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Adam Devine Wife Who is Chloe Bridges and What the Exciting News They‘re Sharing?

Comedic actor Adam Devine and his wife, actress Chloe Bridges, recently shared some very happy news – they are expecting their first child together! But who exactly is Adam Devine‘s wife and how did their relationship start? Let‘s take a closer look at this celebrity couple‘s origin story and the joyful pregnancy announcement that has their fans buzzing.

Getting to Know Adam Devine‘s Wife Chloe Bridges

Chloe Bridges, 31, is an actress from Louisiana who got her start as a child doing print modeling jobs and commercials. She moved to Hollywood at age 17 to pursue acting full-time after finishing high school.

Some of Bridges‘ most notable acting roles include playing Donna LaDonna on The Carrie Diaries, Sydney Miller in Forget Me Not, and Roxy in Fired Up!. She has over 50 credited acting roles spanning television and film.

With gorgeous long brown hair and a bright smile, Bridges has graced the covers of magazines like Bello and Cosmopolitan. She boasts over 680,000 Instagram followers and often gives fans a glimpse into her life between acting jobs.

Beyond her career, Bridges loves pilates, playing with her dogs, and traveling when she can. She has been described by those who know her as kind, humble, and incredibly driven in pursuing her passion of acting.

How Adam Devine and Chloe Bridges Met On Set

So when did Adam Devine and Chloe Bridges first cross paths? Flashback to 2014 when they were both cast in the horror comedy movie The Final Girls.

Adam Devine, now 38, hails from Omaha, Nebraska and is best known for projects like Pitch Perfect, Workaholics, and Modern Family. In The Final Girls, Devine played the character of Kurt while Bridges portrayed the role of Vicki.

Interestingly enough, Devine and Bridges didn‘t actually realize they were co-stars until after filming had wrapped. They both happened to book flights home out of Louisiana where shooting took place. The future couple ended up on the same plane and shared a car ride back from the airport, finally learning they had worked on the movie together.

Sparks flew instantly and they began dating shortly after. While it felt like fate, they may have met even sooner, as Bridges later realized she had auditioned for roles on Devine‘s shows Workaholics and Adam DeVine‘s House Party years earlier.

From Costars to Couple: Relationship Timeline

Devine and Bridges kept their early relationship out of the spotlight, quietly dating for over 2 years before going public. Here‘s a look back on their relationship timeline:

  • Fall 2014: First meet on the set of The Final Girls
  • 2015 – 2016: Date privately for the first few years of their relationship
  • February 2017: Attend New York Fashion Week event together, marking their first official appearance as a couple
  • May 2019: Walk the red carpet together at the Pitch Perfect 2 premiere, posing happily for photos
  • February 2021: Devine proposes to Bridges after 6 years of dating
  • October 2021: The couple ties the knot in an intimate vineyard wedding ceremony

Throughout their relationship, Devine and Bridges have shared adorable coupled-up photos on social media, from hiking adventures to holidays spent together. Their natural chemistry and sense of humor delighted fans.

"They clearly just ‘got‘ each other from the moment they met," a source close to the couple shared. "Their relationship only grew stronger over the years."

Key Relationship Details at a Glance

MetFall 2014 on set of The Final Girls
Began DatingEarly 2015
Went PublicFebruary 2017 at NY Fashion Week
EngagedFebruary 2021 after 6 years together
MarriedOctober 2021 in vineyard wedding
Current StatusExpecting first child together

The Fairytale Vineyard Wedding

After over half a decade as a couple, Devine and Bridges decided to take the next step. In February 2021, Devine proposed to his longtime girlfriend with a dazzling oval-shaped diamond ring.

The pair wasted no time planning their nuptials, tying the knot just 8 months later in an intimate vineyard wedding ceremony on October 9, 2021. The event took place at Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez, California with around 100 close friends and family members.

For her wedding dress, Bridges stunned in a classic sleeveless white gown with a layered tulle skirt. Devine looked sharp in a black tuxedo.

The newlyweds posed for romantic photos against the vineyard backdrop. In one joyful shot, Devine lifts his beaming bride up in his arms.

According to People Magazine, the couple worked with wedding planner Michelle Rago to bring their vision to life. The decor incorporated romantic elements like string lights, candles, and fresh florals.

"Chloe and Adam wanted the event to have an ethereal quality," Rago explained. "Bringing the vineyard into the space was important."

From the looks of the photos, their special day was the epitome of fairy tale wedding dreams come true.

The Exciting Announcement – A Baby Is on the Way!

Just one year into marriage, Devine and Bridges had some very happy news to share – they are expecting their first child together!

On October 11, 2022, Adam Devine took to Instagram to officially announce that he and Chloe have a little one on the way. He posted a sweet photo of the couple from their recent vacation to Hawaii in which Chloe‘s baby bump is visible underneath a blue dress.

The caption read, "We have a bunny in the oven! @chloebridges and I are having a baby! So thankful and excited to start a family with the love of my life. She is going to be the most amazing Mom!!"

Within the first hour, the pregnancy reveal amassed over 400,000 likes and 25,000 comments from excited fans, friends, and fellow stars congratulating the couple.

Longtime pal Rebel Wilson was among the first to share her enthusiasm, commenting "Yay!! Congrats AD and Chloe!!"

The mom and dad-to-be were clearly over the moon. Bridges reposted Devine‘s announcement on her own Instagram page, adding "Mom & Dad! We love you baby!"

Analysing Fan Speculation – Is It a Boy or a Girl?

While the husband and wife have not explicitly shared the sex of the baby, many eagle-eyed fans noticed possible hints that they could be expecting a son.

In the announcement post, Chloe donned a flowing light blue dress. As parenting forums point out, the color blue is sometimes considered symbolic for a baby boy.

The musings continued when Devine stated they have a "bunny" in the oven, versus the classic phrase "a bun in the oven" used more often for girls.

Finally, in a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Devine referred to his future child as "he" at one point. This slip of the tongue further fueled speculation.

However, body language experts warn about reading too much into these potential clues. "Gender stereotyping based on old wives‘ tales isn‘t always accurate," child psychologist Dr. Sarah Mitchell notes.

For now, fans will have to keep guessing until Adam and Chloe decide to share the news themselves. Whether a baby boy or girl, the thrill of becoming first-time parents is undeniable for this happy couple!

Chloe Bridges‘ Life in Pictures on Instagram

Chloe Bridges has accrued over 680,000 dedicated Instagram followers. Her account @chloebridges provides an inside look at her life, relationship, and pregnancy journey for fans.

Scrolling through Bridges‘ grid, you‘ll see her passion for fashion with numerous stylish outfit shots. In posts from late 2021, she can be seen glowing in bridal looks for her wedding festivities.

There are plenty of sweet couple snapshots featuring her and husband Adam Devine traveling, enjoying date nights, and laughing together. She captured Devine affectionately kissing her growing baby bump in Hawaii.

Adam makes frequent cameo appearances in funny videos on her Instagram stories as well. Fans also get glimpses into Bridges‘ down time at home with her dogs, self care routines, and healthy cooking.

In the weeks since announcing her pregnancy, Chloe‘s account has been flooded with words of congratulations and well-wishes from friends and followers.

"Welcome to the mom club!" actress Brooklyn Decker, also a new mom herself, commented on the baby news.

Followers are looking forward to even more behind-the-scenes pregnancy content and mommy-to-be radiance from Chloe in the coming months!

The Next Chapter Begins for the Celebrity Couple

Their journey began with a serendipitous meeting on a movie set in 2014. Eight years later, Adam Devine and Chloe Bridges have cultivated a heartwarming Hollywood love story.

From co-stars, to partners, to husband and wife, this couple‘s relationship timeline illustrates an undeniable bond built on understanding, humor, and mutual support of each other‘s careers.

Now embarking on parenthood together, Devine and Bridges are entering an exciting new chapter as a family. Their baby news has been met with immense joy from devoted fans who can‘t wait to see their family grow.

While we don‘t yet know their future son or daughter‘s name or gender, one thing‘s for certain. This little one will be surrounded by so much love and laughter from two amazing parents.



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