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Who is the Best Free Kick Taker in FIFA 23?

Free kicks are one of the most exciting and game-changing elements in football. When a team gets a free kick near or outside the 18-yard box, fans rise in anticipation of an incredible curled shot bending into the top corner. Executing the perfect free kick requires immense precision, power, timing and technique. The same holds true in FIFA 23, where free kicks can be a golden opportunity to get on the scoresheet or land the decisive blow against your opponent.

In FIFA 23, every player is assigned a free kick attribute rating out of 100 to represent their skill level. Factors like shot power, finishing, long shots, curve, and more all contribute to the free kick rating. The players with the highest ratings are capable of hitting unstoppable knuckleballs and ‘trivelas‘ from impossible angles. Let‘s take a look at the 10 best free kick takers in FIFA 23.

Top 10 Free Kick Takers in FIFA 23

PlayerPositionClubFK Acc. Rating
James Ward-ProwseRMSouthampton94
Lionel MessiRWParis SG93
Dani ParejoCMVillarreal90
Memphis DepayCFBarcelona89
Paulo DybalaCFAS Roma88
Cristiano BiraghiLBFiorentina88
Hakan ÇalhanoğluCAMInter87
Martin ØdegaardCAMArsenal87
Trent Alexander-ArnoldRBLiverpool87
Dušan TadićCAMAjax87

James Ward-Prowse

With a stunning free kick accuracy rating of 94, Southampton‘s James Ward-Prowse is arguably the deadliest set piece specialist in FIFA 23. His elite Shot Power (92) and Curve (93) attributes make him an absolute menace from outside the box. Ward-Prowse‘s uncanny ability to whip dipping shots over the wall and into the side netting translates perfectly into the game. Don‘t give away cheap free kicks around the box when coming up against him.

In real life, Ward-Prowse led the Premier League with 9 free kick goals over the past three seasons. His brilliant goals against Wolves and Crystal Palace last season show why he is so feared in-game as well.

Lionel Messi

Even in the twilight of his career at 35 years old, Lionel Messi remains one of the most dangerous free kick takers in world football. The Argentine magician has a staggering FK Accuracy of 93 in FIFA 23, along with 90+ attributes in Shot Power, Long Shots, and Curve. From central locations around the box, Messi can pick out the top corners with ease. His unique free kick style of getting the ball up and down over the wall rapidly is captured perfectly in-game. Any free kick around 30 yards from goal with Messi lining it up will strike fear into the opponent.

Messi has 48 career direct free kick goals, including some all-time classics like his 2019 stunner against Liverpool at Camp Nou.

Dani Parejo

The top La Liga free kick taker in FIFA 23 is Villarreal‘s Dani Parejo, boasting an accuracy rating of 90. His well-rounded Shot Power (87), Long Shots (88), and Curve (91) attributes make him a set piece wizard. Parejo is capable of firing top corner rockets or sneaking in finesse shots around the wall. He‘s an ideal option from 25-30 yards out. Parejo has scored some stunning free kicks in recent seasons, like this beauty against Getafe:

Memphis Depay

Memphis Depay takes free kicks to a new level with his innovative style. The Barcelona striker has a Force Free Kick trait that makes his shots almost impossible for keepers to read. Combined with 89 FK Accuracy and 92 Curve, Depay can hit vicious dippers and unpredictable rising shots. Set up a direct central free kick just outside the box and let Depay work his magic. His experience in Ligue 1 and La Liga translates perfectly to FIFA.

Check out this unsaveable free kick golazo from Depay against Cameroon last year:

Paulo Dybala

Now playing his trade for AS Roma in Serie A, Argentine striker Paulo Dybala brings a lethal left foot to free kicks. He boasts 88 FK Accuracy along with 89 Curve and 89 Long Shots that allow him to hit a variety of benders and blasters. Dybala excels at left foot finesse shots into the far top corner from 25+ yards out. He can also go near post with velocity. Set up a direct kick from the left side of the area and unleash Dybala for a quick goal.

This curling Dybala free kick goal demonstrates exactly why he‘s so dangerous in FIFA:

Cristiano Biraghi

Representing Serie A side Fiorentina, left back Cristiano Biraghi is a set piece sniper from the left flank. With 88 FK Accuracy, 89 Shot Power, and 87 Curve, Biraghi hits knuckleballs and dippers with ease. His lefty shots are ideal for going far post over the wall from wide positions. Biraghi can also whip near post curlers with pace to catch keeper‘s off guard. He‘s a viable option on direct kicks anywhere on the left side.

Watch Biraghi score on this swerving rocket free kick last season:

Young Free Kick Specialists

Beyond the top-rated veterans, FIFA 23 also offers some promising young free kick takers to develop in Career Mode and build your set piece attack around for the future:

  • Phil Foden (Man City) – 87 FK Acc., 4-star Skill Moves
  • Mason Mount (Chelsea) – 85 FK Acc., 5-star Weak Foot
  • Tete (Shakhtar) – 84 FK Acc., Flair Trait
  • Xherdan Shaqiri (Chicago Fire) – 84 FK Acc., Acrobatic Finishing Trait
  • Arnaut Danjuma (Villarreal) – 83 FK Acc., Finesse Shot Trait

These talented prospects have the attributes and special traits to become elite free kick takers. Train them up and turn them into set piece aces in your Career Mode save.

FIFA 23 Free Kick Mechanics and Tips

Executing the perfect free kick in FIFA 23 is all about your aim, power, spin and timing. Here are some key tips to scoring more direct free kicks:

  • Aim – Use R3 to move the target reticule and pinpoint your shot location. Go for top corners or sneak it around the wall.

  • Power – Strike the ball with between 2-3 bars of power depending on distance. Any more will send it over.

  • Spin – Apply curve by moving the right stick. Put sideways curl on shots around the wall.

  • Timing – Strike the ball as the kick taker‘s foot makes contact for the optimal free kick timing.

  • Feint – Flick the right stick up or down while approaching the ball to fake out the keeper.

  • Wall – Call a 2nd teammate over to open up shooting lanes around the wall.

Practice set pieces in the Arena or skill games to master the new free kick mechanics. With the right aiming, ideal power, and perfect spin, you too can score Messi-esque goals from outside the box in FIFA 23.

Best Free Kick Takers by Club

Not sure who to select for your direct free kicks during a match? Here are the best options currently in FIFA 23 for several top clubs:

  • Manchester United – Cristiano Ronaldo (85 FK Acc.)
  • Manchester City – Kevin De Bruyne (82 FK Acc.)
  • Liverpool – Trent Alexander-Arnold (87 FK Acc.)
  • Chelsea – Mason Mount (85 FK Acc.)
  • Barcelona – Memphis Depay (89 FK Acc.)
  • Real Madrid – Toni Kroos (85 FK Acc.)
  • PSG – Neymar Jr (85 FK Acc.)
  • Juventus – Juan Cuadrado (84 FK Acc.)

So call over your team‘s specialist above when you earn a free kick in a dangerous position and make it count!


From James Ward-Prowse‘s dipping knuckleballs to Lionel Messi‘s unstoppable trivelas, the best free kick takers in FIFA 23 offer significant set piece threats. A perfectly executed direct free kick can change the complexion of any match. Master the new mechanics, study the top specialists, and step up to free kicks with confidence. Curve, power and accuracy are key. Who will you choose to make magic from your free kicks in FIFA 23?



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