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Why Does My PS5 Freeze When I Turn It On?

It‘s a heart-stopping moment – you excitedly hit the power button on your brand new PS5 only to be met with a frozen startup screen. Don‘t panic! PS5 freezing and crashing issues are common but can be fixed with some troubleshooting. In this detailed guide, we‘ll go deep on the likely causes and proven solutions to revive your frozen PlayStation 5.

Why Is My PS5 Freezing and What Could Be Causing It?

First, don‘t assume your new console is faulty right away. Freezing during startup is usually triggered by a minor technical hiccup that can be resolved with some maintenance and resetting.

Here are the most common culprits according to gaming experts:

Power delivery issues – If the AC outlet, power strip, or cables you‘re using can‘t provide steady, uninterrupted electricity to your PS5, it may freeze up due to power fluctuations or interruptions. I ran into this when my cheap surge protector overloaded.

Overheating – Like a high performance sports car, the PS5 needs proper ventilation and cooling to avoid overheating. Dust buildup, cluttered spaces, or a broken fan can cause the system to freeze to protect itself.

Buggy system software – Corrupted system files, old firmware lingering from your PS4, or conflicts from a recent update can halt startups. Reinstalling the software or rebuilding PS5‘s database should clear out any glitches.

External hardware problems – Defective HDMI cables, pairing too many Bluetooth accessories, or using low quality off-brand components can confuse your console and interfere with smooth booting.

Damaged system storage – If your PS5‘s internal SSD has bad sectors or corrupted files, freezing is common. Resetting the storage via Safe Mode may be required.

Hardware defects – In rare cases, an actual defect of the CPU, GPU, RAM or other components can cause start up failure. Sony will repair or replace these for free under warranty.

Now let‘s dive into the top fixes and preventative steps recommended by PlayStation experts and my own experience unfreezing a stubborn PS5…

10 Ways to Fix and Prevent PS5 Freezing & Crashing

1. Check All Your Cables, Ports and Power Connections

Bad cable connections are one of the most common causes of video game consoles freezing up.

  • Inspect the power cord from your PS5 and confirm it‘s securely inserted into the wall socket and back of the console. Wiggle it to check for looseness.

  • Make sure your HDMI cable is properly connected to both the TV and PS5 ports. Try swapping HDMI ports on the TV or using a different certified HDMI cable.

  • Check for debris in the ports and clean them out with compressed air if needed.

  • Try plugging the PS5 directly into the wall outlet instead of a power strip or extension cord.

Loose, dirty, or damaged cables are cheap fixes that take just a few minutes to rule out.

2. Update Your PS5 Firmware

Sony releases frequent system software updates with bug fixes, improvements, and new features. However, many users neglect to install these updates.

Outdated firmware is a leading cause of crashes and performance issues. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > System > System Software Update.
  • Select Update via Internet if available.
  • Alternatively, visit Sony‘s site on a PC to download the latest full system software file.
  • Use a USB drive to install the firmware file from Safe Mode if needed.

Staying current with the latest PS5 system updates prevents conflicts with games optimizing for newer versions.

3. Rebuild the PS5 Database

Rebuilding PS5‘s database scans your storage for file corruption and fixes errors to system data. It‘s an essential troubleshooting step for crashing.

  • Boot into Safe Mode by long pressing the power button.
  • Select Rebuild Database from the menu.
  • This preserves your data while restoring your system software to factory health.

Perform this monthly as preventative maintenance to avoid instability over time.

4. Initialize (Format) the PS5 Storage

If rebuilding the database doesn‘t work, the next step is initializing (formatting) your PS5‘s internal SSD storage.

  • Backup important game saves and screenshots first via USB drive or PS Plus cloud storage.
  • Initialize PS5 in Safe Mode – this erases everything.
  • Reinstall your games afterwards.

Initializing will wipe corrupted data causing crashes. Be prepared to start fresh.

5. Reset Your PS5 System to Factory Settings

If your PS5 still crashes during start up even after initializing the storage, the nuclear option is performing a full factory reset:

  • Back up any data you want to keep first.
  • In Safe Mode, select Reset PS5 which restores defaults.
  • This wipes all user data and settings.
  • You‘ll have to re-login to PSN, re-pair controllers and reinstall games.

While a hassle, wiping your console completely eliminates any residual corrupted data.

6. Check for Overheating Issues

The PS5 is a compact powerhouse, which can lead to overheating if airflow is restricted. Here are tips on keeping it cool:

  • Clean any dust buildup from inside the PS5 with compressed air every 3 months.
  • Make sure vents have at least 4-6 inches of clearance.
  • Avoid enclosing it in a cabinet or media stand.
  • Check that the internal fan spins and isn‘t clogged.
  • Monitor for overheating shutdowns under heavy gaming loads.

Keeping your PS5‘s cooling system gunk-free prevents freezing from heat damage.

7. Test Your PS5 Using Only Original Components

If you use external hard drives, custom controllers, playback kits, or third party accessories, try disconnecting all of these and starting up with just the included components:

  • Test with only the official PS5 HDMI cable and DualSense controller.
  • Disconnect and forget any Bluetooth accessories temporarily.
  • This can identify conflicts with non-standard components.
  • Slowly add accessories back one by one while testing.

Eliminating variables helps narrow down the cause when troubleshooting freezing issues.

8. Try a Different HDMI Port on Your TV

Some older HDMI ports on TVs lack the bandwidth to handle 4K video signals from PS5 without glitching. Make sure your console is connected to an HDMI 2.1 spec port on your television if available:

  • Swap the PS5‘s HDMI cable to different ports and test each one.
  • Gaming consoles require high speed 18Gbps ports for best performance.
  • Use the TV‘s primary enhanced HDMI input for 4K if possible.

Matching your PS5 to a high quality HDMI source prevents blank screens or freezing.

9. Contact PlayStation Support

After trying all of these troubleshooting steps, if your PS5 still freezes frequently, it may unfortunately have a hardware defect covered under warranty:

  • Call or chat with PlayStation Support online to discuss the issue.
  • They can help identify any other potential solutions.
  • If needed, they will set up a warranty repair case for factory service.
  • This process takes 7-10 business days in most cases.

Sony‘s 1-year warranty covers repairs of PS5 consoles with hardware flaws at no cost.

10. Practice Preventative Maintenance

Once you‘ve got your PS5 running smoothly again, keeping it that way is about consistent maintenance:

  • Update system software as soon as new versions are available.
  • Check for overheating issues monthly – clean dust, maintain space around the console.
  • Rebuild the database every few weeks to fix errors before they pile up.
  • Close background apps and games when not using the console.
  • Backup your game saves to the cloud or a USB periodically as a precaution.
  • Use a surge protector to avoid power fluctuations.

Get in the habit of regular PS5 care to prevent crashes and keep your console running like new.

Will My PS5 Lose Data When Fixing Crashes?

The good news is several troubleshooting steps like rebuilding the database and testing components don‘t affect your installed games or save data at all.

However, procedures like initializing the storage, resetting your console and factory restores do require deleting everything from your system. So make sure to backup any game progress, settings and profiles you want to keep before performing those steps. Photos and videos can be backed up to a USB drive or uploaded to PlayStation Cloud Storage.

Reinstalling games after fixing crashes only takes a few hours. So don‘t let fear of losing data prevent you from troubleshooting a frozen PS5 properly. Just be smart and backup your precious game progress when needed.

When Should I Seek Repair for My PS5?

Consider sending your PS5 in for professional repair or replacement if:

  • Freezing and crashing continues even after trying all troubleshooting steps.
  • The system overheats rapidly or the fan seems broken.
  • You encounter graphical glitches, artifacts or display issues.
  • Odd noises come from the console like buzzing or grinding.
  • The system fully powers down unexpectedly while gaming.

If your PS5 checks any of those boxes, it likely has a hardware defect covered under the one year manufacturer‘s warranty. Contact PlayStation Support to arrange a warranty claim – they‘ll walk you through the steps to mail in your console or issue a replacement.

What Can I Do to Prevent Freezing and Overheating?

While occasional crashes from corrupted software are normal, you can reduce the chances of serious freezing or overheating issues by:

  • Giving your PS5 6-8 inches of ventilation clearance.
  • Using an open air stand to avoid enclosing it.
  • Periodically blow out dust with compressed air.
  • Only putting the console in Rest Mode when needed.
  • Shutting down fully via the menu when not playing.
  • Not jamming it into an enclosed TV stand space.
  • Checking the internal temperature with a tool occasionally.
  • Using a high-quality surge protector.
  • Not blocking air intake/exhaust vents.

Treating your PS5 with care will keep it running smoothly for many years past the warranty. Prevention is the best medicine!

Am I Screwed If My PS5 Keeps Crashing?

It‘s stressful when your expensive new PlayStation repeatedly freezes and crashes. But don‘t panic – there is a fix!

The good news is that start up freezing is USUALLY caused by a minor software glitch or external hardware issue that can be resolved without data loss or financially painful repair bills.

Software crashes are annoying but can be fixed yourself in a few hours with the step-by-step guide above. Hardware defects are covered fully by Sony for 12 months.

So take a deep breath, grab a drink, and methodically walk through each troubleshooting tip. There are solutions for every common PS5 crashing issue – you‘ve got this! Patience and persistence will get your console back up and running.


PS5 freezing and crashing during startup is a widespread but rarely serious issue. While extremely frustrating, most cases stem from corrupted system files or caches, overheating, or external hardware conflicts.

Thoroughly troubleshoot cables, power delivery, ventilation, system software, and storage using Safe Mode tools. Back up data to avoid losses when resetting your console fully. And remember – Sony stands behind their product with a 1 year warranty for replacement of defective units.

Stay calm, be diligent, and get support when needed. With some TLC and maintenance, your PS5 will be back running buttery smooth in no time. Game on!



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