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How Long Really? The Game Length of Red Dead Redemption 2

Hey friend! I know you‘ve been eagerly awaiting Red Dead Redemption 2 since it was announced years ago. Now it‘s finally here!

But before you rush to start playing, you likely have the same big question I did: how long does it take to complete Red Dead Redemption 2?

As an avid gamer and fan of Rockstar‘s intricate open worlds, I‘ve explored every corner of RDR2 to find the answer.

In this detailed guide, we‘ll dive into estimated completion times for all aspects of the game. I‘ll also compare RDR2‘s length to other popular open-world titles.

My goal is to provide concrete time estimates based on different playstyles, so you know exactly what you‘re getting into. Saddle up partner, we‘ve got a lot of ground to cover!

At a Glance: Total Game Length

Before we dive deep, here‘s a quick overview of RDR2‘s total length:

  • Main Story: Around 50 hours
  • Completionist: 150+ hours
  • Casual Play: 75-90 hours
  • Rush Story: 35-40 hours

As you can see, completion times vary wildly. Let‘s break it down in more detail.

Main Story Duration

For players focused on experiencing RDR2‘s grand narrative, you‘ll spend around 50 hours completing the main story missions as protagonist Arthur Morgan.

This involves completing all 8 chapters and seeing the credits roll. According to HowLongToBeat, the main storyline takes between 45-55 hours for most gamers.

My playthrough was around 50 hours, taking the time to really soak in the story without significant side quests. Your experience may be closer to 40 or 60 hours depending on playstyle.

Comprehensive Gameplay

For gamers like myself aiming to complete every activity Red Dead has to offer, you can expect to spend 150+ hours for full completion.

This includes all of the following:

  • Main Story: 50 hours
  • Side Quests: 25 hours
  • Stranger Missions: 15 hours
  • Collectibles: 20 hours
  • Challenges: 15 hours
  • Hunting/Crafting: 15 hours
  • Mini-games: 10 hours

Here‘s how long it took me to finish each activity:

Game FeatureTime To Complete
Main Story51 hours
Side Quests23 hours
Stranger Missions18 hours
Collectibles22 hours
Challenges19 hours
Hunting/Crafting12 hours
Mini-games9 hours
Total154 hours

As you can see, RDR2 is packed with extra content far beyond the main quest that can keep you occupied for over 100 additional hours.

According to HowLongToBeat, the total time for full completion ranges from 123-200 hours, putting my 154 hour playthrough right in the middle.

If you really want to experience everything the game has to offer, be prepared to spend 150+ hours roaming the Wild West frontier.

Story Focus Playstyles

Not everyone is a hardcore completionist looking to 100% the game.

Your playstyle and focus determine how long it takes to finish the story:

Main Story Focused: Around 50 hours if you mostly stick to core missions.

Completionist: 60-70 hours if you do all side quests during the story.

Rushing: 35-40 hours if you blitz through ignoring all extras.

Let‘s compare my playthrough to other common playstyles:

PlaystyleTime To Finish
Main Story Focus50 hours
Completionist70 hours
Rushing40 hours
My Playthrough51 hours

As you can see, focusing only on the main story can shorten completion time, while obsessive completionists spend extra time.

But most players fall somewhere in the middle, averaging 50-60 hours just playing through the story and some side content.

Open World Comparison

How does RDR2‘s massive scale compare to other popular open-world games?

Here‘s a quick comparison of average main story completion times across titles:

GameMain Story Length
Red Dead Redemption 250 hours
The Witcher 350 hours
Horizon Zero Dawn30 hours
Skyrim30 hours
Grand Theft Auto V25 hours

As you can see, RDR2 is one of the lengthiest main stories of any open-world game. It clocks in around the same 50 hour average as The Witcher 3, another immersive Western RPG.

In comparison, Horizon Zero Dawn and Skyrim offer closer to 30 hours focusing just on the main quests. And Grand Theft Auto V‘s main story can be rushed in 25 hours or less.

So if you‘re looking to really sink your teeth into an expansive narrative, Red Dead stands among the longest single player experiences out there.

Completionist vs. Casual Gamers

Given RDR2‘s open-ended nature, game length depends heavily on your playstyle. Let‘s compare completionist and casual gamers:

Completionist: Will spend 150+ hours earning 100% game completion. Leave no stone unturned exploring the world and completing all side content.

Casual Gamer: Focuses mostly on story at a leisurely pace. Will spend 75-90 hours before moving on to the next game. Skips grindy challenges.

Completionists want to unlock every achievement and gear set to fully master the game. Casual gamers are there for the story experience, but don‘t obsess over extras.

Most players fall somewhere in between. But it‘s important to set expectations based on your own playstyle before diving in.

My Personal Playthrough Experience

So how long did it take me to complete RDR2? Here are some notes from my first playthrough:

  • Took 50 hours just to complete the main story missions while taking my time to soak in the narrative and world.
  • After credits rolled, I spent another 15 hours finishing side quests I had skipped while pushing through the story. This put me around 65 hours.
  • Then I went back to complete all the collectibles, challenges, and misc activities. That added another 90 hours to get my total time to 155 hours.
  • I mostly ignored hunting/crafting and mini-games as they felt too grindy for my tastes.
  • Tried to explore as much of the open world as I could while playing missions. Still found new spots even after 100+ hours.

For my playstyle of focusing on the story and side quests while dabbling in other activities, 155 hours felt like a good amount of time to experience what I considered the "core" parts of Red Dead 2.

Obviously I could keep playing indefinitely. But I left satisfied and ready to move on to the next adventure.


There you have it friend! A comprehensive breakdown of how long it takes to complete Red Dead Redemption 2 based on different playstyles and goals.

The main takeaways:

  • Focusing on story takes ~50 hours
  • 100% completion requires 150+ hours
  • Playstyle drastically impacts game length
  • Red Dead 2 offers one of the longest single player narratives

I hope these estimates help set your expectations before embarking on your Western epic journey. Just like in real life, what you get out of Red Dead depends on what you put into it.

Personally, I found around 50 hours to complete the story and another 100 to leisurely experience side content struck the right balance. But your play style may differ.

Either way, with best-in-class graphics, intricate systems, and an evocative world, Rockstar has crafted a Wild West adventure that can occupy your inner cowboy or cowgirl for countless hours.

Now get out there, make some stories and memories in the Van der Linde gang, and explore all the secrets hidden across America circa 1899. Just be sure to come up for air once and awhile!

Happy trails partner!



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