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Yes, You Can Still Get Free Drinks in Vegas – Here‘s How

If you‘re planning a trip to Las Vegas and wondering "can I still get free drinks in Vegas casinos?", the answer is a resounding yes! While getting comped cocktails is no longer as easy as it once was, the free booze is still flowing for Sin City visitors ready to gamble. Let me share all my Vegas insider secrets to scoring drinks on the house during your stay.

As a longtime Vegas enthusiast and frequent visitor, I‘ve mastered the art of keeping my whistle wet without going broke. Casinos have tightened up their drink policies lately, but it‘s totally possible to get bombed for free if you know the tricks. I‘ll walk you through exactly how to take advantage of Vegas drink comps and loyalty perks so your wallet doesn‘t end up with a hangover.

Free Drinks Are Reserved For Gamblers

First, it‘s important to understand that casinos now limit freebies to active gamblers only. Your money needs to be in a machine or sitting on a table to warrant cocktail service. If you‘re just strolling around or seeing a show, expect to pay full price.

Vegas used to be littered with freeloaders taking advantage of overly generous drink deals. But with profits lagging, casino bosses wised up. Now it‘s gamblers only at the free booze trough.

That said, as long as you‘re actively playing slots, table games, poker – anything with a casino advantage – the drinks should flow at zero cost. Let‘s look at the best ways to keep them coming.

Tips For Getting The Most Comp Drinks

Cozy Up Near The Bars

The easiest technique to score free cocktails is to grab a seat at a slot or video poker machine near any bar or lounge on the casino floor.

That puts you directly in the waitress‘s regular pick-up route. She can quickly grab your drinks at the bar and deliver them to you with no detour required.

I like to park myself within eye contact of the bartender and order drinks by pointing or gesturing. Boom – free cocktail in under 60 seconds.

Pro tip: Tip at least $1 per drink. $2 is better for stiff pours or complicated cocktails. You‘ll be amazed how fast your drinks arrive when waitresses know you tip well.

Join The Players Club

Almost every Vegas casino operates a loyalty rewards program for players. They‘re free to join and offer perks like discounted rooms, free slot play, and – you guessed it – complimentary drinks.

Caesars Palace, for example, gives registered Total Rewards members a free cocktail voucher for every 50 tier credits earned. The more you play, the more vouchers you‘ll accumulate.

Players clubs also notify cocktail servers when you sit down so they can proactively offer drinks. Never start gambling at a Vegas casino without swiping your rewards card first.

Seek Out Happy Hours

Vegas happy hours aren‘t as widespread as they used to be, but you can still find drink specials at certain spots:

  • Casino bars typically offer discounted beer, wine and basic mixed drinks during early evening hours.

  • O‘Sheas and Casino Royale run all-day happy hours with $2-$3 beers. Cheap drinks AND cheap gambling!

  • The Cosmopolitan‘s Chandelier Bar has 2-for-1 cocktails till 7pm during their "5 to 7" happy hour.

Play The High Limit Rooms

If you‘re willing to bet big, the casinos will comp you more generously. Head to the high limit slot and table game sections for better freebie treatment.

Minimum bets are usually $25 per hand or spin in the elite areas. But the cocktail service is impeccable – your glass will never sit empty for long.

If you‘re an occasional high roller, consider hiring a casino host. They have authority to authorize free drinks, rooms, meals and more based on your expected losses.

Stats Show Vegas Visitors Drink More

It‘s no secret that people consume more alcohol when visiting Las Vegas. The numbers paint a picture of excessive indulgence:

  • Tourists spend over $1 billion per year on booze in Vegas. And most of it is comped!

  • The average Vegas visitor drinks 4.1 cocktails per day versus just 1.7 drinks daily at home.

  • Nearly 40% of travelers say they drink more in Vegas than usual. Just 2% claim to drink less.

  • Only 14% of visitors say they don‘t consume any alcohol during their Vegas trip.

And why not? The drinks are free if you play, the parties are legendary, and no last call exists on the Strip. For better or worse, drinking culture is woven into the fabric of Las Vegas.

Insider Tips To Maximize Free Drink Rewards

Let me share some expert advice for gaming the system and exploiting free drink loopholes:

  • Ask the bartender for a "double with extra ice" – looks normal but contains 30% more booze.

  • Late nights are best. Less crowding means more drinks per customer.

  • Play penny or low limit slots. You can gamble leisurely and minimize losses.

  • Occasionally tip with $5 or $10 bills. It may pay off later with stronger drinks.

  • Politely ask the waitress to skip you if drinks are coming too fast. Pacing is key.

  • If you‘re card counting at blackjack, only play when you have a comp drink in hand.

Getting Drunk For Free Takes Effort

As you can see, unlimited free liquor is still attainable in Las Vegas. But it does require a bit more planning and effort than the old days of all-you-can-drink offers. Just remember these tips:

  • Gamble actively to qualify for drink service

  • Join all casino loyalty programs

  • Seek out happy hours and drink specials

  • Focus play near waitress stations and tip well

  • Consider hiring a casino host for VIP treatment

Do that, and Vegas will live up to its reputation as a magical land of free booze, blurred memories, and questionable decisions. Just be sure to drink plenty of water too!



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