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6 Best Antidetect Browsers in 2023

A tool that improves your privacy and helps to manage multiple social media e-commerce or ad accounts, the one, and only anti-detect browser. I'll tell you about their features and the price to get the best value for your money.

So let's find out which anti-detect browsers will dominate in 2023

1. Multilogin

Multilogin Homepage

First up, Multilogin. If you're serious about managing multiple accounts, this is the golden standard compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. Multilogin is one of the few options.

That tries to spoof a fingerprint completely. Instead of just disabling important parameters, the app lets you access a modified Chrome browser called Mimic and a modified Firefox called Stealthfox. These are customized to combat the most effective types of browser fingerprinting.

With Multilogin, You can either create a quick browser profile or manually change almost any parameter you want. The webpage has the ability to store your data encrypted on the cloud and enable up to 10 people with admin privileges, depending on your plan.

Developers have used Selenium or Puppeteer to create thousands of daily profiles with Multilogin. Perfection is not entirely Multilogin is not an option for those on a tight budget; the cheapest plan starts from $115 a month for 100 profiles and doesn't include collaboration features.

2. Gologin

Gologin Homepage

If you need fewer profiles or have a smaller budget, you'll want to look for another option, such as Gologin.

Gologin uses its web browser based on Chrome to spoof the fingerprint. It replaces most parameters and adds noise to others. Some users have reported that this method leads to more CAPTCHA and verification requests. However, these are expected as you become a bigger player. Don't let them discourage you, though. If you have a different configuration, your results may differ.

The browser is simple to use. It generates fingerprint configurations at a single click, meaning you can protect your device without having to configure settings yourself. They won't work with advanced websites but should help you focus on anything else.

There's an Android app, and you can access the tool via the cloud interface. Besides the Android and Cloud options, Gologin is also compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. The pricing starts from $49 a month, and a seven-day trial and even a free plan are available. However, the plan is limited to only three profiles.

3. X Browser

Smart Proxy for X Browser

X Browser takes a different approach. It comes for free with Smartproxy's residential proxy plan. So you'll only pay for the proxy service necessary to utilize fully. The benefits of an anti-detect browser are compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

X Browser is based on Chrome and mostly geared towards individual marketers. The tool provides all you need to change the browser fingerprint in an easy-to-navigate interface conveniently. X Browser allows you to create as many profiles as you need. No data is stored in the cloud, cookies cannot be imported, and there's no profile sync. At the same time, you won't find any off-site tracking tools.

Overall, X Browser is a worthy option for those considering getting Ssmartproxy's proxies.

4. Kameleo

Kameleo Homepage

Have you heard of Kameleo? It stands somewhere between Multilogin and Gologin as one of the top-tier anti-detect tools. Kameleo supports all main web browsers Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge.

It uses base profiles that take popular fingerprint configurations and make minor adjustments. With any plan, you can create an unlimited number of profiles and automate the process with Selenium. Kameleo also offers an app for Android devices that allows you to change your fingerprint.

The downsides are slow customer support and inconvenient collaboration options. Your data is stored locally. And the plans only have one seat. Kameleo is compatible with Windows and Android, and a 7-day trial is available. The pricing starts from €59 a month.

5. AdsPower

AdsPower Homepage

Next up, AdsPower. It's a Chinese anti-detect browser. You can manage your social media, and e-commerce accounts with this new software.

AdsPower is easy-to-use and does batch importing for your accounts. The UI is also simple and looks great. You can also write your own automation scripts even without any programming knowledge. For example, RPA has a robot that can record workflows and use them to copy your work. As you perform specific actions such as posting or adding items to the cart.

AdsPower has a limited free plan with two profiles. The pricing starts from $10 a month for 10 profiles. More expensive plans bring more seats for teams. This anti-detect browser is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

6. Incogniton

Incogniton Homepage

Incogniton is one of the new generation chromium anti-detect browsers similar to Gologin and AdsPower. Accordingly, it shares most features like creating and syncing multiple browser profiles importing cookies, and automating things via a headless library or API.

But perhaps the biggest draw here is Incogniton's generous free plan. It allows saving up to 10 browser profiles, several times more compared to the competition. If you try and get hooked, the bigger plan includes automation features, more profiles, and team seats. Incogniton is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. The pricing starts from $29.99 a month.