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Where can I upload 50GB for free?

Uploading extremely large files in the 50GB range for free can be challenging, but is possible using the right online cloud services. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the best options for effortlessly sending huge files at no cost.

Why Upload 50GB Files for Free?

There are many reasons you may need to transfer ginormous files without spending a dime. Some examples include:

  • Sharing large videos like raw footage between collaborators
  • Backing up important project files like CAD drawings or Photoshop PSDs
  • Transferring large quantities of photos from an event or trip
  • Sending giant work presentations with embedded videos
  • Moving large backups offsite for redundancy

The problem is that 50GB files are too large for free email services, too big for flash drives, and free cloud storage plans usually only offer up to 15GB. Paying for one-off transfers can get expensive.

Fortunately, there are clever free options to handle huge file uploads if you know where to look.

Best Services for 50GB Free File Uploads

After extensive testing and research, these services stood out for offering high free limits ideal for big transfers:


  • Up to 50GB free storage
  • Max file size: 50GB
  • Create public shareable links
  • User-controlled encryption for security
  • Average upload speeds

MEGA offers one of the most generous free plans available today, handling uploads up to 50GB each. Performance is reliable, sharing links is straightforward, and client-side encryption means only you control access to data.

2. pCloud

  • Up to 10GB free
  • Max file size: 5GB per file
  • Share files by public link or email
  • Client-side encryption
  • Excellent speeds especially from US/Europe

pCloud offers fast transfers thanks to numerous global servers. While the free tier only provides 10GB space, you can freely transfer 5GB files. It’s cross-platform, has noteworthy security, and earns praise for speed.

3. Google Drive

  • 15GB free
  • Max file size: 5TB
  • Share by link or integrate with Google Docs
  • Decent speeds globally
  • Easy collaboration

Google Drive is beloved for seamless sharing and collaboration. With the huge 5TB file size limit, you can freely store multiple 50GB files. Speeds are inconsistent globally but often fast enough from certain regions.

4. WeTransfer

  • 2GB max file size
  • No storage, just transfer
  • Email delivery or public links
  • Mandatory recipient approval
  • Simple web interface

WeTransfer is uniquely designed just for ad hoc file sending. Send up to 2GB for free by email or link. The mandatory recipient approval prevents unwanted large uploads. Clean UI and no signup required.

Comparison of key features for top free 50GB file upload services

5. Dropbox Transfer

  • 100GB max file size
  • No storage, email delivery
  • Send up to 100GB to non-users
  • Average speeds
  • Email or links to recipients

Dropbox Transfer lets anyone send up to 100GB files to non-Dropbox accounts. Simple email delivery and decent speeds make it one of the most frictionless transfer options. No storage or versioning though.

How to Actually Upload 50GB Files for Free

The ability to upload 50GB files for free relies heavily on each service‘s limits and policies. Here are some tips for transferring gigantic files using the top recommended services:

Google Drive

  • Upload from the Backup & Sync desktop app or web interface
  • Large uploads may take over 24 hours
  • Verify your connection‘s reliability first
  • You may hit the daily upload limit (750GB) for non-G Suite users


  • Upload from MEGAsync desktop app or web/mobile apps
  • Uploads rarely fail but may be throttled to preserve global user performance
  • Free users get 1GB download allowance per hour


  • Initiate uploads at
  • Add files up to 2GB total
  • Enter recipient emails and optional message
  • Recipient must approve download before link expires

Dropbox Transfer

  • Head to
  • Add up to 100GB of files
  • Enter recipient email
  • An email with download link will be sent to recipient


  • Upload up to 5GB per file from desktop or mobile apps
  • Publicly shareable link automatically generated
  • Up to 10GB total storage across files
  • Can request extra space via email

For all services, verify you have a stable, high-speed connection before attempting massive uploads. Using a wired connection helps avoid failures. You may encounter wait times of 12 hours or more depending on file size and network conditions.

What About Services Under 50GB?

Not every service offers 50GB outright for free. But clever use of smaller plans can still work:

  • Compress files using ZIP, RAR, 7-ZIP, or TAR formats before uploading to save space
  • Split large files into chunks like 25GB or 10GB to stay under limits
  • Leverage multiple accounts to expand free space for transfers
  • Look for promotional offers like extra storage for referrals or app downloads
  • Combine services – upload chunks across platforms like Dropbox, Drive, and MEGA

Tools like Bandizip, WinRAR, and File splitter can help prepare large files for services with lower limits.

Alternative Services to Send Big Files for Free

Beyond cloud storage, dedicated file transfer sites also allow sending huge files at no cost:

  • MyAirBridge: Up to 20GB by link or email
  • Sendspace: 300GB max, ad-supported
  • Smash: 5GB, email required
  • TransferNow: Unlimited size, must claim within 7 days
  • FreeFileSync: Sync tool with transfer functionality

The functionality is more barebones than cloud storage services. But the sole focus on transfer makes these utilities ideal for easily moving large files from A to B for free without extra features you may not need.

Answering Common Questions

Uploading critical business files or personal memories measuring in the dozens of gigabytes raises understandable questions. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is it safe to upload my only copy of important 50GB files?

For irreplaceable data, it‘s smart to retain a local copy of huge files even after uploading them for redundancy. Cloud glitches do occur, and most free plans won‘t provide file versioning or backups.

What happens after 30 days with services like MEGA and pCloud?

Most free plans expire after 30 days, meaning your uploads may be deleted unless you pay for premium storage. Download files again before the deadline.

Can I still access 50GB files uploaded for free in the future?

Generally, once you‘ve uploaded a file using a free service, the sharing link or file access remains as long as the service exists. But you may lose access if the file is deleted after 30 days per a free account‘s policy.

Do services like Google Drive have a max file size limit?

Google Drive supports uploads up to a whopping 5TB in size. Other services range from 2GB to 100GB limits. Check each service‘s current terms to confirm maximum file sizes.

Summary: Best Services for Uploading 50GB Free

When you need to deliver massive files in the 50GB range or greater for free, these services offer reliable solutions:

  • Google Drive – Best for sharing and easy collaboration thanks to Google Docs integration and shareable links. Huge 5TB file size limit.

  • MEGA – Leading free plan with 50GB storage and 50GB max file size. Plus client-side encryption for security.

  • WeTransfer – Simple 2GB transfers by link or email with no hoops to jump through. Just drag and send.

  • pCloud – Fast transfer speeds globally thanks to extensive servers, up to 5GB files for free.

  • Dropbox Transfer – Frictionless way to send up to 100GB to anyone by email without a Dropbox account.

With the right tools and services, transferring huge 50GB+ files is possible without paying a dime. Just follow best practices like verifying your connection speed, double checking recipient limits, compressing when possible, and splitting files if needed.



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