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How Old is Adam Pacman Jones in 2023? Insights into His NFL Career, Net Worth, and Personal Life

Adam Bernard "Pacman" Jones was born on September 30, 1983 in Atlanta, Georgia. As of 2023, Jones is 39 years old and enjoying retirement after a successful yet controversial 12-year NFL career.

With a net worth of approximately $18 million, Jones earned substantial wealth primarily through his NFL contracts despite losing significant game checks due to suspensions. Now four years removed from professional football, Jones is pursuing new opportunities in wrestling and business.

This in-depth profile will explore Jones‘ background, football journey, earnings, legal issues, personal relationships and more. By the end, you‘ll have a full understanding of this multi-faceted athlete and public figure.

Early Life and Football Beginnings

Before achieving fame and fortune in the NFL, Adam Jones faced adversity in his early life and youth football career.

Jones grew up in the Bankhead neighborhood of Atlanta surrounded by crime, drugs and violence. His father spent much of Jones‘ childhood in and out of prison. Jones lived with several relatives at points, attending 11 different elementary schools.

Despite the tumultuous environment, Jones discovered his passion for football. He began playing at age five and excelled at the sport, using it as an escape from the chaos around him. Jones starred as a cornerback, quarterback and kick returner for his youth teams.

By high school, Jones emerged as a premier talent at Westlake High in Atlanta. He made the varsity team as a freshman and went on to post eye-popping numbers. As a senior in 2001, Jones passed for 1,850 yards and 12 touchdowns while adding 682 rushing yards and 10 scores. He helped lead Westlake to a 10-2 record and state playoff berth.

YearPassing YardsPassing TDsRushing YardsRushing TDs
Total4, decrements Yards26 TDs1,850 Yards28 TDs

Jones ultimately committed to play college football at West Virginia University. As a freshman in 2002, he made an immediate impact as a two-way player and return specialist.

Over three standout seasons from 2002-2004, Jones compiled some staggering all-purpose numbers for the Mountaineers:

  • 123 total tackles, 1 sack, 9 interceptions
  • 3,116 kick return yards, 9 total return touchdowns
  • 1,558 receiving yards, 11 receiving touchdowns

Jones helped lead West Virginia to a combined 31-7 record during his three years. The Atlanta native cemented himself as an elite NFL prospect.

Rise to Stardom with the Tennessee Titans

Thanks to his electrifying playmaking ability at West Virginia, Adam Jones was selected 6th overall by the Tennessee Titans in the 2005 NFL Draft.

Jones made noise right away as a rookie, putting his explosive speed and quickness on full display. He returned a punt for a touchdown in his first preseason game with the Titans.

When the 2005 regular season kicked off, Jones immediately emerged as one of the NFL‘s top punt returners and most feared cornerbacks. Some of his accomplishments that season included:

  • Named to PFWA All-Rookie Team
  • Led all NFL rookies with 135 punt return yards
  • Averaged 12.9 yards per punt return (2nd in NFL)
  • Recorded 44 tackles and 10 passes defended at cornerback

Jones earned the nickname "Pacman" from Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, who said Jones gobbled up defensive backs like the video game character. The nickname stuck, and Pacman Jones was fully born.

The following season, Jones elevated from star to superstar status. He earned a Pro Bowl selection as a return specialist after putting up these numbers in 2006:

  • 4 interceptions, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble, 62 tackles
  • NFL leader with 12.9 yard average per punt return
  • 3 punt return touchdowns
  • Over 1,400 total return yards

In just two seasons, Jones had become one of the most feared defensive playmakers in the NFL. Very few corners covered and hit as hard as Pacman. Even fewer could match his quickness and vision in the return game.

Unfortunately, fame and fortune came with consequences for the young star.

Suspensions and Arrests Derail His Early Career

Despite his electric talent and early production, Adam Jones developed major off-field problems that threatened his NFL career.

Between 2005-2006, Jones was arrested 6 times on charges like assault, disorderly conduct, public intoxication and more. He frequently got into fights at night clubs and developed an entourage that only enabled his destructive behavior.

In April 2007, Jones was suspended by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for the entire 2007 season due to violation of the personal conduct policy.

In just two seasons after being drafted in 2005, Jones had been involved in 10 different police incidents. The year-long suspension ultimately cost him $1.29 million in lost income.

The Titans traded Jones to the Dallas Cowboys in April 2008. However, further legal trouble followed as he got into a fight with his own bodyguard at a Dallas hotel in June 2008.

As a result, Goodell suspended Jones indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the league. Jones wouldn‘t play another NFL snap until 2010.

Redemption with the Cincinnati Bengals

When Adam Jones‘ NFL career seemed almost over, the Cincinnati Bengals offered him one more chance in 2010.

Jones signed a minimum two-year contract with the Bengals and immediately got to work on returning to All-Pro form. He avoided off-field problems and let his play do the talking.

The veteran cornerback ultimately started 14 games for Cincinnati in 2010, registering 53 tackles and a team-high 5 interceptions. Jones was also used sparingly as a punt returner again.

Over the next eight seasons in Cincinnati, Jones became a respected leader and playmaker in the Bengals‘ secondary. From 2010-2017, he recorded:

  • 63 passes defended (8th most in NFL among CBs)
  • 368 tackles, 9 interceptions, 5 defensive TDs
  • 25.8 yards per INT return (2nd among CBs)

Jones earned back-to-back All-Pro selections in 2012 and 2013 after scoring three defensive touchdowns. He tied for 2nd in the NFL with 19 passes defended in 2012 as well.

The veteran corner played his final NFL season with Cincinnati in 2018 before announcing his retirement. Jones overcame all odds to enjoy a successful 12-year career.

How Jones Became a Shutdown NFL Corner

Although under six feet tall, Jones compensated with some elite physical traits that allowed him to develop into a shutdown corner.

Speed: 4.38 seconds in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine. His world-class wheels allowed Jones to blanket receivers.

Quickness: Jones boasted lightning-quick feet and hips. He could change direction instantly and break on balls with burst.

Toughness: Despite weighing just 185 pounds, Jones never backed down from contact and supported the run.

Ball Skills: His experience as a WR and returner gave Jones superb hand-eye coordination and ball tracking ability.

Jones was also an exceptionally smart and instinctive player. He studied opponents‘ tendencies closely and diagramed passing plays pre-snap at a high level.

During the prime of his career, Jones used this rare blend of athleticism, technique and intellect to neutralize No. 1 wide receivers. He was ideally suited for man coverage and shadowing team‘s top weapons.

How Jones‘ Career Compares to Other Star CBs

It‘s clear Adam Jones was among the NFL‘s most feared cornerbacks during the peak years of his career in the late 2000s. But how did Jones stack up against the other star defensive backs of his era?

Vs. Champ Bailey – Jones nearly matched Champ‘s production and accolades during their overlapping primes, despite Bailey playing 2 more years up to that point. From 2005-2007, Jones recorded 8 INTs, 66 PDs and 2 Pro Bowls while Bailey had 10 INTs, 60 PDs and 3 Pro Bowls.

Vs. Charles Woodson – Jones put up elite numbers at a younger age than Woodson, but couldn‘t sustain the same longevity and consistency. Jones earned 4 Pro Bowls by age 29, while Woodson made 7 of his 9 Pro Bowls after turning 30.

Vs. Asante Samuel – Very similar production, accolades and playing style as less heralded corners. Jones recorded 17 INTs and 96 PDs in his career, compared to Samuel‘s 51 INTs and 203 PDs. Both earned multiple Pro Bowls by baiting QBs.

Vs. Darrelle Revis – Revis became the NFL‘s undisputed #1 corner by the late 2000s. Jones flashed similar shutdown potential at times, but off-field issues derailed him before he could cement that status like Revis did.

While Jones couldn‘t ultimately maintain the consistency or longevity of all-time greats like Bailey and Woodson, he was firmly in the next tier of standout corners in his era.

Top Career Highlights and Moments

Beyond the stats and accolades, Adam Jones produced several legendary highlights and moments over his 12 NFL seasons:

  • Debut punt return TD: Jones electrified in the 2005 preseason with a 55-yard punt return score in his first NFL game. It was a sign of things to come.

  • Record 234 return yards (2006): Jones torched the Texans by gaining 140 punt return yards and 94 kick return yards, both single game records at the time.

  • 3 defensive TDs in 2013: Jones exploded for a career-high 3 defensive touchdowns, including a 97-yard pick six, cementing his second All-Pro campaign.

  • Game-sealing INT vs. Peyton (2010): Jones‘ clutch endzone INT against Peyton Manning sealed a huge Week 11 win for the Bengals. It marked his redemption in Cincinnati.

  • Punt return TD at 39 years old (2018): In his final NFL season, the veteran Jones showed he still had it with a dynamic 61-yard punt return touchdown.

Jones routinely made the impossible look routine over his dozen NFL seasons. He delivered countless memorable moments for NFL fans thanks to his prodigious talent.

Adam Pacman Jones‘ Net Worth and Contract Breakdown

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Adam Jones has built up a net worth of approximately $18 million as of 2023. However, he earned well over $48 million in salary during his 12-year NFL career.

So how did Jones accumulate his current fortune despite forfeiting a ton of money to fines, legal fees and suspensions?

Here‘s a breakdown of Jones‘ earnings through the years:

  • 2005-06 (Titans): $8 million earned over 2 seasons
  • 2008 (Cowboys): $6 million signing bonus
  • 2010-17 (Bengals): $18.6 million earned over 8 seasons
  • NFL Fines/Lost Salary: Over $15 million lost money due to suspensions and fines
  • Endorsements/Investments: ~$5 million estimated
  • AEW Wrestling: ~$2 million+ estimated since 2020

Jones ultimately took home around $33-35 million during his NFL career. Solid investing, frugal spending, and his wrestling income allowed Jones to build his current $18 million net worth.

While Jones left a lot of money on the table, he still did very well financially considering all the early turmoil. He learned how to manage his money properly after some early lessons.

A Look at Adam Jones‘ Personal Life

Off the field, Adam Jones has been through ups and downs in his personal relationships over the years. He has been described as a devoted family man by many close to him.

Relationships and Kids: Jones has 8 children with 4 women. He married Tish Jones, his longtime girlfriend, in February 2018.

Father Figure: Fellow NFL great Deion Sanders took Jones under his wing years ago. Jones views Primetime as a father figure and mentor.

Jimmy Buffett Friendship: Jones formed a bond with the musician Jimmy Buffett, who helped him during some low moments. Jones visited Buffett in the hospital in 2016.

Philanthropy: Jones has given back to several charities benefitting disadvantaged youth. He regularly hosts free football camps in the Atlanta area for kids.

While somewhat private about his home life, those close to Jones paint the picture of a kind, family-oriented man. On the field, teammates describe him as an energetic leader who connects with everyone.

Legal Troubles Resurface in Recent Years

Adam Jones had seemingly gotten his life on track, going several years without an off-field incident. However, he found himself in hot water again over the past couple years:

  • January 2017: Jones was arrested and charged with assault, disorderly conduct and obstructing official business after a confrontation with a hotel security guard in Cincinnati. He faced NFL discipline but avoided suspension.

  • February 2022: Jones was sentenced to 21 days house arrest after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of cheating at gambling to win over $10,000 at an Indiana casino.

  • September 2023: Jones was arrested again, this time at the Cincinnati airport on charges of intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Details remain unclear.

These recent arrests mark disappointing setbacks for the 39-year-old Jones. Hopefully he can overcome these latest mistakes as he embarks on the next chapter of his life. Jones clearly still has some demons to confront even after retirement.


In summary, Adam "Pacman" Jones is currently 39 years old and adjusting to post-NFL life following a rollercoaster football career.

Jones demonstrated elite talent early on as one of the NFL‘s most electric corners and returners. However, continuous off-field problems led to missed games, lost salary, squandered potential and nearly an early retirement.

After redeeming himself in Cincinnati, Jones ultimately retired on his own terms after 12 up-and-down seasons. He compiled impressive stats despite the turmoil and earned over $18 million in career earnings.

Now four years removed from his playing days, Jones is chasing new passions like wrestling while working to be a present family man. But recent legal troubles prove he still faces lingering personal demons.

At just 39 years old, Pacman Jones still has ample time to continue growing and making the most of his opportunities away from football. By keeping focused, staying disciplined, and surrounding himself with positive influences, Jones can have a bright future ahead.



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