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How Old is Adam DeVine in 2023? Keeping Up with this 39 Year Old Star‘s Exciting Year

To quickly answer the question – Adam DeVine is 39 years old as of 2023. But there‘s much more to this talented comedic actor and rising Hollywood star besides his age.

DeVine has been making audiences laugh since 2006 through stand-up, improv, TV shows, and movies. While he‘s perhaps best known as one of the stars of the hit Comedy Central show "Workaholics", Adam has proven himself a versatile actor capable of both comedic and dramatic roles across television and film.

As he branches into fatherhood soon with wife Chloe Bridges, it‘s clear Adam DeVine has a bright future ahead in his late 30s. Let‘s take a closer look at Adam‘s background, rise to fame, family life, and what‘s on the horizon for this star comic actor.

From Small Town Iowa to Hollywood – Adam‘s Journey to Stardom

While he‘s graced the big screen in Hollywood blockbusters, Adam hails from much humbler beginnings. He was born on November 7, 1983 in Waterloo, Iowa to Dennis and Penny Devine. The middle child of three brothers, Adam spent most of his childhood in the small city of Omaha, Nebraska.

He attended Millard South High School where he first developed a passion for acting and performance. As a teen, Adam participated in youth theater productions and improv comedy troops in Omaha.

After high school, Adam briefly attended Orange Coast College in California before transferring to the University of Southern California. He began taking classes at the university‘s prestigious theatre arts program.

It was at USC that Adam met his future "Workaholics" co-stars Anders Holm and Blake Anderson. The trio hit it off immediately and began performing sketch and improv comedy together around Los Angeles.

Adam soon dropped out of USC to pursue comedy full time. Early on, he performed stand-up at the famous Comedy Store and Improv Comedy Clubs while working odd jobs as a pizza delivery driver and limo driver.

The hard work paid off as Adam‘s talent as both a comedic writer and physical performer quickly got him noticed. By 2006, he was booking small TV roles on shows like "Days of Our Lives" and "Modern Family".

His comedy career really took off though when he and his pals Blake and Anders created the Comedy Central sitcom "Workaholics" in 2011. Their real life comedic chemistry translated perfectly to the screen.

The show became a hit among college kids and twenty-somethings, running for 7 seasons until 2017. Adam‘s manic energy and goofball charm made his character "Adam DeMamp" an instant fan favorite.

While still filming "Workaholics", Adam began landing more substantial film roles as well. His breakout big screen performance came as arrogant a cappella singer Bumper Allen in 2012‘s "Pitch Perfect".

The musical comedy was a sleeper hit, grossing over $115 million worldwide. It cemented Adam as one of Hollywood‘s funniest young actors and he later reprised the role of Bumper in a cameo in "Pitch Perfect 2".

Some of Adam‘s other notable film roles from recent years include:

  • The Intern (2015) – Role of Jason
  • Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016) – Role of Mike Stangle
  • When We First Met (2018) – Role of Noah Ashby
  • Game Over, Man! (2018) – Role of Alexxx
  • Isn‘t It Romantic (2019) – Role of Josh

He proven his ability to thrive both in raunchy, R-rated comedies as well as more mainstream, romantic films.

In 2016, Adam achieved a career milestone when he made Forbes‘ 30 Under 30 Hollywood & Entertainment list. The honor cemented him as not just a rising comedic actor, but a burgeoning writing/creative force behind the scenes as well.

Most recently, Adam has taken on some of his most nuanced dramatic roles yet in dark comedy thriller "The Righteous Gemstones" and workplace satire "Space Force". He‘s shown new depths as a performer in these series, winning over critics and fans alike.

Adam‘s Comedic Style Compared to Other Greats

A huge part of Adam DeVine‘s appeal is his high-energy, often absurdist comedic style. He‘s often compared to comedic icons like Jim Carrey for his wildly physical, go-for-broke performances.

Like Carrey, he‘s not afraid to contort his face or body in strange ways to get a laugh. His elastic, malleable face rivals rubbery comics like Carrey or Will Ferrell.

Adam also channels the same manic energy and loud, heightened persona of Robin Williams at his peak. He‘s a human cartoon character come to life when portraying roles like "Adam DeMamp".

While he can play things big and broad, Adam also shines when grounded in real, character-driven humor. His mix of heart and humor is reminiscent of Paul Rudd‘s performances in comedies like "I Love You Man".

Versus more deadpan comics like Will Ferrell, Adam is always dialed up to 11. But he tempers it with an endearing, boyish charm that makes his wild antics irresistible.

When looking at today‘s comic actors, Adam‘s versatility sets him apart from more narrowly defined comedians like Kevin Hart or Zach Galifianakis.

Like Bill Murray, Adam can balance silly physical humor with surprisingly subtle dramatic moments. His work on "The Righteous Gemstones" and "Space Force" proves his range extends far beyond just goofy comedy.

As Adam continues to mature in his late 30s, expect his performances to gain even greater nuance and depth while still maintaining his whip-smart comedic edge.

By the Numbers – Adam‘s Impressive Career Stats

Let‘s take a data-driven look at some of Adam DeVine‘s key career accomplishments over the years:

Movies Box Office Figures

MovieGlobal Box Office
Pitch Perfect$115 million
Pitch Perfect 2$287 million
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates$77 million
The Intern$194 million
Isn‘t It Romantic$48 million
  • 5 major film roles grossing over $700 million total worldwide
  • Lead or prominent role in 3 films grossing over $100 million globally

Television Viewership & Awards

  • Workaholics consistently averaged 2+ million viewers throughout its 7 season run
  • Adam was nominated for six MTV Movie & TV Awards for Workaholics
  • Won Critics Choice Award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series for The Righteous Gemstones

Social Media Following

  • 3.5+ million Instagram followers
  • 950k Twitter followers

Adam has built an incredibly loyal fanbase across multiple platforms who tune in for his unique comedic voice and personality. The numbers show his widespread popularity and ability to attract big audiences across both TV and film.

Comparing Adam‘s Vital Stats Over the Years

It‘s interesting to see how Adam has evolved physically over his nearly 20 years in the spotlight. Here‘s a comparison:

2006225‘8"150 lbs
2012285‘8"165 lbs
2022395‘8"175 lbs

While his height has remained constant, photos show Adam has gradually put on more muscle mass as he left his skinny, lanky 20s behind.

He‘s spoken before about intensive workout regimens to get in shape for shirtless scenes like in the "Pitch Perfect" films.

Entering his 40s next year though, Adam will likely find it tougher to keep off those added pounds. But the actor has proven his willingness to endure grueling physical regiments for certain film roles.

Balancing Family Life and Hollywood Dreams

In recent years, Adam‘s priorities have expanded beyond just his acting career. In 2016, he began a relationship with actress Chloe Bridges after meeting her through mutual friends.

The couple hit it off immediately and their romance moved quickly. Adam and Chloe got engaged in 2019 and married later that year in a private ceremony.

Both being busy actors, it was a whirlwind balancing their booming careers with wedded bliss. But the couple made it work through open communication and supporting each other‘s professional goals.

Now entering their late 30s, Adam and Chloe recently announced they are expanding their family as well. Chloe revealed she is pregnant with the couple‘s first child due next year.

Becoming first-time parents will be a major life change for the pair. Adam has discussed before looking forward to having kids one day when the timing was right.

For now, he and Chloe are simply basking in the excitement of this new chapter. Adam gushed on social media "My heart is so full and we are very blessed."

It will definitely take some juggling for him to balance fatherhood with his acting commitments. But Adam seems up for the challenge and has a great partner by his side in Chloe.

What Does the Future Hold for Adam DeVine?

As Adam DeVine prepares to exit his 30s, his future looks brighter than ever both personally and professionally. While acting will surely remain his passion, he seems ready to embrace fatherhood with open arms.

Professionally, Adam remains as in-demand as ever. He just recently reprised his animated role as Julian for the new Ice Age sequel film. And he also stars alongside Rebel Wilson in the upcoming romantic comedy feature "Lexi" set for release in 2024.

Given his comedic abilities and reputation, more lead film roles seem guaranteed for Adam in the coming years. He‘s come a long way from the skinny, quirky kid from Omaha auditioning at the Comedy Store back in 2006.

Now an established box office draw and Hollywood leading man, the opportunities will keep rolling in for the multi-talented Devine.

While Adam DeVine‘s age is creeping closer to 40, that number is just part of his unique story. More than his age, Adam will be defined by his talents, work ethic, and never-ending quest to create joy through laughter.

As he prepares to raise a child and create more iconic comedy, it‘s safe to say Adam DeVine‘s best years still lie ahead.



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