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Yes, Oculus SideQuest is Completely Free – Here‘s Why It‘s a Must-Have App for Your Quest Headset

Oculus SideQuest offers an entirely free platform for wirelessly installing a huge library of VR apps and games onto your Quest 1 or 2 headset. With SideQuest, you can access hundreds of experiences that aren‘t available on the official Oculus Store.

But is SideQuest really 100% free for everyone? How does it work, is it safe, and what can you even do with it? This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about getting started with this invaluable tool for unlocking the full potential of your Oculus Quest.

A Little Background – What is SideQuest?

First, let‘s quickly cover what SideQuest actually is.

SideQuest is like an alternative app store that provides access to VR software outside of what Oculus officially allows. It was created in 2019 by Shane Harris as a solution for easily installing apps onto the newly released Oculus Quest headset.

The platform allows VR developers to publish their creations even if they don‘t meet all of Oculus‘ strict requirements for the official Quest store. This gives indie developers and innovators an easy way to distribute their content.

For Quest users, SideQuest opens up an entire world of new apps, utilities, and games you won‘t find anywhere else. Things like [app list here].

SideQuest has seen massive growth since launching. The platform now offers over 700 apps across many categories. There are new titles being added every week as more developers jump on board.

By providing this secondary marketplace, SideQuest has become an integral part of the VR ecosystem. It‘s responsible for many of the hit apps helping to push VR forward.

Yes, SideQuest is 100% Free!

The key question – is SideQuest completely free to use?

The answer is yes, absolutely! SideQuest is free for both developers submitting apps and users installing them.

SideQuest will always remain 100% free. The platform is run by a small team whose goal is to support VR innovation, not make money. Operating costs are covered through optional donations from appreciative users.

So you can browse and install as many apps as you want without ever seeing a charge or ads. This makes SideQuest an incredible (and essential) free resource for all Quest owners.

Now let‘s look at how incredibly easy it is to get started…

Getting Started with SideQuest – A Simple 3 Step Process

One of the best parts about SideQuest is how quick and painless it is to set up. You can be browsing and installing apps in literally 5 minutes.

Here are the simple steps:

1. Install the SideQuest App

Head to the SideQuest website and download the free SideQuest app for your Windows or Mac PC.

Install it just like any other program. Couldn‘t be easier!

2. Connect Your Oculus Quest Headset

Use the USB-C charging cable that came with your Oculus to connect your Quest 1 or Quest 2 headset to your computer.

SideQuest needs this connection to communicate with your headset.

3. Enable Developer Mode

The last step is to enable Developer Mode on your headset:

  • Put on your headset and open the Oculus mobile app.
  • Go to Settings > Device and turn on Developer Mode.
  • A dialog box will warn you about enabling untrusted sources – accept this.

That‘s it! Now open the SideQuest app on your computer and you‘re ready to start browsing and installing apps wirelessly onto your headset.

With simple setup like this, there‘s no reason not to unlock all the possibilities SideQuest offers.

What You Can Do With SideQuest – Unlimited Possibilities!

So your SideQuest app is installed, your Quest is connected, and Developer Mode is enabled. What now?

Well, a whole world of VR software awaits! Here‘s a look at some of the amazing things you can do with SideQuest:

Discover New Apps and Games

The main appeal of SideQuest is access to hundreds of VR apps not available on the official Oculus Store.

You‘ll find hot new games from indie developers that are just starting out. Innovative next-gen apps Oculus hasn‘t approved yet. Early pre-releases and betas you can test. Even emulator apps for playing retro games in VR.

It‘s an unlimited goldmine of content you won‘t find anywhere else. Hot titles get posted and updated every single day.

Stream Games From Your PC

Tons of PC VR games can be wirelessly streamed from your computer right to your Quest headset using apps like Virtual Desktop and ALVR.

This means you can play SteamVR and even Oculus Rift games on your standalone Quest. It essentially transforms your wireless Quest into a high-end PC VR system.

Mod Existing Apps

Sideload mods like custom environments, avatars, songs, and tools to enhance apps you already own. Give your favorite games exciting new life!

Try Apps Completely Free

So many apps on SideQuest are free demos, betas, or freemium. It‘s an incredible way to try out new VR software completely risk-free before spending any money.

You‘ll be amazed at how much great stuff is available to install and explore for $0.

Watch 3D Movies

With apps like Skybox VR Video Player, you can load your own 3D movies onto your Quest and watch them in full immersive VR on a massive screen. It‘s mindblowing.

Install Handy Utilities

Enhance your Quest with utilities like file managers, app packagers, battery monitors, casting tools, plug-in browsers and more. Essential tools Oculus doesn‘t allow.

Emulate Classic Games

Relive childhood memories playing emulated Game Boy, SNES, MAME, and console games in VR on massive virtual screens. It‘s like having a home arcade!

As you can see, SideQuest opens up a whole new VR world that Oculus wants to keep locked down. It‘s by far the best way to maximize what your Quest hardware is capable of.

Is SideQuest Safe to Use?

As you explore the possibilities with SideQuest, a natural question may arise – is downloading apps from unknown developers safe?

The good news is SideQuest is 100% safe to use as long as you stick to trusted apps. Every app submitted goes through a review process to block anything inappropriate or malicious.

SideQuest also works closely with Oculus to ensure apps won‘t cause issues. You might see some warnings during installation about unleashed apps, but this is normal.

The only real risk comes from deliberately seeking out pirated or cracked software from sketchy sources. As long as you use common sense and read reviews, you‘ll have a smooth experience.

Think of it like downloading apps from the Google Play Store – stick to reputable developers and you‘ll be perfectly fine!

Browsing the SideQuest App Catalog

Okay, let‘s jump into the SideQuest app and see what‘s available!

The SideQuest store interface looks similar to the Oculus Store with category browsing, sorting, and search. You can filter by App Type, Genre, Price, Comfort Level, and more.

In the Games category, you‘ll find popular titles like Pavlov VR, Pistol Whip, Crisis VRigade, Tea For God, and hundreds more. Everything from shooters to rhythm games to escape rooms.

The Apps section has tons of useful tools like UnlimitedVR, Wander, DeoVR, and streaming apps like Virtual Desktop. Plus educational apps, social apps, voice assistants, and more.

There‘s also sections for Demos, Early Access titles, Local Multiplayer games, and Tools likeCliVR. Every category is stuffed with content you won‘t find anywhere else.

When you find something interesting, click for details like trailer, screenshots, ratings, and description. Or tap Install Latest Version to wirelessly push the app to your headset in seconds.

With new apps and updates added constantly, you‘ll always have fresh content to enjoy.

Paid Apps and Pricing on SideQuest

While a good chunk of SideQuest apps are free, there are also many paid options. Pricing ranges from $1 for small indie titles up to $10 or more for premium apps.

Purchasing paid apps works just like the Oculus Store. You need a payment method linked to your Oculus account. Tap Buy, accept the permissions, and the app will install.

Compared to the $20, $30, or $40+ pricing common on the Oculus Store, SideQuest offers a very affordable way to build your VR library. Especially with frequent sales and bundle deals.

For developers, it also provides a way to sustainably monetize their work at very reasonable price points.

SideQuest vs Oculus Store Comparison

Let‘s do a quick recap comparing SideQuest to the official Oculus Store:

SideQuestOculus Store
App VettingLimitedExtensive
PricingFree – $10$10 – $40+
Library Size700+ apps500+ apps
DiscoveryExciting new titlesEstablished hits

As you can see, SideQuest handpicks the more rough and experimental titles Oculus rejects. This results in tons of fresh innovative concepts you won‘t find in the main store.

For users, it‘s an endless fountain of new adventures. For developers, it‘s a way to get their apps in front of people. Together this creates an incredible VR ecosystem.

Growing the VR Industry

[Add data/perspective on how SideQuest is growing VR]

Risks of Piracy

While SideQuest provides limitless possibilities, there are risks if you stray outside legitimate channels. Installing pirated or cracked apps from sketchy sites runs the danger of malware, account banning, and other serious issues.

Stick to the trusted titles available on SideQuest itself and you‘ll be fine. Think of it like staying within Steam instead of questionable grey market key sites.

As tempting as free premium content may be, it‘s just not worth the risks and harm to hardworking developers. Support the creators who provide the content we love.

SideQuest – Unlocking Your Quest‘s Full Potential

After reading this guide, it should be clear that SideQuest delivers an invaluable treasure trove of VR apps you won‘t find anywhere else.

For developers it provides a way to share their cutting edge work. For users it‘s an endless smorgasbord of new experiences.

Installing and browsing SideQuest is quick, easy, and 100% free. There‘s no reason not to unlock the full capabilities of your Oculus Quest headset.

Just enable Developer Mode, connect your headset, and let SideQuest take your VR adventures to new levels!

So what are you waiting for? Head to now to get started! Your Quest will thank you.



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