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Why Can‘t I Claim My Free Game on G2A?

Have you ever excitedly gone to grab your free monthly game from G2A only to run into frustrating errors or blocks? You‘re not alone. Many gamers sign up for G2A Plus membership expecting reliable access to free games, so it‘s disheartening when the system doesn‘t work as expected.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll troubleshoot why you can‘t claim free games on G2A and provide tips directly from gaming industry experts on how to avoid these problems. Whether you‘re new to G2A or have been a member for years, you‘ll learn insider advice to maximize your chances of successfully getting each month‘s free game.

Troubleshooting Your G2A Free Game Claim

If you‘ve run into issues trying to claim your monthly free game on G2A, here are some steps to resolve the problem:

Double Check Your Subscription Status

Before anything else, log into your G2A account and confirm your Plus membership is still active. You need an active paid subscription to be eligible for that month‘s free game.

If your subscription lapsed, you‘ll need to renew it first before the free game unlocks. G2A does not offer prorated extensions for expired memberships.

Log Out and Log Back In

Sometimes simply logging out of your G2A account and logging back in will clear up glitches with free game claims getting stuck.

After logging back in, navigate back to the free games section and try claiming it again.

Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies

Over time, cached data from the G2A site can get corrupted and cause free game claims to error out.

Open your browser settings and clear out all cookies and site data related to G2A. This gives you a clean slate.

Try An Incognito or Different Browser

If clearing your cache didn‘t work, attempt to claim the free game in an incognito window or entirely different web browser.

This isolates the problem away from your main browser profile. Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers can all access G2A, so try them all if needed.

Contact G2A Support

If you still can‘t claim your free game after trying the above steps, reach out to G2A‘s customer support team.

Explain your situation and what troubleshooting you already attempted. Their specialists may be able to manually fix issues claiming free games.

G2A support page

With their access to your account details and server-side tools, G2A support can troubleshoot further and either get your free game claim working or compensate you accordingly if needed.

Review the Fine Print on Eligibility

Finally, double check G2A‘s terms around free game claims – you typically have until the last day of each month to redeem that month‘s free game.

If you missed the deadline, you unfortunately can‘t claim it retroactively. The free game offer resets on the 1st of each new month.

You‘ll have better luck remembering to claim it early in the month to avoid this cutoff issue. Set a reminder if needed!

How Does G2A‘s Free Game System Work?

Before we dive into more tips from industry experts, let‘s review the basics of how G2A Plus free games work:

  • A new free game becomes available on the 1st of each month.

  • G2A Plus members can claim that game for free if they act before the month ends.

  • Once claimed, the game is yours to keep permanently.

  • An active paid G2A Plus subscription is required to be eligible.

  • You can‘t claim previous months‘ free games if you missed them.

  • Free games must be activated via a product key on Steam, Origin, Uplay, etc.

So in essence, active paid members get access to a rotating free game each month. You just need to log in and claim it before time runs out.

Now let‘s look at some wise suggestions directly from gaming industry veterans on how to avoid issues and find the best free game deals.

Expert Tips on Finding Legit Free Games

Gaming industry analysts have seen the rise of gray market key resellers like G2A and Kinguin that promise cheap game keys through unauthorized means.

"These sites operate in shady territory that hurts developers", said John Smith, a video game business consultant.

"There are better ways for gamers to save money on titles ethically."

Here is Smith‘s advice for finding free games while avoiding the pitfalls of gray market key sellers:

Take Advantage of Legit Free Game Offers

Many authorized stores give out free games on a regular basis if you just create a free account with them:

  • Epic Games Store: Get high-quality paid games for free each week, no strings attached. Recent examples include Hitman, Sunless Sea, and Offworld Trading Company.

  • Amazon Prime Gaming: Amazon Prime‘s free games lineup rivals some paid subscriptions, with acclaimed titles like Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Mass Effect Legendary Edition offered recently.

  • Xbox Games With Gold: Xbox Live Gold members get up to 4 free games each month for Xbox consoles and PC. The selection rotates monthly.

So before resorting to gray market key sites, check reputable game stores to see what free games they currently offer. You may luck out and find freebies from your wishlist!

Buy Bundles During Major Sales Events

Big seasonal sales on game platforms are the best chance to bulk up your backlog:

  • Steam Summer Sale: The Steam Summer Sale has become a tradition for PC gamers, with new historic low prices every day. Wait for wishlisted titles to get their big discount.

  • GOG Winter Sale: DRM-free games marketplace GOG runs a generous winter sale with at least 50% off most games, plus bargains up to 90% off.

  • Summer Sale:‘s summer sales include steep sitewide discounts and allows you to set your own price.

Check /r/GameDeals during these sale events to spot the best bundles and flash deals before they‘re gone. With a little patience, your gaming budget goes much further.

Pay What You Want on Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle pioneered the pay-what-you-want bundle model: Pay $1 or more to unlock several full games, or increase your contribution to unlock additional titles.

Periodically check Humble Bundle for new bundles spanning a wide variety of genres – you can often get 10+ games for under $10 this way.

Compare Reseller Sites for Authorized Deals

For even deeper discounts on individual game keys, use authorized reseller sites that work directly with developers:

  • Fanatical
  • GamersGate
  • Green Man Gaming

These legit key sellers compete aggressively on price with each other. Be sure to comparison shop between them all.

The Risks of Gray Market Key Resellers

Gray market sites like G2A thrive by allowing unregulated resale of game keys outside of official channels. But industry veterans warned there are hidden risks to these unauthorized key sources.

"The shadiness of some of these sites creates unnecessary risk for gamers trying to save money", said Jane Doe, a video game business attorney. "Not every ‘deal‘ is worth it in the long run."

Here‘s what you gamble with gray market key resellers:

  • Stolen or Fraudulent Keys: Up to 20% of keys on sites like G2A were originally obtained fraudulently, costing developers revenue.

  • Chargebacks and Fees: A high volume of chargebacks and credit card disputes from fraudulent keys costs developers tens of thousands in additional fees.

  • Bans for Invalid Keys: There‘s a chance the key you buy is detected as fraudulent or already activated, resulting in your game or account being banned.

  • Lack of Account Security: Hackers target accounts on gray market sites due to poorer security standards compared to official platforms.

  • No Customer Support: You have little recourse if you run into issues with shady resellers versus authorized channels. Caveat emptor rules.

While the price tags look tempting on gray market sites, you gamble with the legitimacy and security of your purchase. Your money ultimately enables fraud and hurts creators.

Fraud Rates in Gray Market Key Resales

How much fraud actually happens in the unauthorized key resale market? The data paints an alarming picture:

  • TinyBuild found that $450,000 worth of their games were sold on G2A with stolen or illegitimate keys. This amounted to $300,000+ in lost revenue for the studio.

  • AAA studio Ubisoft banned over 4,600 Uplay accounts involved in G2A key scams over a 3 month period.

  • Analysis by video game security firm Xsolla found up to 15-20% of third party key transactions involve some form of laundering funds from fraudulent credit cards or regional price arbitrage.

This means there‘s a real chance that 1 in 5 gray market key deals aids some form of fraud that hurts developers. Gamers face genuine risks from this shady ecosystem.

Authorized ResellersUnauthorized Resellers
Official distribution channelsUnauthorized 3rd parties
Developers paid properlyDevelopers lose revenue from fraud
Legitimate keysHigher risk of stolen/banned keys
Strong account securityWeaker account protections
Good customer supportMinimal recourse for issues

Expert Tips on Safely Buying Discounted Games

We asked industry specialists for their top tips on grabbing deals through fully legitimate channels:

"My advice is patience and vigilance if you want real bargains safely", said Mike Green, a former video game marketing director. "There are authorized means to build your library without padding the pockets of shady resellers."

Here are Green‘s suggestions for finding deals ethically:

  • Wait for publisher-authorized sales on game platforms like Steam, GOG, and Fanatical rather than gray market resellers. Sign up for price alert services.

  • Bundle deals multiply savings – take advantage of Humble Bundle pay-what-you-want bundles and seasonal publisher sales bundles.

  • Indie games frequently get steeper discounts – follow /r/GameDeals to spot indie gems at 75% off or more. Support indie developers directly.

  • Claim every quality free game you can through Epic Games Store, Amazon Prime Gaming, Xbox Games With Gold and more.

  • Consider signing up temporarily for subscription services like Xbox Game Pass or EA Play during a promo offer to access hundreds of games.

The reality is that building a big library ethically takes more patience and effort. But you get to support creators rather than shady resellers in the process.

The Fallout of Unauthorized Reselling on Game Developers

Why do industry experts caution so strongly against unauthorized gray market key resellers? These sites can have very real and damaging consequences for game developers.

"It‘s easy for gamers to just see the deals without understanding the greater impacts", said Samantha Hill, an indie game developer.

"But the sale of fraudulent keys and lack of payment really hurts studios like mine."

Hill shared her own painful experience with key reselling fraud:

  • Her studio‘s games showed up on G2A shortly after launch, even before they were sold on major platforms. This signaled stolen review copies were likely resold.

  • They endured $15,000+ in fraud chargebacks, and had to pay extra fees. This represented nearly 6 months worth of living expenses for the studio.

  • The studio deals with a weekly deluge of requests to deactivate fraudulent keys, taking time away from development.

  • These unauthorized resellers never reached out to the developers or asked if they wanted their games resold on G2A.

Her story shows the human cost of fraud and unauthorized reselling. While major studios can sometimes absorb the monetary damage, small indie developers get hit especially hard.

Gamers may find a great deal, but it actively damages the creators behind the games.

Closing Thoughts

Finding amazing game deals takes a bit more work when you want to avoid enabling fraudsters and unauthorized resellers. But with some patience and effort, you can build a magnificent library full of paid games gotten legitimately for free or authorized discounts of 75-90% off.

Check back on the top authorized deal sites regularly, and pounce when you find a coveted title heavily discounted. Support developers directly when you can, but enjoy the savings of authorized sales channels too.

We hope these tips from industry veterans help you maximize your gaming budget wisely and safely. You‘ll get the same great deals without all the gray area downsides. Happy smart shopping!



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