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Proxy Service Awards: Which Providers Are On the List?

How do you choose the right proxy for you? Well, of course, by figuring out what you value most in a proxy service. Do you need a premium service with advanced features? The best ratio between price & quality? Or maybe the best data collection tools?

In this article, we'll introduce our favorite providers from last year. It's been a captivating year in the proxy industry. We thoroughly track every bit of news in the market, test and review proxy services, and answer your questions. It's time for the annual proxy award ceremony, where we honor the best in proxy service. You'll also find the links to all the proxy providers we mention in the description.

Can you guess which proxy providers have won the nominations? You'll find out in a moment.


1. Bright Data – the Best Proxy Ecosystem 

Bright Data Homepage

Bright Data (Formerly Luminati) began in 2021 with a brand new name. Although Bright Data may have updated a few things, the most important part about it remains unchanged. That's the proxy ecosystem – their best asset and what makes them stand out.

The standout feature of our service is that you can pick whatever type of proxy IP you want. Bright Data makes it extremely easy by allowing you to choose from every available type, no matter where in the world they're located. But that's not all.

Bright Data is a well-known company with various programs that can be useful for work, such as an app for managing proxies and extensions for your browser. You can integrate their APIs to unblock any content. Recently, it also introduced a data collection tool that doesn't require coding experience. Whether you want to make something simple or complex, Bright Data will have the right tools for the job.

However, this is not the whole story of Bright Data's expanding technical arsenal. The company also dedicated much effort to making the proxy industry more luminous and ethical through webinars and other educational events.

2. Smartproxy – The Best Value Provider!

Smartproxy Homepage

If you're looking for a new, cheap proxy service that provides high-quality services, then sign up with SmartProxy. They offer services to both new and advanced users, so they're well-suited for anyone in the market looking to save money. There's no secret! Smartproxy has much lower prices for services that are just as good as any premium providers. This means there's less barrier to entry, which is why many people choose to work with them.

SmartProxy focuses on providing great customer service, an easy-to-use API, and fast and high-performing proxies. Because of this, they had to cut a few features that only a small percentage of customers need.

And while Smartproxy can't compare with the cheapest providers on the market, there's hardly a company that would match its value at the price point. Hmm, but I'm interested – what do YOU look at when choosing your proxy provider?

Are you looking for the fastest proxies in the market? The biggest IP pool? Or do you want to find the best price there is? Let's chat in the comments.

3. SOAX – The Discovery of the Year

Soax Homepage

We admit we ignored Soax for a while. But after we reviewed it, we found that we were pleasantly surprised. The IP pool of SOAX is solid, and its infrastructure diverse; that said, it offers great proxy management options. Though they need to improve their user experience (especially response times) to compete with the top-tier providers, it already has a lot of advantages.

A versatile new player in our product benchmark- SOAX proved to be an amazing discovery this year. It not only managed to outperform some of the major players in the market but also ensured unprecedented ease and convenience for users.

4. NetNut – The Contender of the Year

NetNut Proxy products

The company is no stranger to the industry, entering with a static residential proxy service and continually being in the news for its next release. Recently, they updated their services with over 52M residential (peer-to-peer) proxies and 150K of datacenter IPs.

Overall, the provider has taken a big leap forward by expanding its audience. This means less hesitation to invest in a promising product when you could see it later used in professional environments. We're sure this contender for the year has made the top three providers on the market, Bright Data, Smartproxy, and SOAX, raise an eyebrow.

5. Oxylabs – The Best Premium Provider

Oxylabs Homepage

Oxylabs proved to be tough competition. Oxylabs controls the largest datacenter and residential IP networks today. What could be more impressive than 100 million residential IPs? Of course, their speed and performance.

Oxylabs has some of the most stable and highest-quality proxy pools during our extensive testing. Much thought has gone into their service, with many different features and tools to help you grow your business. For example, they've recently teamed up with AI and ML experts. They also have customer care available 24/7 to ensure you've been looked after.