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Where Does Tyr Go After You Free Him in God of War Ragnarok?

If you‘re wondering where Tyr goes after freeing him from his prison in God of War Ragnarok, you‘re not alone. The fate of the Norse God of War after his liberation is a mystery many players are keen to uncover. This comprehensive guide will trace Tyr‘s whereabouts, the significance of his character, and what the future may hold for Tyr now that he‘s free.

Finding Tyr in the Depths of Niflheim

After freeing who you believed to be Tyr in the earlier parts of God of War Ragnarok, there‘s a shocking revelation – the Tyr you rescued was actually Odin in disguise. The real Tyr has been locked away in a secret prison in Niflheim this whole time.

To find the genuine Tyr, travel to Niflheim and head past the blacksmith shop. You‘ll discover a new area called the Asgardian Prison Wreckage. Follow this path down into the depths of the prison, unlocking cells along the way. At the very bottom you will finally discover the real Tyr, alive but confused.

Tyr‘s Reaction to Current Events

As you can imagine, Tyr is taken aback when Kratos informs him of Odin‘s deception and the fate of Asgard. He insists he recognizes Kratos from somewhere – likely their brief encounter in Jotunheim years prior.

After taking in this revelations, Tyr departs to process the information, and Freya extends an invitation for him to visit Sindri‘s house. However, Tyr never takes Freya up on this offer, at least not during the scope of God of War Ragnarok‘s storyline.

Tracking Down Tyr in the Aftermath of Ragnarok

So where exactly can you find Tyr after all is said and done? According to Santa Monica Studio, Tyr survives Ragnarok and the brutal battle with the beast Garm that was prophesied long ago.

In the post-game free roam mode, Tyr has settled down in Freyr‘s Camp in Vanaheim. Here he can be seen meditatively moving his arms side to side, implying he has found some semblance of peace after the chaos of recent events.

An In-Depth Look at Tyr‘s Journey

To appreciate just how meaningful Tyr‘s survival and freedom are, it helps to understand his long and tragic backstory.

As the Norse God of War, Tyr played an integral role in the first truce and exchange of cultures between the warring Aesir gods and giants of Jotunheim. He served as an ambassador of sorts between these two factions, using his renowned principles of honor and justice to facilitate understanding.

The giants even went so far as to gift Tyr with access to their secret realm through the Unity Stone. This access was granted due to their great trust and respect for Tyr.

However, as Odin descended further into paranoia and madness, he soon deemed Tyr a threat. Odin suspected Tyr of plotting with the giants, which led the Allfather to secretly imprison Tyr and spread lies that he had died.

Yet Tyr never betrayed his ideals. He refused to turn on the giants to regain Odin‘s favor. Even millennia of cruel imprisonment could not break Tyr‘s honorable spirit.

What Role Might Tyr Play Now?

Tyr‘s unwavering commitment to doing what is right, along with his long imprisonment, make the mystery of what comes next for Tyr all the more intriguing.

Now that the God of War finally has his freedom restored, what role will he play in the aftermath of Ragnarok? Will he help the remaining giants and gods forge a new path forward? Could he even end up as an ally to Kratos and Atreus?

His future is unclear, but Tyr‘s wisdom and guidance will likely prove invaluable to the weary Norse world. There are few figures left with the experience or strength of character to help piece together what remains of the realms.

In many ways, the future hangs in the balance based on whether the remaining forces of power act nobly and justly, as Tyr has always exemplified, or repeat the mistakes of gods like Odin and Thor. Fortunately, Tyr still lives on, serving as an embodiment of the principles the realms would be wise to adopt moving forward.

So while we don‘t know exactly what fate has in store for Tyr, his very survival may be the second chance the world needs to break the cycle of self-destruction and bloodshed. For now, finding some well-deserved peace in Vanaheim seems a fitting next chapter for the God of War.



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