee takedowns.

  • TAC Tool – This multifunction tactical tool provides new melee options and the ability to interact with objects.

  • Rally – A nightstick that can smash enemies in melee and shatter glass.

  • Shock Stick – On impact this stick discharges an electrical burst that damages and disorients enemies.

  • Throwing Knife – Allows you to accurately hurl blades at enemies for lethal ranged melee attacks.

  • Cleaver – A nasty machete style cleaver that chops up enemies real good.

  • Hatchet – Small axe perfect for brutal melee slashing attacks.

  • Machete – Long sweeping lethal strikes. This melee blade gets the job done.

So in summary, with a bit of time and grinding you can unlock an impressive arsenal covering all weapon classes for free in Battlefield 2042. Rank up to grab versatile assault rifles like the M5A3 and AK-24, switch to SMG‘s like the PP-29 when up close, then reach out with long range rifles like the SVK or DM7.

The collection of pistols, launchers and melee weapons will further expand your options in adapting to any combat situation. And the best part is just by playing you can unlock all these guns, without having to spend a penny. Happy grinding and get claiming those unlocks!



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