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Are 2 Chainz‘s Kids Following in the Footsteps of Their Famous Father?

As a loyal fan of the renowned rapper 2 Chainz, I was curious whether his three children were showing signs of continuing his iconic musical legacy. After diving deeper into 2 Chainz‘s family life, the answer seems to be "not exactly."

While his kids are growing up with constant exposure to fame, fortune, and the entertainment industry, each is currently nurturing their own distinctive passions and talents outside of hip hop. However, with their superstar dad‘s encouragement, the door remains open should they ever decide to follow more closely in his footsteps.

Introducing 2 Chainz‘s Family – His Enduring Partnership with Kesha Ward

Before analyzing the interests and potential career paths of their children Heaven, Harmony, and Halo, it‘s important to understand the committed parental partnership at the core of this loving family.

2 Chainz (whose real name is Tauheed Epps) has been with longtime girlfriend Kesha Ward for over 15 years. That‘s an astonishing feat in the world of music where relationships often crumble under the pressures of touring, long separations, and superstar status.

After having three children together, 2 Chainz and Kesha finally tied the knot in a Miami ceremony on August 18, 2018. But their patience in taking that big step proves they cherish substance over formality.

In fact, when 2 Chainz popped the question in the most elaborate way during a 2018 Met Gala appearance, Kesha initially thought it was a joke! The proposal that shut down the entire event clearly took this private couple‘s low-key relationship to a new level of public spectacle.

According to the besotted rapper himself, Kesha is not only the mother of his children but his "best friend, soulmate, and business partner." He credits her with broadening his perspectives and changing his life.

That enduring devotion provides the foundation for their family and serves as an excellent role model for 2 Chainz‘s kids as they mature and navigate their own lives in the spotlight.

Now let‘s look closer at each of their unique children who complete this incredible family.

Heaven Epps – 2 Chainz‘s Budding Dancer Daughter

2 Chainz‘s eldest child and only daughter is Heaven Epps, born on July 26, 2008. She is currently 15 years old.

Of all three kids, Heaven shows the earliest passion for following her parents‘ footsteps into the exciting world of entertainment. However, her talents lean more towards dance and modeling rather than rapping or music like her mega-hit dad.

According to her father, Heaven displayed a natural rhythm and love for movement from a very young age. She began training intensively in various dance styles including ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical hip hop.

By age 10, Heaven was already a competitive dancer. Her early achievements included:

  • Winning mini best dancer at the prestigious Dance Track On Tour in 2017
  • Landing a spot on the popular web TV competition series Divas in Motion
  • Getting accepted into the coveted Debbie Allen Dance Academy summer program in Los Angeles in 2018

Now a teenager, Heaven continues to nurture her love of dance alongside the typical interests of girls her age like fashion, makeup, and social media.

Some of her recent accomplishments that indicate she may be following her father‘s footsteps into show business include:

  • Appearing in a 2021 skincare commercial for Olay directed by actress Kerry Washington
  • Starring in a 2022 promo video for athleisure line ethan! released on Instagram
  • Modeling her own merch line called Heaven‘s Finds on social media

Based on her early successes, Heaven seems to have inherited her parents‘ star power and comfort in the spotlight. Her future likely holds more dance performances and modeling opportunities.

However, she seems focused for now on polishings her skills rather than rushing into a music career like dad. But if Heaven does ever decide to add singing to her repertoire, no doubt 2 Chainz would fully support and encourage her.

For now though, it‘s clear this rising talent is chartering her own course guided by her diverse creative passions.

Harmony Epps – A Daddy‘s Girl Focused on Education

2 Chainz‘s middle child and second daughter, Harmony Epps, arrived on October 20, 2012. She is currently 10 years old.

Of all the kids, funny and spirited Harmony is said to have 2 Chainz most wrapped around her little finger. She‘s a true daddy‘s girl!

The adoring father and daughter made headlines in 2019 when 2 Chainz threw her an over-the-top unicorn-themed 7th birthday party. Home videos from the event show them dancing and sharing sweet embraces, demonstrating their close bond.

However, unlike her big sister Heaven, Harmony seems less enamored by the lure of fame and performance. While her natural intelligence and articulation may lend themselves to being on screen someday, this bright student‘s focus is on excelling at school.

According to Kesha Ward, Harmony has maintained excellent grades while moving up through elementary school. Her favorite subjects are English, history, and math.

Rather than rushing to auditions or spending afternoons in dance class like Heaven, the mature Harmony prefers academic enrichment programs and volunteering to build valuable life skills outside show business.

She participates in initiatives like:

  • Her school‘s recycling program, where she helps collect and tally recyclables from classrooms weekly
  • MS. HEARD Mentoring program that empowers young girls through group tutoring and workshops
  • Service projects with her church youth group, such as feeding the homeless

With Harmony‘s level head and compassionate spirit, she may one day consider putting her smarts to use in a profession that helps others. But of course, should her interests ever steer back towards the arts and entertainment field like her father, 2 Chainz will surely back her all the way.

For now though, this bright student seems focused on her education rather than fame. Only time will tell where her impressive potential will take her.

Halo Epps – A Charismatic Son With Options Open

2 Chainz‘s youngest child and only son, Halo Epps, arrived on October 14, 2015. He is currently just 7 years old.

Even at his young age though, it‘s clear this outgoing boy brims with charm and personality. Some even call him a natural born entertainer!

Halo loves hamming it up on social media and being the center of attention – especially with his beloved dad. He even has his own Instagram account with over 500k followers that‘s managed by his parents.

The father-son duo also currently co-hosts a popular livestream gaming show "Me and Halo" on Amazon‘s Twitch platform.

During their funny segments trying out new video games together, Halo‘s cracks jokes, shouts out to fans, and even roasts his dad‘s gaming skills. Their banter shows he already has the quick wit and camera presence of a budding performer.

Some other moments indicating Halo may follow in his father‘s footsteps one day include:

  • At age 4, he attended the 2018 ESPY Awards as 2 Chainz‘s adorable red carpet mini-me in a custom suit
  • On his dad‘s Access Granted show, he confidently grabbed the mic and started freestyling much to 2 Chainz‘s shock
  • During a 2022 basketball tourney, he grabbed the halftime spotlight and broke out dancing, hyping up the crowd

With his outgoing charisma and comfort in the spotlight, many opportunities likely await multi-talented Halo in entertainment. But again, 2 Chainz seems committed to exposing his son to diverse interests rather than just hip hop.

For instance, Halo currently stays active in both school sports like basketball as well as performing arts programs focused on singing, instruments, and acting.

By exploring this broad range, in time it will become clearer where Halo‘s own passions and talents truly lie as he gets older. Perhaps he may lean into sports, performance, academics, or something else entirely.

At just 7 years old, the possibilities remain wide open for 2 Chainz‘s charming son to find his own path.

Comparing and Contrasting 2 Chainz‘s Kids‘ Interests

Child‘s NameAgeKnown InterestsPotential Career Path
Heaven15 yrsDance, modeling, fashion, social mediaProfessional dance, commercial modeling
Harmony10 yrsAcademics, volunteering, mentoring programsEducation, nonprofit work, counseling
Halo7 yrsBasketball, video games, performing/entertainingSports, music, acting, on-screen talent

Looking at the table above comparing 2 Chainz‘s three kids, it‘s clear each is currently cultivating their own distinct interests and niches.

While opportunities likely abound for them to dip their toes in various parts of the entertainment business like their famous father, none seems in a hurry to dive in just yet.

With 2 Chainz‘s encouragement of their diverse passions, only time will tell if Heaven, Harmony, or Halo ever circle back to following more closely in their dad‘s legendary footsteps.

The Admirable Way 2 Chainz Is Raising His Kids

As a longtime fan of 2 Chainz‘s music, it‘s been incredible watching his evolution from bachelor rapper to devoted family man.

Despite his massive success and A-list lifestyle, he seems determined to give his children as "normal" an upbringing as possible. Here are some of the admirable things he does as a parent:

  • Enrolls his kids in school under his real name Tauheed rather than his stage name, allowing them anonymity and privacy from fame.

  • Emphasizes spirituality, education, and strength of character over wealth, privilege, and materialism.

  • Exposes them to celebrity events and his music career but maintains stability at home. Their schedule is filled with regular school, activities, chores, etc.

  • Allows Heaven, Harmony, and Halo to dream big but does not push them prematurely into music or stardom.

  • Embraces their diverse interests in academics, sports, dance, and other areas that let them be kids first.

Considering how many star kids become troubled or entitled, 2 Chainz‘s grounded parenting approach is remarkable. Watching him find the balance between fame and family is inspirational.

No matter what paths his children eventually take, it‘s clear 2 Chainz has equipped them with the tools to thrive through his unconditional love and support.

Conclusion: Growing Up Grounded in 2 Chainz‘s Loving Shadow

In closing, while 2 Chainz‘s kids are growing up in the shadow of incredible celebrity and success, they seem grounded in what matters most – family.

With their devoted parents nurturing their interests, Heaven, Harmony, and Halo get to just be kids – not extensions of their famous dad‘s persona or legacy.

By exposing them to diverse pursuits from acting to academics, 2 Chainz makes clear his footsteps are there as a guidepost, not as a mandate.

The children may one day follow closer in those footsteps, but for now, they walk their own unique paths thanks to their dad‘s encouragement.

As 2 Chainz continues to thrive in his career, what shines brightest is his success as a family man. His greatest riches are right at home with Heaven, Harmony, Halo, and Kesha.

The enduring love and support surrounding these children assures their future is bright, whether they choose fame or another path entirely. With such a solid foundation, the possibilities for 2 Chainz‘s kids are limitless.



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