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How to Use Smartproxy Extension to Configure Proxies?

Let's make your proxy setup simple. There are many ways to configure a proxy server: you can do that on your operating system, browser, specific scraper, or bot. This article will show you how to configure proxies on your browser using the Smartproxy extension easily.

About Smartproxy Extension

About Smartproxy Extension 

The Smartproxy extension (as any other proxy extension) lets you hide your public IP address behind a proxy IP. You can use it to browse anonymously, access geographically restricted content, or view localized ads. Keep in mind, though, that this extension only works with Smartproxy proxies. Other proxies won't do.

How to Add Smartproxy Extension

Here we go. Let's see how to use the Smartproxy extension to make your proxying life easier.

  • Go to the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Browser Add-ons, type Smartproxy, and choose the official extension created by Smartproxy itself.

There is a namesake with uppercase P, but it's a different extension, and we can't vouch for its safety. After all, you're giving permission to read and change all your data on the websites you visit.

Note: When you open the Smartproxy extension page, read the description – you won't regret it.

  • Next, click the “ADD TO CHROME” button and confirm by pressing “ADD EXTENSION.” Open the extension and press “ACCEPT AND CONTINUE” to show that you agree with the license agreement.

What are the Functions of Smartproxy Extension?

Functions of Smartproxy Extension

Okay, here it is. Let's see what this extension is capable of.

  • First, it suggests choosing a location you want to get an IP from.

Your options are a random location or specific countries like the US, Canada, or Great Britain. Further down the list, we can see specific states like Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, etc.

  • Next up, you can choose either rotating proxies or sticky sessions.

If you choose rotating proxies, your IP will change with any new request you make. That would be every time you refresh a page or click on a link. In the case of sticky sessions, your IP address will stay the same for up to 10 minutes.

  • The third step is to choose your authentication method: either username & password or whitelisted IP.

To create a user, you'll need to visit the Smartproxy dashboard. Let's try whitelisting an IP. You need to go to the Smart dashboard using the link at the bottom of the extension window & log in to your account. If you don't have one, click “REGISTER'. When you log in, check at the top of your dashboard if you have any traffic left.

If not, there's a button to buy more. Then go to “authentication method” and type the IP you want to whitelist – or just choose to whitelist your own IP address.

Click add, and you're all set. Go back to the extension and toggle it on. After this setup procedure, you won't need to repeat the process again unless you want to update your authentication credentials.

  • If you choose to use sticky sessions, Smartproxy has a button to rotate your IPs whenever you want to manually.
  • If you want to change the location or the session type, just toggle it off, and you'll see the setup options again.

Note that even with sticky sessions on, your IP will change automatically if you don't do anything for one minute.

Why Do We Like to Use Smartproxy Extension?

We Like to Use Smartproxy Extension

We like the small touch that you don't need to open the extension whenever you want to check if the proxies are on. When browsing without proxies, the extension logo is light blue; with them, the logo turns bright red. So there will be no need to google “what's my IP address” every few seconds.

Another nice feature is that there's a button to contact Smartproxy support. The provider likes to highlight how fast its support is, and from our experience, the claims are true. We usually get an answer within 5 minutes, which is rare in the proxy market.

If you're interested in what hides behind those 3 dots at the top, there are two things:

  • First, a button to clear your browser data like cookies and cache.
  • Second, two possible designs for the extension: the default light theme or the dark one. Smartproxy wouldn't be Smartproxy if it wouldn't make it fun: “Choose your side.”

So, what's our verdict? Is the Smartproxy extension worth your time? If you're using Smartproxy's residential rotating proxies for anonymous browsing, definitely. It's easy to use, has great customer service, and has all the main features.