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The Beginner’s Guide to Sneaker Proxies in 2023

Suppose you've watched our previous articles on sneaker copping. In that case, you know it's impossible to get your hands on limited edition kicks without proxies. This is one of the most confusing parts of the sneaker game. And that's why we will be explaining sneaker proxies for beginners.

In this article, if you're brand new to the sneaker game, you probably don't even know what a proxy survey is. But don't worry! I'll explain.

What Is Proxy and How Does It Work?

You can use a proxy server to change your IP address or access blocked websites. It's a great way to make your internet connection more private, and since it's not directly connected to the website you are trying to visit, it should protect against malware. Your proxy server will receive your request, find the website for you, then send it back to be loaded in a browser window. While doing so, the proxy will strip away your ip addresses and replace them with their own.

An ip address is just a string of numbers separated by dots. This address is assigned to you by your internet service provider to identify your device on the internet or a local network each time you connect to a website. It identifies you by your ip address. So to put it simply, proxies are just different ip addresses that you can use with your bot. So nobody knows that you're using it.

Why Do You Need Sneaker Proxies?

Why Do You Need Sneaker Proxies

Increase the Success of Sneaker Copping

Here's the truth: proxies aren't always necessary, just like bots. Try your luck without proxies if you want to copy just one pair of sneakers. Sure your chances will be slim. But it's worth a shot if you decide to power up with some proxies. You'll get several attempts to nab your kicks, with thousands of people trying to do the same. You'll be greatly increasing your odds of success.

The reason why you need several different IPs is that most sneaker stores hate bots. That's why they implement strict measures to detect and ban botting. So, if you already have a bot lined up, we recommend getting proxies. Otherwise, you'll make it way too easy for websites to detect what you're doing, probably resulting in a permanent ban on your ip address.

Get the Right IP Location

Another benefit is that location proxies can make it look like you're connecting from any part of the world. Choosing the right ip location when you're copying sneakers is very important. Let's say the seller is in the US, so you'll need proxies from the states. Ideally, New York, Virginia, or Chicago.

This way, you'll speed up your connection and avoid imp blocks. Knowing this, you'll probably agree that you'll need proxies if you're serious about copping sneakers. What now?

Which Proxy Type Is Best for Sneaker Copping?

Which Proxy Type Is Best for Sneaker Copping

The first thing you should do is figure out what type of proxies to get. If you've done your research, you've probably noticed people debating if datacenter or residential proxies are the best. Let's take a closer look at these two types.

Datacenter proxies are like remote computers that stand between you and the internet. They are hosted by various secondary corporations that provide cloud hosting services, meaning they're in no way associated with internet service providers.

Meanwhile, residential proxies are ip addresses assigned to homeowners by internet companies. In other words, they belong to someone's computer, phone, or even smart tv on a high-speed home network. These two types have several significant differences.

Datacenter proxies are faster than residential IPs. However, most websites can quickly figure out that you use them and block you.

On the other hand, residential proxies are a bit slower and more expensive. But they only get blocked if you're not careful with your actions. Furthermore, these proxies can hold the same ip for a longer time, which is just enough to complete the purchase with the same ip. This ability is called sticky sessions.

However, there's also a third type of proxy, which is growing in popularity ISP proxies. They attempt to combine the best qualities of the first two types. Essentially, they're the same datacenter IPs, only registered with an internet service provider. These proxies are fast and can look like a real person. That's why we recommend using residential or ISP proxies for sneaker copying.

There's another important thing you need to know sneaker proxies go hand in hand with CAPTCHA proxies. It means that you might need both of them. So, let's talk more about CAPTCHA proxies.

What Are CAPTCHA Proxies?

CAPTCHA is a security measure used to protect against the malicious botting activity. You've definitely encountered them. Before, let me refresh your memory image. CAPTCHA challenge looks like a grid of nine images and asks you to click on something specific, like a fire hydrant or a traffic light. There's no way your bot could solve it on its own.

However, with some help, it could quickly solve a one-click CAPTCHA, which simply asks you to click a check box. If you're not a robot, they're usually placed right at the heck out to filter out the bot purchases. So, the purpose of CAPTCHA proxies is to ensure that your bot will get the kind of CAPTCHA. It can quickly solve on its own.

Here's how everything works before presenting a user with its anti-botting system called reCAPTCHA.

Google will check if the sessions are logged into a trusted Google account to determine whether the account is trustworthy. Google considers its age usage sign-in ip and creation method. You should buy or create some Google accounts, load them into your box CAPTCHA harvester, and assign your CAPTCHA proxies to each account.

Then by watching some youtube videos directly in your harvester, you'll create a genuine activity for the account. Just like that, your account should look human enough to get one-click captures. Your next step is determining which proxy providers are best for you.

And if you're unsure where to get a bot or sneaker proxy, these articles will help you.