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6 Best Proxies for Footsites in 2023

Footsites are hands down one of the most popular copping targets. That stock competition is fierce; many leave empty-handed by having the best bot for Footsites. But you'll need more than that. The right proxies are vital if you want to cop on any site.

We know you're in a hurry and we want to help! That's why we've compiled our top picks for foot sites,

Footsites are hands down one of the most popular copping targets. How much Stock do these sites drop? How could they not be? The question is, how do you take it. That stock competition is fierce; many leave empty-handed by having the best bot for Footsites. But you'll need more than that.

The right proxies are vital if you want to cop on any site. But finding out which providers are the best can be tricky. That's why today I'm listing down the best Footsites proxy providers to easily up your sneaker copping game. Let's start with the basics.

The Basic Knowledge about Footsites

what are Footsites

Footsites is a term used to describe brands that belong to the American sportswear and footwear retailer Footlocker. These are Footlocker, east bay, champ sports, Footaction, and kid's Footlocker.

The cool thing is that all these brands use the same drop methods and have the same bot protection systems. So good news, if you get proxies that work for one of the brands, you can also use them on the other ones.

As you can imagine, Footlocker is a big chain with stores and servers in the US, EU, and Asian countries, like Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Another thing I must tell you is that they do have captures. But you already know if you've read our article about the easiest sneaker copping targets to deal with.

You can use services like cap monster and capture sneaker bots often. Integrated or your bot might have an AYCD tool that directly integrates those services. If not, no problem, you can purchase AYCD's monthly subscription separately. Okay, now that we've covered our basics.

What Kind of Proxy should You Choose to Cook on Footsites?

Proxies Guide FOOTSITES

Footsites are some of the most abused websites on the internet to combat. They've enforced a strict security system called data dome. This means that copping with datacenter proxies will lower your chances of success.

Your best bet is residential or isp proxies. Because they're much harder to detect. Also, get proxies in the same country where the Footsite servers are located US, Footaction UK, Footlocker UK, etc. Though don't worry about getting IPs in the same city. Footsites use a queue system to drop. Their sneakers, so the proxy speed is not that important as well

Third thing, if you get rotating residential proxies, ensure they can hold the same IP for at least 10 minutes if they can hold it for 30.

If your IP changes while you wait, you might drop out. These are the main qualities to look for in Footsites proxies. Of course, choosing a reliable provider is as important. So let me recommend the ones that we've tested. You'll find the full list in the description down below. So check it out!

Best Footsites Proxy Providers


NetNut Proxy products

The fourth provider is NetNut. If you're specifically looking for ISP proxies, NetNut is where they're. This provider supplies probably half of the mark with fast IPs. However, it's mostly through resellers or NetNut's own brand. Their general ISP plans are priced by traffic and may not be sneaker optimized.

You might also consider NetNut's residential proxies. They're pretty good too. NetNut's downside is lacking user experience, which is especially tough when you're starting out.


Soax Homepage

SOAX provides several options for targeting IPs. Users can choose their country, region, or city and generate a custom password. SOAX offers both username and password authentication, and users can also use the city filtering option. The company claims to have IPs available in over 185 countries, but users may wish to test this out for themselves before making a commitment. You can try SOAX footsite proxy's free trial to see if you'll benefit from it.

Soax also offers a daily, weekly, and monthly package. Footsite proxies are critical, as they need to be geo-targeted. Thankfully, Soax has a $1.99 light package, which allows users to test a proxy before paying for it. If you're a sneakerhead, you might want to try this one out and see if it's right for you.

SOAX is a unique proxy service provider, with 8.5 million servers across 120 countries. Their website even has a map of the locations of the proxies they offer. The number of proxies may not be endless, but the company has an impressive number of domestic and mobile proxies. Users can select the proxy based on various criteria, such as speed and location. It's not just a footsite proxy though; users can also choose to hide their business' identity.


Smartproxy Homepage

Our first recommendation is Smartproxy. What does it have to offer to put simply?

It won't hurt your wallet as much as premium providers while giving a comparable service. Its cheapest plan starts at $75. However, Smartproxy doesn't offer pay-as-you-go. So keep that.

The provider's residential proxies are fast, work well during important drops, and cover all the locations needed for Footsites. You can generate as many IPs as you need as long as you have the traffic.

In addition, you'll receive fast customer support. And these proxies are easy to use with no prior experience pair. All of this with 30-minute sticky lessons, and you will have all of your sneaker copping needs covered well, almost all.

Bright Data

Bright Data Homepage

Another strong provider which I'm sure you know is Bright Data

It has an impressive infrastructure. That's unlikely to go down even during the most demanding release.

In addition to that, the provider offers both residential and ISP proxies. They're highly customizable both in terms of locations and rotation settings. By the way, Bright Data's IP pool is the second largest on the market.

But not everything is as bright as it seems. The plans are on the expensive side. And Bright Data technically doesn't allow reselling. The service is technically demanding, so you may find this provider hard to use.


Shifter Homepage

If you want to secure your browsing, Shifter can help. Its backconnect proxies use HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS 4/5 to protect you from site blocks. Shifter enables you to buy as many proxies as you need, and its different packages include up to 4000 proxies. You can also enjoy unlimited bandwidth. Read on to discover what makes Shifter a great footsite proxy.

Shifter footsite proxy comes in many flavors. You can choose a dedicated or shared one. The latter is recommended for users who want to purchase sneakers regularly. Dedicated proxies are available for around $25 per month. You can get rotating proxies as well, which is great for frequent visitors to the site. Shifter footsite proxy is highly recommended for anyone who wants to make purchases on the site. There are many different options available, and the best proxy depends on your needs.


Rayobyte Homepage

Rayobyte footsite proxies are one of the few providers that support sneakers. With a range of packages, including unmetered bandwidth and unlimited threads,  Rayobyte claims to be the best private sneaker proxy service available. Moreover, their servers have a diverse proxy pool that spans more than 300K proxies. Despite its reputation for spamming, Rayobyte claims to have a 24/7 live chat support service.

Rayobyte provides its customers with a 92 percent customer satisfaction rating. Its speed is comparable to that of other high-tech proxies, and it works flawlessly on sneaker and social platforms. This is also compatible with bots. If you're a novice, you should try a free trial to get a feel for its speed. Otherwise, you might end up paying more than you should for their service.

Whether you need a proxy for shopping online or browsing the internet,  Rayobyte offers a variety of plans. Prices vary depending on the number of proxies you want, the length of time you need them, and the type. You can also get discounts for bulk purchases. A great advantage to Rayobyte footsite proxy is the flexibility it provides. It's an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase high-quality, affordable proxies to boost their online presence.


MyPrivateProxy Homepage

You can browse the internet anonymously if you use MyPrivateProxy. The service has servers located in 16 major cities of the US and eight countries in the European Union. The IP addresses of these servers are nonsequential, which ensures you are browsing in a secure way.

You can customize the settings of your Footsite proxy and choose which sites you wish to access anonymously. Both MyPrivateProxy and Proxy-Seller support HTTP and HTTPS protocols, but not SOCKS. You can use Ace Proxies or Proxy-Seller to get your preferred proxy.

Unlike Soax, MyPrivateProxy provides unlimited bandwidth and high levels of anonymity. It has a unique IP address and can geo-target any release or location. The service also offers a refund policy in case you don't like the service. You can choose from various subscription plans, starting from $5 for daily use and going up to $20 for a monthly plan. Soax also has a dedicated agent and multiple payment plans to choose from.


Oxylabs Homepage

The fifth recommendation is Oxylabs. It's a premium provider with the biggest residential proxy pool in the market. The IPs are high quality, stable and reliable. Copping is made easy with 30-minute sticky sessions and all the relevant locations.

Oxylabs also offers a dedicated account manager. But to use all these benefits, you'll have to pay the price of $300 for starters, which may be too much for a few pairs. However,  if you're interested in reselling, Oxylabs is a great option.


Proxydrop Homepage

If you have an eye for ISP proxies, you won't find them here. The second provider on the list is Proxydrop.

Proxydrop offers a residential IP pool optimized for sneakers. The best part about this provider is that you don't have to buy much, and the traffic never expires. So don't worry about using the monthly quota or that you'll lose access after one release.

The IPs cover all main locations, and two of the three residential plans are always in Stock. But Proxydrop comes with a few downsides. The price per gigabyte is relatively high $18. And it might be tough getting the support to respond fast, especially on weekends.


Geosurf Homepage

The sixth provider on the list is Geosurf. The provider's residential proxies are high in quality and perform well. In addition to that, you get sticky sessions that last up to half an hour.

The provider's IP pool is quite small compared to others. That it does cover all the relevant locations. Keep in mind that quality comes at a cost! Geosurf is one of the most expensive providers, with plans that start from $450 per month and are charged by traffic.

Some Copping Advices

These are my top provider picks. But if you're not new to this channel, you'll know that I will not stop here. Let me give you some quick advice about copying on Footsites.

Footsites use a lot of traffic. They've added a GIF in the queue that can quickly eat through your bandwidth. Allowance some bots have a way around this check if yours does. You can still try datacenter proxies. They might get blocked more often, but considering what I just said, they also cost less, don't have traffic limits, and have separate billing profiles for tasks.

Footsites have a very strict payment processor called Add-In. If you use the same profile for multiple tasks, you might receive cancellation Emails. Try buying from different locations, even if you live in the US. Copying from other countries can increase your chances of winning.

Just make sure that the shipping price is worth it. And that they're able to deliver it to you. Even the best proxies won't work 100 percent of the time. Copping from Footsites involves many parts, depending on your sneaker bot. The right setup and sometimes luck. However, if you follow the advice I shared today, You won't need to rely on luck alone.

Of course, do your own research, try out different providers and see what works well for you. And if any proxy providers peak in your interest, don't forget to check out the links in the description.