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Are Adriana Lima‘s Movies and TV Shows Worth Your Valuable Time? Absolutely!

In my opinion, Adriana Lima‘s movies and shows are absolutely worth clearing your schedule for. Even with a limited on-screen filmography, her acting work is captivating and memorable. As a hugely successful model, she brings beauty, charisma, and star power to every role. So far, Adriana has shone whether comedically poking fun at herself, dramatically supporting lead actors, or simply playing herself. Each performance leaves you wishing she was on camera more.

While known primarily for runway greatness, her crossovers into acting have been delightful surprises for fans. From co-starring in an action-packed short film to joking on a hit sitcom, Adriana has proven she‘s got talent beyond just striking a pose. Her brief but fun acting credits leave a lasting impression and make for worthwhile viewing.

As someone who‘s been entranced by Adriana Lima‘s modeling work for Victoria‘s Secret over the years, I was thrilled to see her start dipping her toes into TV and movies. It‘s been such a treat to see her explore different sides of her creativity on-screen. Even in bit parts, her star power and expressive acting chops shine through.

If you‘re wondering whether Adriana‘s movies and shows are worth prioritizing, I say go for it! Each one is a rare chance to see this icon show off new talents. Let‘s take a closer look at her best on-screen moments and why you should add them to your watchlist!

Quick Refresher: Adriana‘s Acting Experience So Far

In case you need a recap, here‘s an at-a-glance overview of Adriana Lima‘s acting credits to date:

The Hire: The Follow (2001) – Short action film – Played "The Wife"

How I Met Your Mother (2007) – Guest appearance as herself – Season 3, Episode 11

Ocean‘s Eight (2018) – Cameo role as herself

The Best FIFA Football Awards (2023) – Award show guest – Presented

I know, I know—it‘s a super short list! But that makes each of Adriana‘s acting gigs special in their own way. Now, let‘s dive into why each one is worth your viewing time.

2001‘s "The Follow": A Thrilling Debut

Adriana Lima‘s on-screen debut in the 2001 short film "The Follow" gave viewers a riveting look at her acting abilities right off the bat. The high-intensity BMW film starred Adriana as "The Wife" opposite experienced English actor Clive Owen. Set over the course of one unforgettable night, Adriana and Clive‘s characters find themselves tangled in a chaotic car chase together.

As The Wife, Adriana held her own during action-packed scenes while conveying palpable fear and anxiety. Critics praised her ability to convey complex emotions despite limited dialogue. She generated buzz as a talent to watch, with The New York Times writing she had "successfully leapfrogged from the runway to screen."

Though just a short film, Adriana‘s turn in "The Follow" proved her skill at adopting dramatic personas. She compellingly executed the quick transition from supermodel to troubled character. For fans of Adriana or adrenaline-pumping action flicks, her breakout role is absolutely worth tracking down online. Nearly twenty years later, her intensity and chemistry with Clive Owen still feel strikingly genuine.

Runtime: Around 10 minutes total

How to Watch: Available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

Hilarious as Herself on "How I Met Your Mother"

Adriana Lima sent up her own career brilliantly by playing herself in a 2007 guest appearance on CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother." Popping up in the season three episode "The Yips," Adriana shows off spot-on comedic timing that meshes perfectly with the show‘s wacky humor.

She appears as the object of Barney Stinson‘s desires, leading him to struggle with "the yips" and lose his usual smooth confidence around beautiful women. Adriana seems to relish gently skewering her "hot supermodel" public image as the episode unfolds. Fellow Victoria‘s Secret Angel Heidi Klum also cameos.

Though her screen time is short, Adriana‘s willingness to poke fun at the ridiculousness of both womanizing guys and aloof supermodels makes it a total delight. She nails the mix of obliviousness, muted exasperation, and fleeting warmth that makes her cameo so smile-inducing. It‘s no surprise HIMYM fans still reminisce fondly about her appearance years later!

Runtime: Under 5 minutes

How to Watch: Stream on Hulu (Season 3, Episode 11)

Blending Right Into An All-Star Cast for "Ocean‘s Eight"

Adriana Lima‘s most prominent film role to date came via a cameo as herself in 2018‘s star-studded caper flick "Ocean‘s Eight." With an ensemble cast including Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, and Rihanna, Adriana joins the ladies as their heist kicks into high gear during the Met Gala.

As one of the Met Gala guests milling about, Adriana gets thrown into the scam while looking characteristically stunning in a slinky silver gown. Though brief, her cameo meshes seamlessly into the surrounding glitz and glamor. According to director Gary Ross, Adriana was a natural fit for the fun role:

“Adriana has been a longtime member of the Victoria’s Secret family and I just thought she was perfect for a cameo. She’s such a smart, warm woman and seemed game for playing herself in our imaginative heist.”

Fans agreed, with Adriana‘s relaxed presence providing a smooth transition into the movie‘s climactic scenes. When you‘ve got less than 60 seconds of screen time, blending into an ensemble can be tough—but not for this pro! Adriana makes it look effortless.

Runtime: Under 1 minute

How to Watch: Stream on HBO Max or buy on Prime Video, Vudu, etc.

Lighting Up the Stage at 2023‘s FIFA Awards Show

This year, Adriana Lima‘s glow lit up the stage at one of soccer‘s biggest nights—The Best FIFA Football Awards show. Broadcasting live on January 27, 2023, the awards ceremony brought together the biggest names in "the beautiful game." Adriana presented the FIFA Fair Play Award with vivacious energy and here signature warmth.

Gliding onto the stage in a dazzling golden gown, Adriana commanded attention despite speaking only briefly. She opened the envelope and announced the Fair Play Award winner with graceful poise.

After so many years strutting down Victoria‘s Secret runways, Adriana knows how to own the stage. Though not an acting role, her awards show turn proves she can capably handle live hosting and presentation gigs. If Adriana‘s ever in need of a side hustle from modeling, primetime presenter seems like a natural fit!

Runtime: 2-3 minutes

How to Watch: Catch clips on YouTube from the 2023 broadcast.

Dominating the Runway and Redefining Victoria‘s Secret

Of course, I would be remiss not to mention Adriana Lima‘s legendary career with Victoria‘s Secret. Becoming an Angel in 2000, Adriana dominated VS runway shows for nearly 20 years until hanging up her wings in 2018. She set records for:

  • Most VS Shows Walked – 18 shows between 1999-2018

  • Most Consecutive Shows – Walked 9 shows in a row from 2003-2011

  • Most Fantasy Bras Worn – Rocked 3 over the years (2008, 2010, 2014)

Across almost two decades, Adriana helping transform the Victoria‘s Secret Fashion Show into a hugely anticipated pop culture phenomenon. Television audiences peaked at over 9 million viewers during her tenure. She was a familiar face and favorite Angel for a generation.

Adriana‘s VS success goes hand-in-hand with her acting and hosting endeavors. Her name recognition and visibility from modeling provided a built-in fanbase for her on-screen work. And seeing Adriana show off more of her fun personality through acting gave new dimensions to her most famous role as Angel.

So while not an acting gig per se, Adriana‘s Victoria‘s Secret career is so groundbreaking that it deserves a mention amongst her on-camera credits. After all, there‘s a reason she‘s the most iconic Angel ever!

Beyond Acting: Business, Books, and Motherhood

Adding even more diversity to her resume, Adriana Lima has also flexed her entrepreneurial muscles in recent years. Along with acting and modeling, her business ventures and family life give a fuller picture of this talented star:

  • Nutrition Brand – Co-founded natural energy drink company WTRMLN WTR in 2019. It‘s now carried by major retailers like Target.

  • Activewear Lines – Designed workout gear for Puma and other sports brands. She also authored a fitness book in 2021.

  • Children‘s Books – Published two illustrated kids‘ books in 2020 focused on wildlife conservation.

  • Motherhood – Adriana has two daughters, born in 2009 and 2012. She cherishes time with her girls when not working.

Between acting, modeling, business, and family life, Adriana Lima has certainly made the most of her talents. She‘s one of those rare celebrities that seems to excel at everything she tries!

Consensus Verdict: Adriana‘s Acting Outings Are Winning Viewing!

In the end, even Adriana Lima‘s brief on-screen appearances leave viewers wanting more. Despite a short list of acting credits so far, reviews of her work are glowing. By taking a look across pop culture commentary, fan reactions, and critical analysis, we can get a sense of how her acting hits have gone over:

  • Critics Praise: From her intensity in "The Follow" to comedic chops on "HIMYM," reviewers found Adriana surprisingly talented. Many noted she made the most of limited roles.

  • Fans Obsessed: Across YouTube and social media, Adriana‘s acting spots rack up rave reactions from loyal fans. They crave more cameos and screen time.

  • Costars Impressed: Fellow actors like Clive Owen and the "Ocean‘s Eight" cast have spoken highly of Adriana‘s professionalism and natural acting abilities.

  • Directors Want More: Directors who have worked with Adriana on short films or cameos have expressed desire to get her in more of their projects.

  • Runway Dominance: Though not traditional acting, Adriana‘s VS Fashion Show milestones prove she has stage presence and star power that captivate audiences.

So while Adriana‘s filmography is super short so far, all signs point to viewers loving what they‘ve seen and wanting more. Based on the stellar reception to her acting work thus far, I‘m confident more movie and TV producers will be casting Adriana Lima soon. Her roles – no matter how brief – are ones fans will remember.

Acting RoleRuntimePerformance Highlights
The Follow (2001)10 mins⭐ Intense drama skills
⭐ Complex emotional range
How I Met Your Mother (2007)5 mins⭐ Hilarious deadpan comedy
⭐ Good sport about supermodel image
Ocean‘s Eight (2018)< 1 min⭐ Blended into star-studded cast
⭐ Looked glamorous as herself
The Best FIFA Football Awards (2023)3 mins⭐ Commanded live stage
⭐ Sophisticated awards presence

Adriana Lima Shines On-Screen and Off

When an iconic supermodel like Adriana Lima pops up on our screens, it‘s hard not to take notice! Though her acting portfolio is slim so far, each gig has shown off charisma and surprising versatility. Diving into dramatic roles, sitcom laughs, glitzy cameos, and awards presentations, Adriana has proved she‘s a captivating on-screen talent.

Beyond brief acting stints, Adriana‘s incredible career with Victoria‘s Secret revolutionized both fashion and pop culture for nearly twenty years. As the most famous Angel ever, she made her mark through presence and work ethic just as much as beauty.

So while movies and television have only gotten a taste of Adriana Lima‘s talents so far, I‘d confidently say every one of her acting and hosting roles proves well worth the watch. Here‘s hoping we get to see her on-screen even more in the years to come! She‘s certainly got millions of fans like me eager for more.



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