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Kodai AIO Bot Review

Holy Kodai. A god-tier bot. Does Kodai live up to its title? Today you'll find out as I'm going to tell you everything. You need to know about this famous bot. The good, the bad, we're going to talk about it all. Let's kick things off with the basics.

Kodai is an AIO or all-in-one bot. If you need a little clarification, the bot can cop from many different ones instead of focusing on one particular store. Currently, Kodai supports Shopify, Supreme, Footlocker EU, US Footsites, Yeezy Supply, and Adidas, with more in the works.

Price of Kodai Bot

Kodai AIO price

As you might expect, the bot doesn't come cheap with all those stores in its arsenal. At retail, it costs $175 for the first two months. After that, you will continue to pay a monthly renewal fee of $59.99 if you want to keep it.

But there's a catch: Kodai is very hard to get at a retail price like many other reputable bots. It gets restocked rarely and randomly, and when it does, you must be quick to enter the raffle. I'm not gonna lie; the chances of winning are pretty low. So, you actually might need a bot just to buy this bot.

Since the demand for Kodai is so high, resellers who manage to get their hands on the bot sell it for way more than the original price. You can get Kodai on the secondary market for around $5,000. However, the price fluctuates based on the state of the sneaker botting market and the bot's performance during drops.

Features of Kodai Bot

Kodai AIO Feature

So, my tip is to be smart here. Recouping this much money is hard. It can take a lot of ultra-rare kicks before it's worth it. But let me rewind a little. Do you know what makes a sneaker bot a bot?

Of course, it's the auto-checkout, tasks, proxy management, and usually a CAPTCHA harvester. If you look at it this way, Kodai is no different than any other bot. Yet, there must be a reason why sneakerheads are desperate to use it to outhustle others, right? Here are the features that set Kodai apart and made it popular within the botting community.

Efficient Sneaker Copping Performance

First, Kodai is very efficient. One of the reasons why is its development team. These people are a hardworking bunch. They are ahead of the game when finding shortcuts to get past the strict anti-botting security. Every time something new is introduced at stores like Yeezy supply or, devs swiftly push new updates.

Cross-Platform Support

Kodai AIO others feature

Another admirable feature is cross-platform support. As you've probably noticed, most bot developers favor Windows users. Kodai has an advantage here since it can

be easily run on both Windows and macOS. While you can run any bot on pretty much any device with the help of a sneaker server, it will come at an additional cost. That's why it's good to have the option to run a bot natively.

Great Dashboard

The third cool feature is Kodai's dashboard called the Kodai Hub. In it, you'll find things like a release calendar alongside suggested copping settings, also tailored settings for each specific drop, and more. Oh, and if you're data-minded, you will enjoy personal analytics.

Smooth Operation of Multithreading

Kodai Aio Easy to USE

And the fourth feature I wanted to mention is that Kodai is multithreaded; in other words, it can carry out many tasks at once. These tasks run very smoothly without interrupting each other. And, there's no need to worry about starting over when a purchase fails. Kodai will retry all of your failed tasks at once, as long as the stock lasts. This makes the bot easier to use and turns the copping experience into an enjoyable one.

Customer Support of Kodai Bot

Customer Support of Kodai Bot

Alright, I've told you the notable features of Kodai. Still, I didn't mention two very important parts that shape the user experience: UI and customer support. Good UI is a crucial part of a successful bot. Why?

Let me give you a quick explanation. Often, stores try to deter bots by pushing new security updates right as the release starts to drop. The developers have to update the bot during the drop, leaving you seconds to restart it and set up your tasks again. That's why Kodai's user interface is designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate so that you can set it up as fast as possible.

But no matter how easy-to-use a bot is, you're doomed to get stuck somewhere. When you do, instead of frantically browsing Reddit for support, you can check out Kodai's support center.

Not sure how to set up a CAPTCHA harvester? Head straight to the FAQ section, and you'll be bound to find the answer. Have a question about a specific store? Check out the detailed guides for each of the supported targets.

Live support is also available if your question isn't covered in those sections. You can reach the customer support representative both by email and Discord.

Does It Worth Buy Kodai Bot?

Now that you know what Kodai is all about, you might still wonder: is it worth it? After all, the bot costs a massive sum of money. Let's do a quick recap to help you digest all of the

information. It's a battle royal between them and any anti-botting system; they win most of the time.

Kodai Bot Pros

  • Kodai supports many sites, and more are expected in the future.
  • The bot is very efficient. It scores its user's Ws with every drop.
  • Kodai works on macOS and Windows, so there's no need for a virtual server.

Kodai Bot Cons

  • Kodai is usually out of stock.

Even when the bot does restock, the chances of getting ahold of it are slim. Getting Kodai from resellers is expensive. At its highest, the bot can cost up to $6k. As you can see, Kodai has its strengths and weaknesses.

Don't Forget to Use a Proxy with Kodai Bot!

But even with all those features, no bot could do all of the magic alone. To make the most of Kodai, you're going to need proxies, and you're going to need the best ones. If you use some cheap ones of the wrong kind, you might as well take a stack of cash and burn it instead.

Your best bet is using a mix of residential and ISP proxies. They'll walk each of your bot's tasks through the checkout undetected. In this article, we nail down your best options about the best sneaker proxies.

Now you're familiar with the reasons that make it a popular choice, and it's up to you to decide if it's worth your investment.