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Will There Be a Free Week for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?

The short answer is yes, Activision has announced a free access period for Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer from March 16-20, 2023! This gives both existing fans and potential new players a chance to try out MW2‘s addictive gameplay for free.

As a long-time Call of Duty gamer myself, I‘m pumped to dive into the free trial and check out the new Season 2 Reloaded maps and modes. And I‘m sure you‘re equally curious to experience MW2, especially if you‘ve been holding off on buying it. Well my friend, this free weekend is the perfect opportunity!

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll give you all the details on the MW2 free access event and offer pro tips to maximize your limited time with the game. Let‘s jump in!

All About the Modern Warfare 2 Free Access Weekend

For starters, here‘s a quick rundown of the free trial offering and how to access it:

  • Dates: March 16 at 10AM PT – March 20 at 10AM PT
  • Platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, PC
  • Included Content: 6 maps, 8 multiplayer modes, 1 co-op Raid
  • Download from: PlayStation/Xbox stores,
  • Progression: Unlocks carry over if you purchase

So for 5 straight days, you‘ll have free reign to rank up and test out a variety of maps, modes, and weapons. All accessible in just a few clicks from your console‘s respective store or on PC.

As someone who‘s sunk hundreds of hours into COD games, trust me when I say this is an awesome opportunity!

Why Free Weekends Are Key to the Call of Duty Formula

Ever since 2007‘s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare took multiplayer gaming by storm, free access periods have become a key part of the franchise‘s success formula.

Here are the main benefits for Activision:

  • Drive engagement: Gets lapsed players hooked again on addictive gameplay
  • Showcases new content: Features maps, modes, etc from recent updates
  • Boosts sales: Free trials convert to full purchases from players on the fence

Essentially, free weekends act as limited-time demos to entice you into buying the full experience. And based on the consistently massive turnout, the strategy clearly works wonders!

Estimating the Modern Warfare 2 Free Weekend Turnout

Let‘s look at participation numbers from previous Call of Duty free trial weekends to gauge expectations:

GameFree Weekend DateEst. Players
Black Ops Cold WarApril 20211+ million
VanguardMay 20222+ million

With over $1 billion in sales already, Modern Warfare 2 has massively outsold Vanguard‘s launch.

I‘d expect at least 3 million players to join the MW2 free weekend, if not more. The community hype is unreal!

In fact, a poll on the COD subreddit saw 87% of fans plan to access the free trial. Get ready for frantic lobbies across modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Hardpoint!

Downloading and Accessing the Free Weekend

When the free period starts on March 16th, here‘s how to install on your platform of choice:


  • Open the PlayStation Store
  • Search "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II"
  • Select the "Try for Free" option
  • Click download and wait for installation
  • Launch from your library when complete!


  • Go to Xbox Store and search "Modern Warfare II"
  • Choose the Free Trial version
  • Hit download and let the installation run
  • Open from My Games & Apps and you‘re ready!


  • Access either or Steam
  • Navigate to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
  • Press the "Install" or "Play Game" button
  • Once downloaded, launch and start playing!

With download speeds today, you‘ll likely be jumping into matches within an hour or less. So prep any snacks and energy drinks – it‘s going to be an intense free weekend!

Gameplay Tips to Dominate the Free Trial

As an experienced COD player, here are my top tips for newbies looking to thrive during the MW2 free access:

  • Start with the boot camp – it‘s great practice for mastering movement and gunskill
  • Play objective modes like Domination to quickly earn XP and weapon unlocks
  • Experiment with different loadouts – take advantage to find your favorites
  • Adjust sensitivity to optimize aiming and reaction time
  • Play co-op Raids for fun PvE challenges offering exclusive rewards
  • Party up with friends – winning together is far more enjoyable!
  • Max out your rank so any unlocks transfer if you buy the full game

Trust me, just a few days with MW2 will have you hooked on the signature tight and thrilling Call of Duty combat. Now let‘s see what exciting new content awaits in the free trial…

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded – What‘s New?

Releasing March 15th alongside the free weekend is Modern Warfare 2‘s big Season 2 Reloaded update. Here are some highlights:

  • Two new multiplayer maps:
    • Dome (fan-favorite from past COD)
    • Valderas Museum
  • Hardcore gameplay modes added
  • Zombies invade Raid co-op mode
  • New Operators: Ronin and Flamenco
  • Weapon balancing tweaks and changes

This massive content drop includes something for all playstyles – from tactical Hardcore variants to horde-fighting zombie action. And free players get it all!

Game ModeMapsOverview
CoreDome, Valderas MuseumFast-paced 6v6 combat
HardcoreFull map rosterIncreased lethality, no HUD
RaidsAtomgradPvE co-op with zombies!

I don‘t know about you, but I‘m beyond hyped to try these new Season 2 maps and modes for free!

What‘s Next for Call of Duty After the Free Weekend?

While the MW2 free trial is a cool limited-time event, there‘s much more action planned on the horizon:

  • Ongoing seasonal updates
    • New maps, Operators, modes, events
    • Expect these every 2-3 months
  • Large Year 2 content expansion rumored
    • Extended multiplayer support
    • Major Warzone overhaul
  • Additional free weekends likely
    • Drive participation around new seasons
    • Promote holiday events and updates

So if you miss out on playing this time, fear not. With Modern Warfare 2‘s sold success, all signs point to extended post-launch support throughout 2023 and beyond.

Stay tuned for even more exciting additions to multiplayer and Warzone after this unforgettable free access weekend!


There you have it. A complete guide to the upcoming free trial weekend for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2! From details on dates, content, and how to download – to pro tips for dominating matches – I hope this overview gets you primed and ready to experience MW2 multiplayer for yourself.

With Season 2 Reloaded bringing fresh maps and modes, now is the perfect time to score free access to this addictive and thrilling FPS experience. Join millions of other players in testing your skills across a variety of maps and modes. And maybe, just maybe, you‘ll end up as hooked as the rest of the COD community!

See you in the (free) lobbies, friend. Enjoy those pulls of the MW2 gameplay trigger while you can!



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